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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have a simple workflow which opens an URL to Chrome from a keyword trigger. I have attached a screenshot of the simple workflow. There was a recent MacOS update a few days ago and since then upon triggering these keywords it opens the URL directly onto Safari. (default browser) If there is any fix, I would be eager to try it out.
  2. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to configure Alfred to open non-specific URLs, using a partial or whole domain, in a specific browser using a wildcard or contains function. For example: I have a bunch of bookmarks to SharePoint URLs that I need to open in my Windows VM, but most other links I want to continue opening in Safari. The logic I'm looking for is something like "IF URL contains sharepoint.com, then open in Chrome in Windows". This would allow us to configure one Workflow for each domain (or one to rule if we could do multiple domains in one flow) rather than create a different Workflow for each Open URL action. I set up the many of the single Open URL Workflows previously and somehow Alfred got totally reset the other day - I lost all my settings and preferences - and now I have to rebuild everything again.
  3. Ref: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5993-custom-searches-with-full-url-as-the-query/ Unless {query} is the entire URL, the Open URL action behaves as if {query} is a query string value and URL-encodes it, i.e. it assumes: http://www.example.com/page?arg={query} This is not always the case, however. {query} may also be a part of the URL path, e.g. http://www.example.com/{query}/some/other/thing In the latter case, most browsers will choke on the URL (I think only Firefox is smart enough to handle URL-encoded paths). Alfred should ideally provide a checkbox to turn URL-encoding of {query} off to avoid messing up {query}. Alternatively, it could try to determine whether {query} is actually the value of a GET parameter (for example, based on the presence of "arg=…"), but the on/off option is probably more robust.
  4. I've made more than one workflow where I wanted the ability to copy some text to the clipboard *or* open a URL in the browser (using an action modifier to trigger the URL case). In both cases, I start with a script filter, but what I want to copy to the clipboard is not the actual URL, but some different data. My script filter would like to send two pieces of information, and this is no problem to do just by concatenating them and adding a custom delimiter. The problem is that "Open URL" can only be an action and not an output. So because only one {query} is allowed, and "Open URL" has no parsing abilities (other than adding some static portions of the URL), I must past only the URL data through the query. This means that I cannot pass the rest of the data to the clipboard copy portion of the workflow. If only passing the URL, I'd basically need to duplicate the same code in the script filter. Of course it's not hard to write your own script to open a URL in the default browser (which is what I've done), but if "Open URL" could be an output (and not just an action) then it would actual be useful for these use cases. Example below is essentially what I'd prefer to do, instead I replace "Open URL" with a "Run Script" than handles the parsing and open URL functionality. I'd still need the "Run Script" anyway to parse the two-part query, but it could reuse the exact same script from the top "Run Script". Then I'd connect to "Open URL" on the far right if it was an output option.
  5. Whenever I go to open a URL, it opens the default terminal (iTerm) instead of opening the url. I think I figured out what the problem is though. (partially) I noticed there were two chrome images on the drop-down as you can see from this image. Any idea on what might be causing this/how to fix it?
  6. Hi, I'd like to open different URLs based on a query. For example I have various stg environments representing different countries. I'd like to be able to type "stg us" and have it open the us-stg.com but also type "stg uk" and have it open uk-stg.com. I had thought I could take the query and parse it in either php or python and have it return the value to the "Open URL" action but didn't know how to return the value to the "Open URL" action. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  7. Hi, I made a workflow to access a web service that uses slash-delineated arguments. The pattern is "http://server/service/argument". I need to type the service and the argument, so the pattern is "http://server/{query}". I enter the Alfred keyword followed by "service/argument". The problem is that Alfred converts the slash to %2F instead of passing it through as a slash. Is there a way to specify that I *don't* want the query URI-encoded in the Open URL action? I turned off UTF-8 encoding, but that only disables the UTF-8 bit. Thx. Brendan
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