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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a workflow that can copy paths for later use. Frist I create a new workflow and add a file action to it that accepts multiple lines then I enter a copy to clipboard module that says {query} I run this script by selecting 2 files and double tap the command key and choose my test script and I paste it textedit the result: /temp/test 1/MapA/test (2).JPG /temp/test 1/MapA/test (1).JPG the thing is when I drag the 2 files to a terminal window I get this: /test\ 1/MapA/test\ \(1\).JPG /test\ 1/MapA/test\ \(2\).JPG filenames are separated by a space and the filenames are escaped is there a script that can do this to? so when I select files it copy's the full pathnames escaped and separated by a space?
  2. Alfred 3.1 (711) OS X 10.11.6 In the situations where input is a sequence, not a single string (i.e. File Actions and Hotkey+Selection in OS X where files are selected), the Debug and Filter Utilities choke on the input. They do nothing and emit no output, bringing the workflow to a halt.
  3. I'd like to create a text triggered short-cut to go to a folder within Alfred, so that if I enter "/MyTrigger" into Alfred, it's the same as typing "/Users/Me/Documents/My Triggered Folder." I don't want to set a hot-key since I'd be navigating within that folder. E.g., I might enter "/MyTrigger/File I Want" or "MyTrigger/Sub Folder." Is this possible?
  4. Let's say I open Alfred and enter a path like "~/Library/LaunchAgents". Alfred will now show me the contents of this path, but what I want are file actions for THIS path, mainly to open it in the Finder. If I enter "~/Library/" instead, it shows me the "LaunchAgents" subfolder and I can choose "Reveal in Finder". Is there a way to directly execute file/folder actions on the typed path?
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