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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I use spreadsheets quite a bit, and would love to be able to lookup e.g. column BQ and see that it equals column number 69. Today I have a browser tab open with this, that helps me calculate the column to a number. Have any of you seen a workflow that can look this up, or how would you create a workflow like this? Best regards, René
  2. Some of my contacts phone numbers show up in the format (123) 456-7890 and some show up in essence without formatting as 1234567890. Does anyone know why the difference? I prefer the formatting with the parentheses. Thanks.
  3. When searching, Command+[Number] opens a folder in Finder (rather than navigate into the folder), even though in Alfred's preferences>File Search>Navigation, "Use [return key] to open folders in Finder" is unchecked. Strangely, when I run "Previous Path", the Command+[Number] navigates into the respective enumerated folder, which is the behavior that you'd expect. I tried checking and unchecking "Use [return key] to open folders in Finder" and restarting Alfred, but that doesn't resolve the issue.
  4. I would like to use Alfred to search a Numbers spreadsheet for a row based on a column query. Once a row is found I would like to display the row or rows that matched the search. For example, in the spreadsheet below, If I search for 3B8, the workflow would display: 3B8, Mauritius, 38 Numbers Spreadsheet: 1S, Spraley, 307 3A, Monaco, 39 3B8, Mauritius, 38 3C, Equatorial Guinea, 69 … … Any ideas? Fred
  5. I have the tedious task of emailing sales summaries to all 50 of our co-op artists every month. Is there a workflow to handle selecting all the rows in Numbers for each artist, and then associating that with the correct email address from my artists Group in Contacts and then Mailing it to them in Apple Mail? I've been looking at Automator and Services, but maybe I should dive into the Alfred Powerpack instead? Any opinions? Thanks for your time.
  6. Using a snippet or hotkey, is it possible to paste a Numbers spreadsheet into a Word document? Basically, I have a simple rubric with simple calculations that I need for grading papers. I have hundreds of papers to grade, so rather than having two files, it would save me hours to paste the spreadsheet into the bottom of the Word document. Any ideas? Please rescue me if you have any ideas!
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