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Found 7 results

  1. What is does This Alfred workflow enables academic citing and publishing with any markdown app like iA Writer, Ulysses, or Scrivener. It does so by offering a Zotero Citation Picker for Pandoc Markdown Citations and by automatically converting Markdown files into `.docx`, `.pdf`, or `.html `with the proper bibliography. This workflow is made for academics like me who neither like Word nor LaTeX. As the name suggests, this workflow is basically a user-friendly interface for Pandoc, allowing you to make use of Pandoc's vast capabilities without ever needing to open the Terminal.
  2. Pandoctor An Alfred GUI for Pandoc Version: 1.0.5 Download from Packal View on GitHub Read a slightly fuller version on my blog Introduction Pandoctor is a relatively simple, easy-to-use way to bring the high-powered functionality of Pandoc to you. For those new to Pandoc, Pandoc is "the universal document converter". It is an amazingly powerful utility that allows you to convert structured text from a ton of possible input formats to an even larger number of output formats. A potential downside to Pandoc, however, for many users is that it is entirely a command line utility. This mean
  3. Hey guys, I created a workflow that allows anyone using Scrivener for Mac to send some text from Alfred (using markdown syntax) to Scrivener's Scratchpad. This allows you to send potential writing ideas to be stored there for later usage/formatting. The only limitation is for line endings/next line you need to use html i.e. <br /> but it's a small compromise. Note: You need to have pandoc installed for the markdown conversion. https://github.com/ged12345/alfred-workflows/blob/master/Scrivener Scratchpad.alfredworkflow
  4. LaTeX ⟷ Markdown Alfred Workflow Quickly convert Markdown to LaTeX or vice versa from your clipboard with Pandoc. Description A simple routine to convert snippets of markdown to LateX from your clipboard or vice versa. The workflow creates either a *.md or *.tex file relative to your input and at the location you choose. The file is converted with Pandoc by calling it from the terminal. The converted file subsequently gets output at the same place. Existing files will be overwritten. Pandoc is key and has to be installed: $ brew install pandoc GitHub:
  5. I can't seem to get Alfred to run a pandoc conversion to pdf. Neither of the pandoc commands bellow will run in Alfred but I have confirmed that xelatex and pdflatex are installed, and both run perfectly fine in Terminal and from my FastScripts menu, so it seems the issue is with Alfred. I am specifying the full path to pandoc (/usr/local/bin/pandoc) so this is not a path issue (as mentioned here: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred-documentation/wiki/Environmental-Variables). I'm fairly certain it's exclusively a PDf (xelatex, pdflatex) issue because pandoc conversion
  6. Hello I've been using pandoctor alfred workflow to run the John McFarlane's pandoc. However, the other day it simply stopped working (without apparent cause). I don't get any error messages or evidence that something is wrong with the install. If I run pandoc 'manually' via the terminal it still works perfectly. Any ideas? I've uninstalled and then reinstalled (and rerun the config) – but no luck. Below is the dr:config just in case that's helpful. Thanks in advance. Simon Starting debug for 'Pandoctor' [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 0: 16:15:11 pan
  7. I am considering the Alfred Powerpack for a rather specific use (although if it works, I guess others will follow): I started writing in markdown (in Ulysses III to be precise). It can save to FILE.md, and then 1. I open the terminal, 2. make terminal know in which directory the file resides (in my case standard: cd Documents/Pandoc ) 3. type pandoc -o FILE.tex --template=TEMPLATE.xelatex FILE.md 4. and then in TeXshop I search and replace (because I often use very specific environments, which I cannot do without) \textbackslash{} to \
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