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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I've been getting lots of requests to update this workflow to make it compatible with Ruby >=2.0 which is what's been shipping with the past couple releases of macOS. Well, I took some time this week to finally do it and also added a few new features. Results will now show their album art, and the pairing process has been improved. You can also now search by artist name and album title. I've also renamed the workflow to iTunes DJ (reminiscent of the original queuing feature in iTunes). See the README on Github for more info and download links. ------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST ------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! Up Next is one of my favorite features of iTunes 11, but adding songs to it can be pretty tedious. That's what this workflow tries to fix. You can search for songs right in Alfred and quickly queue them to be played in iTunes! The source is available on Github. Feel free to fork it and submit pull requests. Here's a download of the workflow that you can import directly into Alfred. This workflow works similarly to the iOS Remote app. Because of this, it needs to be paired with iTunes before you can use it. To do that just follow these instructions: iTunes must be open to complete the pairing process. Invoke Alfred and type pair followed by a 4-digit numeric pin number and hit enter. Switch to iTunes and click the devices button in the top right. Then click on Alfred in the devices list and enter your 4-digit pin. Now you're all set to start queuing songs! Just type "next" followed by the name of a song and Alfred will search as you type. Then just hit enter on the song you'd like to queue. Enjoy! Known Issues: Searching can be slow for large libraries Can only search using song titles, not artists or albums
  2. Updated version with more features and support for Google Chrome - BrowserTabs SafariTabs Features Close all tabs to the right or left of the active tab in Safari with a keyboard shortcut (recommended shortcuts - Command+Left / Right Arrow) Move to the left / right tab with keyboard shortcuts (recommended shortcuts - Command+Alt+Left / Right Arrow) Move to the first or last tab in the Safari window with keyboard shortcuts (recommended shortcuts - Command+Alt+Up / Down arrow) Install the workflow, add your own shortcuts for each command. Help for the keyboard shortcut setup: closeleft - closes all tabs to the left closeright - closes all tabs to the right tabright - activates the next tab to the right tableft - activates the next tab to the left lastTab - activates the first tab, to the left firstTab - activates the last tab, to the right Download SafariTabs
  3. Is there a workflow that I can use to type 'next' and 'previous' to go to next and previous track when a song is playing in iTunes?
  4. 1. Thanks to Florian for all his help. 2. How this workflow works 2.1. Keywords: 2.2.1. "next": shows next song and currently playing song titles in Alfred window from a custom playlist (a list made by you) or the current album from the current song; 2.2.2. "previous": shows previous song and currently playing song titles in Alfred window from a custom playlist (a list made by you) or the current album from the current song; 2.2.3. "pick4me": shows and plays a random song from your library. 2.2. Hotkeys: 2.2.1. "control+option+command+p": shows Alfred window with a random song from your library; 2.2.2. "control+option+p": picks a random song from your library and displays a default Notification. 3. Known issues Right now compilations album played from Library will not work. However a custom playlist (a list made by you) is not affected by the issue. One more thing: when playing a song from Library the workflow requires “album artist”, “album” and “track number” in order to work properly. If you don’t care too much about tags then use a custom playlist that can hold your entire library anyway. Download: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/127623/Itunes%20up%20next.alfredworkflow
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