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Found 8 results

  1. Some of my contacts phone numbers show up in the format (123) 456-7890 and some show up in essence without formatting as 1234567890. Does anyone know why the difference? I prefer the formatting with the parentheses. Thanks.
  2. Nothing terribly complex here, but I think it's pretty awesome we can do this sort of thing with Alfred: Download here (or go to my webpage for Alfred 1 version) Requires Prowl on your iPhone in order to receive the notifications and launch the dialling process. I'm assuming this could easily be modified to work with Android phones as well, but you'll probably have to wait for Boxcar or Prowl to release Android clients. Pushover might do it, but if it's as lame as the iPhone version, it won't auto-handle the "tel://" URL scheme. Love to know if it works okay for others. ---
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first ever Alfred Workflow contribution, and also my first ever PHP coding. I have been reading a lot and watching tutorials in order to learn PHP. Now here is the problem: I copy then paste very often phone numbers that contain, spaces, dashes or parentheses, that I then have to manually clean. So, I created this workflow in order to get rid of those characters and keep the phone number clean and ready to paste. Here is how it works: Enter the keyword “phc” followed by the number to clean. It will save the cleaned version to your clipboard; You can
  4. Edit : Updated this to make more sense We use Ringcentral at work but the RingCentral app for Mac is horrible, IMO. I've been playing around with the API where you pass variables in the URL and it will dial the phone number for you. See below for the example of what it looks like: Note: The URL is correct I've changed all my values. https://service.ringcentral.com/ringout.asp?cmd=call&username=8005551212&ext=123&password=password123&to={query}&from=4155551212&prompt=0 Now I can get this to work, for the most part, from doing the following. Go to features C
  5. Would anyone be interested in controlling their iOS device from Alfred on their desktop, yes or no? I believe this is the inverse of what's planned for Alfred Remote. I want to build a workflow that would control Spotify/Soundcloud playing on my phone using an Alfred command on my dekstop. I always listen to music on my phone so I can get up, walk around, leave—but I hate getting it out to change the track, etc.
  6. If you are using the starface telephone system and the app (http://www.starface.de/de/Solutions/integration/macclient.php) this workflow might be interesting for you. It initiates calls from your contacts phone numbers, or just any number you type in. Usage You can call any number just by typing: call +4930123456 Or you can find a contact and select one of its phone numbers. Download, Informations and configuration guide on Github: https://github.com/robinboening/alfredapp-starface
  7. Using Mavericks 10.9, latest v of Alfred. In some instances phone numbers show up in Alfred's find panel without any separation between area code etc. I've attached a screenshot. Anyone else seeing this?
  8. Hi, a simple one, but nevertheless quite useful for me: a contact action to associate phone numbers with VoIP URLs. It's on GitHub. You have to associate the contact action yourself in the Alfred Preferences as shown below: There is also a keyword call (If I see that people are using it, I might consider to add a script action which filters phone numbers): It works very nicely with Telephone.app and X-Lite (for the latter, you have to change the URL to sip:{query}). Telephone.app sometimes doesn't react properly, but that's usually only when it's not running when
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