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Found 3 results

  1. First problem: A only finds 40 files at most in a ("Default") search. This is woefully inadequate. Is there any way to increase this to, say, 1-200? Second problem: There is no way, as far as I can see, to specify categories always included in the search results. That is, I would like to always find multiple file and folders matching the word I put into the search box. This could be done if the category list ("Essentials", "Extras") could be configured by percentage or, more crudely, by number. Specifically, suppose that I have a folder named "Consciousness" buried under several folders, and many pdfs with the term "Consciousness" in their titles. Well, in A as it's now set up, I will only find a max of 40 pdfs with the word "Consciousness" in their titles, and will not find the folder with that name. This does not happen when I use Spotlight; the results there are automatically divided into categories, and the folder will always be found. I don't want to have to configure a workflow to do this; that adds another step, unless that workflow can be included in the default search.
  2. NSC Workflow to convert numbers into other based systems. As a computer scientist student I deal everyday with binary, octal, hex and decimal numbers. Therefore I built this workflow with PHP for Alfred 1 and now I rebuilt it with Python for Alfred 2. Usage: 5 different keywords are used: decimal binary octal hex convert The first 4 act similar. You type the keyword (base of your number) and the number you want to convert. Alfred will show you the same number in the other 3 systems. You can select one of them and copied to your clipboard. To convert from or into another system beside these four, you use the keyword convert. Then you type your number, the base of your number and the base of the destination. NSC will display the decimal notation and the new number. To simplify this use the simple frase: "convert number 42 from with base 6 into base 4" Changelog can be found on GitHub: Changelog Download latest build: NSC Alfred Extension Requires: non Supports Alleyoop 2 Download | GitHub | README _mk_ made a bash version of NSC. It can be found at GitHub.
  3. ABN Lookup Description Perform a quick lookup of the ABN (Australian Business Number) owner via ABR (Australian Business Register) web service. Download To download, visit the Packal page. Screenshot Version: 0.1 Lots more to do, but works for now!
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