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Found 7 results

  1. Just an updated version of Marc Abramowitz's Append to nvALT journal extension to work for Alfred v2. Marc's description... More on nvALT → http://brettterpstra.com/projects/nvalt/ Download extension here → http://jrhd.me/MDZN
  2. Hi Snippets work great all over macOS including NValt - except as the first input/first-line-first-characters in a note in NValt. This might seem like an edge case but my problem is that I use NValt for journaling and always insert new journal entries at the top of the journal, starting with todays date by using a snippet. This bug can be reproduced every time, and the work-around is to enter any character and then the snippet, then to remove the extra character. Please note that snippets work fine anywhere else in NValt. Thanks /Mike
  3. Hello, I created a workflow which search a file name and content of a folder for nvALT application's markdown and text documents through File Filter object. But, it doesn't show a right result that I expected. There are several symptoms that I noticed. - When I search a keyword on nvALT , it shows a right result. - When I search a keyword on Alfred with the workflow , it doesn't show a same result above. - When I search a keyword on Finder , it is same like using Alfred's workflow. - I tried to re-index Spotlight. But, it is still same.
  4. inspired by http://veritrope.com/code/export-all-safari-tabs-to-evernote download https://github.com/cdpath/nvALT usage 1. nvs {query} +---> search in nvALT 2. s2n +---> save safari tabs in nvALT
  5. The custom search didn't bring the nvALT window to the front, so I created this workflow that does. http://www.nimbling.com/Downloads/NvALT%20-%20Search.alfredworkflow
  6. Simple workflow to create a date-stamped note in nvAlt. This workflow simply prepends the date to whatever text you pass in as the argument. Download link - http://cl.ly/283S1q210H3h
  7. On my quest for keeping track of my eating habits, I needed a quick way to add things to my foodlog. The custom url/search thing didn't behave quite the way I wanted, so I created a workflow that does: It's similar to Jarhead's note taker, except that mine does not accept an input or does time labels. http://www.nimbling.com/Downloads/NvALT%20-%20Food.alfredworkflow
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