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Found 11 results

  1. I've had it with Spotlight corruption issues. I want to try Alfred to search, but I need to be able to find emails and calendar appointments inside Outlook for Mac. Can Alfred do that?
  2. I create a workflow for searching mail from Outlook for Mac V16 (A.K.A. 2016). Now it support searching Mail sender, Subject and Preview Content with below format: olk [keyword] And also you can search with multiple keywords: olk [keyword1] [keyword2] [keyword3] To limit search scope in one attribute: olk from:[keyword] olk title:[keywords1] [keywords2] ... By default, this workflow searches mail from all folders and with default page size 20, for results more than 20, you can click last item 'Next 20 Results...' to go to next page. You can also configure the search: olkc pagesize [number] for change search result in one result list. olkc folder then you can get a list of all your Outlook folders, choose one to limit search scope. Project hosted in Github: https://github.com/xeric/alfred-outlook Download latest release workflow file from: https://github.com/xeric/alfred-outlook/releases Welcome your feedbacks!
  3. Hi All, I created three simple workflows to search for either Messages, Contacts or Events in Outlook for Mac. The workflows are for Outlook 2011. They assume your identity is named Main Identity (I purposefully wanted to avoid searching backed-up identities, but the search scope can easily be edited). The workflows are available here. (zipped archive) Corentin
  4. This workflow will query both or either Exchange Office 365 or Google Calendar to pull down a daily list of events. They will be organized by time and - if configured - it will extract online meeting information from either Skype or Hangouts and allow you to jump right into the meeting Usage You can use the following commands Available Commands: Today (shows the today list) Tomorrow (shows tomorrows list of events) tc Loads configuration options tcrest Restes data to default Download the Latest Release * Github Link (Documentation & Source) * Packal Link Version History: - 2.0.1 - Fixed a bug in exchange credential loading - 2.0.2 - Added Dateutil into the included libs - 2.0.3 - Fixed event sort order - 2.0.4 - Google calendar will now prompt for initial authorization (in theory) - 3.0 - Background fetching and significant speed up on UI - 3.1 - Changed the sort order so past events show up at the bottom of the screen now - 3.8 - Huge refactor of internal code base. Better debug logging and background processing - 3.8.1 - Minor bug fix where tomorrow was returning today and today tomorrow - 3.8.2 - Fixed a bug in the internal cache - 3.9.1 - New Fancy Help, and remove CA_CERTS requirement which was causing auth issues.  Manual Auth support in documentation -3.9.2 - SSL Toggle ability - by default SSL is enabled - if you have troubles you can turn it off - 3.9.3 - Minor patch in SSL Stuff - 3.9.7 - Major bug fix in google authentication and SLL toggle support. - 4.0 - Multi Calendar mode for google - 4.1.0 - Updated quick look templates and enhanced protection for out of sync settings files - 4.3.1 - Fix for auto update mechansim - 5.0.1 - Ability to disable All Day Events (Outlook Only - google coming soon!) - 5.0.2 - All Day - Outlook and Google (BE HIDDEN) - SOON HAS COME! - 5.0.3 - Google Calendar Auth Fix - 5.0.5 - Client Secret errors resolved
  5. Hello! I'm trying to solve a problem, and Alfred seems to be the closest to a solution I've found. This is a variation on searching mail.app messages. I've exported my sizable e-mail archive to .eml files - they're text files, in a format remarkably similar to raw SMTP messages (including attachments being embedded, not in a separate folder). This is the format Outlook (2011?) uses when you drag & drop messages into a folder. I need to be able to search them - really, by attribute, not just string matches (date ranges, from vs. to, subject, perhaps even compound matches). I've been to this thread: However, that code targets Apple Mail mail.app folders and .eml file formats (which are apparently a little different, at least since the attachments aren't embedded). Since I'm not running Apple Mail, I don't have a working point of reference to gauge the inner workings / success. I've added the folder where my message files are stored to the scope for the 'emfrom' workflow, and I've dropped one of the files into the emfrom object so it'll pickup the file type (which it sees as com.apple.mail.email). No joy. Now, "I don't know what I don't know", so basic suggestions welcomed... I'd wager a guess that somewhere there needs to be a definition of how to interpret file types (like, extracting the sender's name). Cheers, Richard
  6. Hi all i am looking for a workflow, which helps me do these 2 scenarios: - search for Emails in Outlook in the inbox folder from a specific sender (eg: "Emails in inbox from Tom") - search for Emails in Outlook in the sent folder to a specific sender (eg: "Emails sent to Tom") thanks a lot, that would help massively
  7. Alfred: v2.7.1 (387) Outlook: v15.11.1 OSX: Yosemite 10.10.4 Procedure: Find a file in Alfred --> (go to Actions) --> Email To... --> (choose recipient) Result: the mail gets created in the Drafts folder instead of being opened / foremost on the screen. Alternatives: If I use a link of the form "mailto:tom@hotmail.com" in safari, it opens up Outlook with the mail message just fine If I use "email" from Alfred, and set a recipient from my contact list, it also opens Outlook correctly with the mail message to the front
  8. I am looking for someone that is familiar with Alfred enough to set up a script filter that can search a given folder for a keyword and give me the ability to change the sorting of the query results. It's ok if I have to change this in code - doesn't have to be a UI toggle or anything like that. For example, I want to search for an e-mail in Outlook with the number 456 in the subject line. I hit my hotkey, enter "456" and three hits appear, sorted by send date and actually SHOWING the send date. I need to be able to do this for Outlook message searches and standard file searches in a given directory. I have looked for tutorials so I could try this myself but I have not been successful so far. If any of you pros want to tinker with it, I would be grateful and will gladly pay for your time.
  9. This is a workflow that will search the subject field of emails in the new version of Outlook for Mac that is currently available to Office 365 subscribers. Additional fields can be added in the advanced section of the file filter. The new version has a different data path as well as a new file type, so the old Outlook searches were not working. If anyone knows how to make the date the e-mail was received show up where the file path shows in the results, I would be your best friend. The workflow can be downloaded HERE.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to send a document via email thru Alfred. My default email client is Outlook. But it doesn't show a new email window when I try to do it. See a video here: https://db.tt/gHVeDDMO My steps: 1) Find a document 2) Right arrow to show a list of options 3) Choose "Email" 4) My email tool is shown up, but doesn't generate a new email window, neither offering to send this document in attachment. Thanks, Alexander
  11. I am trying to modify the Outlook workflows posted here to work with the new version of Outlook. I added the new data path to the search scope (Users ▸ brad ▸ Library ▸ Group Containers ▸ UBF8T346G9.Office ▸ Outlook ▸ Outlook 15 Profiles ▸ Main Profile ▸ Data) but it does seem to find anything no matter what I search for. Spotlight finds things without any problems when I use the search parameter "kMDItemTitle", which is what I want, to be able to search for a subject string. Anyone have any ideas? This is the only thing keeping me from moving away from Mail.app for good (the Exchange attachments bug is killing me).
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