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Found 12 results

  1. I just started leveraging file actions more seriously (a lot of value in using 'move to' on selected files using a hotkey). I am irked by the constant notifications showing me moved files: Now, I do have some notifications that I need (or leverage for debug) in some custom workflows, so the solution isn't as easy as 'just disable notifications entirely' as suggested/solved here. Is there any way to implement a customization of notification per category? For instance, I'd like to remove all file action notifications, but retain OS-level notifs for workflows installed. Thanks, Xavier
  2. Hi everyone, I created an simple workflow for Pushover. It allows you to push text and URLs to your various devices. The workflow has to keywords: "push <your text, URL>" and "pushc" for pushing your clipboard. I use it primarily for pushing URLs to mobile devices for mobile website development. But also pushing plaintext comes in handy at some times. To get it running you have to create an application on Pushover and fill in your USER and API tokens in the workflow settings. It works only with Alfred v3 since I used some of the new stuff. You can grab it here: https://github.com/stroebjo/alfred-pushover/releases Hope it's of any use for somebody! If you have any feedback or suggestions, I'm looking forward to it! ;-)
  3. When using the remote it would be great if notifications from workflows could be sent back. That way your computer can send you status updates and the remote gains a lot in functionality! Thomas
  4. Is there a way to make notifications use the keyword icon instead of the workflow icon?
  5. I have a simple keyword script that parses some arguments in Ruby and then uses `curl` to submit to a url (a Google Form). All works as advertised, including error messages after rescued Exceptions, except that I get no notification from any output in my script that occurs *after* the `curl` command. Examples: # works correctly and echoes notification puts "Completed successfully!" `curl --data #{data} #{url}` # does not echo notification `curl --data #{data} #{url}` puts "Completed successfully!" In the second case, no notification ever gets issued. If I run the script from the command line, the final "Completed successfully" line is successfully sent to STDOUT after curl returns. Any idea why this should be the case?
  6. While the case seems to be closed, I am posting this in the case I am not the only one to have experienced this. I subscribed to the "Share your workflows section" long time ago. This week, I cleaned my email inbox and there were dozens of email notifications coming from Alfred's forum with Korean characters. These were 1-2 or more months old emails. They looked like a regular notification with a regular subject line ("XXXX posted a new subject bla bla bla") but for every new subject posted I received like 5 emails. The email content was closer to spam than notification. Apparently, either something has been fixed or the spammer found better things to do.
  7. Has anyone noticed when you use Alfred to eject an encrypted/journaled disk, an eject notification doesn't pop up? However, if the drive is NOT encrypted, it does. Anyone have any fixes or solutions for this behavior? It's rather annoying! Thanks!
  8. I would really like to be able to send multiple values to the notification output. I have an Alfred script that allows me to control Google Music via hotkey's and I can return information from Google Music to this script (ie, if I'm playing or pausing, the current artist / album / song name) which I want to display in a notification. So, for example, I can hit the appropriate hotkey, the action will be performed and a notification will appear with a title like: "<action>(Playing/Paused/Skipped/etc) <songname>" and the message would be: "<artistname> - <albumname>." Through AppleScript I can generate a notification that does this, but for various reasons I would strongly prefer to handle it through Alfred. The problem is that I only have {query} available, which makes it impossible to make the title dynamically different from the text. At the very least it would be nice if I could specify "Last path component" and "Remove extension" for both title and text individually, then I could at least get a little creative on my output.
  9. Hi, When I want to display a Growl notification, 100s of them appear on my screen. Pages and pages, all with the same notification. The only way to stop this is by quitting Growl. > OSX notifications: only 1 is displayed OSX Notification disadvantage: only 2 lines are displayed which for my plugin is useless. The notification content comes from PHP code which is started from a bash script. Snippet: RET=$(php -f ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/extensions/scripts/appname/scriptname.php -- "{query}") echo $RET >> test.txt echo $RET So the 'echo $RET' generates 100s of Growl notifications but the echo $RET >> test.txt shows only the content that it's supposed to show. Update: there's an interesting entry in the system logs: 11/6/13 3:47:01.637 Alfred 2[1183]: Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister Any idea?
  10. I'm making a workflow that toggles an application feature on or off via a gui applescript. However, I'd like to have the workflow send a notification to the user indicating whether the feature has been enabled or disabled. How would I go about implementing this?
  11. Hi there, I'm using Alfred 2 on Snow Leopard. By default, Alfred has notifications enable for "Notification Center" which doesn't exists in Snow Leopard. I've Growl installed but when I switch to Growl, it doesn't keep the change. - I change Notifications to Growl - I close Alfred Preference panel - I re-open Alfred Preference panel, notifications is set on "Notification Center". I'm using Growl 1.2.2. Alfred is 2.0.2 (178) By the way, it seems that Alfred handle notification using Growl ... maybe the select isn't updated ?
  12. Is it possible to post multiple notifications from a single script? Or any workaround for this. Mostly for scripts that take some time to run and the notifications are for progress feedback purpose. Thanks. Jonathan
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