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Found 3 results

  1. VPN Connection Manager Manage your Tunnelblick or Viscosity VPN connections from Alfred. Usage vpn [<query>] — View and filter Tunnelblick/Viscosity VPN connections. - ↩ — Connect/disconnect selected connection. vpnconf [<query>] — View and edit workflow configuration. Workflow Update Available! / Workflow Is up to Date — Workflow update availablity. ↩ or ⇥ — Check for and install update. App Name (active) — The currently selected VPN application. App Name (not installed) — Supported, but not installed, VPN application. ↩ — Go to this application's website. App Name — Installed, but unused, application. ↩ — Use this application to manage VPN connections. Online Docs — Workflow README. ↩ — Open in your default browser. Help — This forum thread. ↩ — Open in your default browser. Report Problem — Workflow's GitHub issues. ↩ — Open in your default browser. If you haven't entered a query, any active VPN connections will be shown at the top of the list. Action an active connection to disconnect it. If you are connected to multiple VPNs, an additional "Disconnect All" item will be shown first. Download & Installation Get the workflow from GitHub releases.
  2. Hello, I didn't see a workflow for a VPN service client I use called Private Internet Access. So I decided to give it a try. I'm not sure if there are many people that use this service but I just wanted to share a simple workflow that connects and disconnects the VPN connection using Alfred. Here's the code/instructions/download: https://github.com/skonagaya/PIA-Interface Start Demo: Stop Demo: Thanks, Sean
  3. Howdy All, I've written a workflow that works with Viscosity, which you can use to start or stop OpenVPN connections. The configured keyword is 'vpn'. That will show all of your configured networks: And autocomplete (case-insensitively) on the argument, if one is provided: You can inspect the source on Github. Here's some commands you can run in Terminal that will import it into Alfred: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows curl https://nodeload.github.com/andrewschleifer/viscosity-alfredworkflow/zip/master > \ viscosity-alfredworkflow.zip unzip viscosity-alfredworkflow.zip rm viscosity-alfredworkflow.zip New Feature Update: 1. The subtitle now tells you if actioning that selection will connect or disconnect from that network. 2. There are Connect All/Disconnect All operations that will act on all VPN connections you've defined.
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