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Found 6 results

  1. Performance seems to be a tricky thing to diagnose, since it might be related to the individual's system specs or other configurations... but I believe I've noticed pretty consistently that larger workflows (i.e. with tens or hundreds of objects) has really choppy/jerky rendering performance when scrolling around. I expect the kind of dampening scroll effect in Apple Maps, but perhaps I'm comparing apples and oranges? I recorded what I'm seeing when scrolling around @vdesabou's epic Spotify Mini Player workflow here: https://dropover.cloud/aac3de Hopefully you can see that I'm just flick-scrolling up and down, but the viewport jerks and stops in a really abrupt manner. Is it possible to avoid this behavior?
  2. Hi all, I am working on a workflow which 1) loads a large (43MB) JSON object and then 2) uses Alfred to filter results (with word matching). Alfred currently takes ~3 sec to load the object. Here's my question: given that I am not fetching anything over the web or local network, would it still be beneficial (i.e. would make it faster) if I learn how to cache the JSON object? Or perhaps I should search via script and only serve the results to Alfred? Thanks!! Giovanni
  3. Hello! I hope for help because some problems with Alfred really slow down my workflow. After I reset my Macbook and try to use Alfred it seems to bee very slow while typing in the command bar (really slow typing). This was not before the reset. I try to reinstall Alfred and everything seems to be all right again. But when activate my licence again (and so reactivate all snippets and workflows) it is as slow as hell again. What could be the problem for this and/or is it possible to reset setting within my licence-key-settings? #### Alfred 3.5.1, High Sierra 10.13.1
  4. Has anyone else noticed Alfred V3 having a bit more lag when searching? This is the first I have ever experienced this, with any version of Alfred, and it started when I upgraded to V3 yesterday. The update today (build 648) still behaves this way. Is there a reindex I can/should do after upgrading? Perhaps other tweaks I can/should do to help pep things up? I apologize in advance if this has already been addressed in a previous post. -Chris
  5. I have one workflow for all my hotkeys that show/hide apps. Is it okay for Alfred performance to have many hotkey triggers in one workflow? Or it is better to have separate workflows? The question is only about performance. Thanks.
  6. I've always used global hotkeys to quickly switch between the apps I needed the most and it made my workflow go very fast. Now in Alfred2 I've redefined the global hotkeys as workflows. Well, it works, but it takes at least 1/2 second to switch between apps, where Alfred1 switches instantaneously. Do other people have noticed the same? Bug report?
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