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Found 2 results

  1. Is there a way to map output actions to specific items without having to use action modifiers? I have a script filter that I am using in alfred and I want each item to have its own return output. For example, if I press enter on the first item, I want it to copy to the clipboard and post a notification. I want the second and third item to not return anything. I want the third item to launch terminal when the user hits enter. I want the fourth item to launch a webpage when the user hits enter. IP=$(host google.com | cut -c 30-) CITY=$(curl http://ipinfo.io/$IP/city) STATE=$(curl http://ipinfo.io/$IP/region) PROVIDER=$(curl http://ipinfo.io/$IP/org | cut -c 8-) //Start Display cat<<EOB <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> //Remote Server's IP <item arg="$IP" valid="NO"> <title>Remote Server's IP: $IP</title> <subtitle> Press Cmd + C to copy </subtitle> <subtitle mod="cmd">Cmd + C to Copy</subtitle> <text type="copy">$IP</text> <icon>69288C18-2A0D-4430-837E-4AB331CD2698.png</icon> </item> //Location (City, State, Country) <item arg="$CITY, $STATE" valid="NO"> <title>Location: $CITY, $STATE</title> <subtitle>This is Location of the Server</subtitle> <icon>icon.png</icon> </item> //ISP Provider <item arg="$PROVIDER" valid="NO"> <title>Provider: $PROVIDER</title> <subtitle>This is the ISP Provider</subtitle> <icon>Wired_Network-100.png</icon> </item> //SSH into server <item arg="$IP"> <title>SSH into Server</title> <subtitle>Press Enter to connect</subtitle> <icon>Connected-100.png</icon> </item> //Open Web Page <item arg="$IP"> <title>Connect to Web Server</title> <subtitle>Press Alt + Enter to connect</subtitle> <subtitle mod="alt">Launch Webpage</subtitle> <icon>Open in Browser-100.png</icon> </item> </items> EOB
  2. I've made more than one workflow where I wanted the ability to copy some text to the clipboard *or* open a URL in the browser (using an action modifier to trigger the URL case). In both cases, I start with a script filter, but what I want to copy to the clipboard is not the actual URL, but some different data. My script filter would like to send two pieces of information, and this is no problem to do just by concatenating them and adding a custom delimiter. The problem is that "Open URL" can only be an action and not an output. So because only one {query} is allowed, and "Open URL" has no parsing abilities (other than adding some static portions of the URL), I must past only the URL data through the query. This means that I cannot pass the rest of the data to the clipboard copy portion of the workflow. If only passing the URL, I'd basically need to duplicate the same code in the script filter. Of course it's not hard to write your own script to open a URL in the default browser (which is what I've done), but if "Open URL" could be an output (and not just an action) then it would actual be useful for these use cases. Example below is essentially what I'd prefer to do, instead I replace "Open URL" with a "Run Script" than handles the parsing and open URL functionality. I'd still need the "Run Script" anyway to parse the two-part query, but it could reuse the exact same script from the top "Run Script". Then I'd connect to "Open URL" on the far right if it was an output option.
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