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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! I want to share a theme I made, it's not particularly original, but it better suits my taste Spacious Spacious Dark
  2. This workflow will take the focused/front Finder window and create a temporary Python Server at that location, using `python -m SimpleHTTPServer`. Function will also open the default web server URL ( in the default browser when the python server has started. This is an extremely handy way to quickly test code in a server environment, especially when working with cross-domain functionality that will not work from localhost/local file server. Basically allowing you to create an ad-hoc/on-demand web server at any Finder location on your mac. Borrows some of the Terminal Finder functionality from Chris Yip's "Terminal Here" workflow: http://chrisyip.im/ Download: http://cloud.joshuarhoades.com/3O0c1h3P250l
  3. get from GitHub https://github.com/jgarza9788/ShowHiddenFiles-Toggle
  4. Hey I made another minimalistic theme, as none fit my wishes really well! JUST ANOTHER MINIMALISTIC THEME BIG ALFRED 3 UPDATE Minimalistic 3 Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode Minimalistic Light 3 Minimalistic Dark 3 Download Minimalistic 3 http://cl.ly/2f102X0w1E1R Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode http://cl.ly/2q2v1O0k2m3E Minimalistic Light 3 https://cl.ly/0l3s3D3S0n2k Minimalistic Dark 3 http://cl.ly/1Z002A0V0c2e Thanks for the more than 10000 downloads! EDIT: Changed the color of the numbers for better readability for Minimalistic Light 3
  5. Hi, I'm looking for some help. I'm just having some trouble with the LastPass workflow too but on Yosemite 10.11.6 Alfred is not signing in to Last Pass 3.6.0 on OSX Yosemite 10.11.6 I suspect that the workflow script may not be pointing to the right place. Is there an updated script out / could anyone point me in the right direction? -Thank You
  6. Enjoy my first published theme ever Screenshot: and dl link: http://cl.ly/0O0e2B2n2i0y
  7. Hi everyone, I really like to use Alfred on daily routine and it's my favorite tool on OS X. But I didn't see any theme for OS X El Capitan. So I created one myself. You can see the theme screenshot below. And you can download it from here. Enjoy it.
  8. Hi all - I just upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan, and now my favorite script isn't working with Alfred 2.8 . It runs off of a keyword, which is "r". I'm using the "Run Script Action" but the input script isn't running in terminal. I have tried the script in terminal, and it works fine, it is "ru {query}". I thought maybe it could have to do with the new System Integrity Protection that comes with the new OS. Any ideas as to why this might be?
  9. Hi, Bound Alfred to CMD + Space to replace OSX spotlight...works fine. Problem: in Photoshop CMD + Space is used for Zooming in, and I'd prefer not to change that since Ive used for many years and it's ingrained in my muscle memory. Question: Can I disable the Alfred Hotkey (CMD + Space) ONLY in Photoshop? Thanks Luis
  10. OSX: 10.10 Yosemite, public beta (build 14A329r[/size]) Alfred: 2.4 (build 279) Workflow: Window Snap (https://bitbucket.org/adamhorner/macwindowmgmt) Error: "error type -10810" running the AppleScripts that are part of the workflow (I think this means permission denied from the accessibility framework, but not totally sure). The same error happens when attempting to run the script from the command line - from the directory of the workflow, call `./printWindowXYWH.scpt`, it results in the following: ./printWindowXYWH.scpt:159:169: execution error: An error of type -10810 has occurred. (-10810) I have previously added both Alfred and Terminal to the permissions for Accessibility in System Preferences, so I doubt that this is a problem with Alfred, most likely a problem with the AppleScript permissions system. The workaround which variously works is to open the same script in Apple's "Script Editor" application and run it from there. Once that works, the workflow works fine for a while (as does the script run from Terminal), however after some sort of timeout (not sure how long, a few minutes at most though), the system reverts to the previous behaviour of giving the -10810 error. In short, I doubt that this is an error in Alfred, but right now it renders one of my most used workflows next-to-useless in Yosemite, and since I am not an Apple developer, I won't carry any weight with Apple (I am a java/web developer though, so happy to help you debug this further if it is useful). I've attached a couple of screenshots in the hope that they help.
  11. Hi, I want to use a series of terminal commands, first to open the terminal ( if needed ), change the user ( log in as another user ), enter in a folder and execute a command to start a SQL server and then log out and close the terminal window ( if needed, maybe I can do it without opening it ). After that I want to do the same to stop the server, but following the logic is the same script just changing the start to stop. # Manually Start PostgreSQL ## su as user "postgres" and run server: su postgres # type the password ( if possible do it automatically ) cd /Library/PostgreSQL/9.0/bin/ ./pg_ctl -D /Library/PostgreSQL/9.0/data/ start # then logout exit # close the terminal window Anyway thanks for the attention !
  12. Here is my dark version of the Yosemite theme. Download: Yosemite_Darkmode_v1
  13. Here is another minimal theme I made in Alfred. Hadn't seen others that were closely like it so I thought I would post. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!ERdVmYaJ!Z7WU6KtbLTMEON2F1bu5pN4kBpToSuqG22yp5IjQakU Note: There is an older light version of this theme that can be found here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3557-space-minimalist/
  14. Here is a minimal theme I made in Alfred. Hadn't seen others that were closely like it so I thought I would post. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!dYtBESDC!uk7kXZvzn2BXKZ7X4Rgdq-lp94IXNHOT9rAu4AhjyFY
  15. Hi, check out this workflow. Hope you find this useful. It basically triggers a link that opens the Power-Search interface of the iTunes Store with a keyword of your choice. Download @: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oh0fvmxmjx5bniu/iTunes%20Power-Search.alfredworkflow Credits are in the readme part of the workflow.
  16. Guest

    Classic OSX

    Screenshot: http://cl.ly/S9Dj Theme: http://kcy.me/u7ot
  17. This workflow extract & save icon from any OS X apps to your Desktop. Just type icon and choose the app. By default it saves icon in 512px and PNG. Feel free to change this parameters. If you want to save max resolution pictures just delete this line from the script: --resampleHeightWidthMax 512 Based on a bash code from Brett Terpstra. Alfred 2 theme by @egla. Enjoy! http://cl.ly/3c2h0S0t1I3K
  18. Hi everyone, Have a request - would it be possible for one of you theme gurus to create a theme that looks like the OSX switcher (CMD-TAB)? Or just point me to a theme that's already made? I've checked around and can't find anything that matches what I'd like. Thanks in advance! Ryan
  19. I got bored of fighting with Xcode to get to the documentation and look around for stuff so I created a simple workflow. Bulk of the code isn't mine as I got the main applescript here Just pulled it together as its nice to be able to search. Usage docs <keyword> - Searches documentation via XCode. Download http://cl.ly/2R3i0z1X2l2w
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