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Found 11 results

  1. Add to and view your Pinboard bookmarks. pa opens Pinboard’s “add bookmark” page in your frontmost browser. You can submit bookmarks with ↵ or dismiss the window with ⎋. If you have the PinPlus app installed (get it with :pinplusupdateapp), that opens instead. Configure the Hotkey Trigger to add your current browser tab as an unread bookmark. pin and pun are similar. The former shows all your bookmarks (type to filter), while the latter shows only the unread ones. In each case: ↵ opens the bookmark in your default web browser. ⇧↵ opens the bookmark in Pinboard’s website, so you can edit it at will. ⌥↵ copies the bookmark’s URL to your clipboard. ⌘↵ downloads the video on the page, if any (requires DownMedia). fn shows the bookmark’s description. ⌃ shows the bookmark’s tags. Unread bookmarks suffer an extra event when acted upon, depending on the unread_action Workflow Environment Variable. archive will mark the bookmark as read and delete will remove it from your account. Any other value (including none) will leave it untouched. The unread_order Workflow Environment Variable affects the display of pun. Valid options are oldest_first and newest_first, defaulting to the latter. :pinpluslaunchd will install (or later remove, running the same command) a launchd service to seamlessly fetch bookmarks every hour. Bookmarks are auto-updated in accordance to the requirements of the Pinboard API. :pinplusforceupdate will force an update, but should be avoided. The minutes_between_checks Workflow Environment Variable defaults to 10. If you ever need to update your Pinboard API token, call :pinplusresetapitoken. Download | Source
  2. Alfred 4 Read about the workflow below. Here is an update for Alfred 4: DOWNLOAD NOTE: Right now the workflow does not support URLs with "#" in it. Overview Pinboard workflow is a front end for Pinboard that allows you: search filter by tags add public bookmarks add private bookmarks set a new bookmark as To Read delete a bookmark get the selected text as the bookmark description (see Syntax) interact with: Safari, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Chromium, Webkit and Firefox First Run Before running the workflow you need to set your Pinboard API Token: To get it go to your Pinboard account and copy the API in Settings>Password. To enter it open Alfred Preferences>Workflows then select Pinboard then, finally, click in Configure Workflow and Variables (as seen below): Usage If you need help show Alfred and type the keyword phelp Search Search will always look for URL, title, description and tags. Basic search show Alfred and type the keyword ps type your query e.g. ps apple Filtering by tags show Alfred and type the keyword ps type a hash sign and select a tag from the list (autocomplete) e.g. ps #tag1 #tag2 : after the colon type your query e.g. ps #tag1 #tag2 :apple Actions return key: open the bookmark option key: delete the bookmark (you may need to manually reload the local cache) Add Public, Private and To Read Bookmarks The workflow will list always two options: Add Public Bookmark to Pinboard Add Private Bookmark to Pinboard Holding Command key will add it as an unread bookmark. Note: make sure your Browser is the front most window then use the keyword pa Note: Firefox may need that you reload the page. Anyway, the workflow always show the URL so you can check if it is right or not. Last Used The workflow also saves the last command (Last Used item) so you can easily replicate. And with a hotkey you can add a bookmark even without any interaction at all. Syntax You can optionally add tags and a custom description. To add tags simply type a hash sign and select it from the list (autocomplete) e.g. pa #tag1 #tag2 : After the colon, as seen above, you can optionally type the bookmark description e.g. pa #tag1 #tag2 :great workflow And in order to get the selected text as the bookmark description type enclosed brackets after the colon e.g. pa [] or pa #tag1 #tag2 :[] To add just a description just type it after the keyword e.g. pa great workflow Hotkeys Search, Add and Last Used have also a hotkey that you can set in Alfred Preferences. Local Bookmark Cache In order to make things a bit faster, the workflow caches all your Pinboard bookmarks and tags. However, due even Pinboard API limitations the workflow will not, for now at least, update the cache automatically. However, if your cache is more than one day older the workflow will let you know. Anyway, you can use the keyword preload to manually update the local cache. Finally, the workflow has an external trigger so you can update the local cache from other application or script. Just use the code below: tell application "Alfred 3" run trigger "reload" in workflow "com.sztoltz.pinboard" with argument "" end tell Download Version 1.5 for Alfred 3 Release date: 08 Jul 2016 Requires Alfred 3 macOS 10.11.5 Download Now What’s New in Version 1.5 (08 Jul 2016)? - Fixed the add new bookmark bug What’s New in Version 1.4 (27 Jun 2016)? - Moved workflow setting to Alfred Preferences - Updated Help (keyword phelp) - NOTE: you have to enter your Pinboard API token again What’s New in Version 1.3 (08 Jun 2016)? - Alfred 3 support What’s New in Version 1.2 (05 Oct 2014)? - Yosemite support What’s New in Version 1.1 (29 May 2014)? - Fixed a description parsing bug thanks to Vítor
  3. Greatly improved workflow re-written in Rust. Check out the github page for installation and new features such as popular tag suggestion link preview deletion... Automatic workflow updates Install it from: Github: https://github.com/spamwax/alfred-pinboard-rs/releases/latest https://github.com/spamwax/alfred-pinboard-rs Update (2019-06-21) 0.15.5 Add option to either show TAGs or URLs in search results. Fix multiple issues related to release of Alfred 4 pcheck should now force a network call regardless of when last update check was done. Add a combo modifier for search result to copy URL to clipboard. Fix: deleting a bookmark was not working. Full CHANGELOG Update (2018-06-04) 0.14.0 Add support for automatic update of workflow Fix a caching bug Update (12/08/2017): v0.5.0 Add support for dev version of Safari & Firefox (thanks to https://github.com/grusch-it) Add support to set toread flag of bookmarks. Just add toread to description/note (after semi-colon) p tag1 tag2 ; note toread Update (01/28/15): Another attempt at fixing openning browsers (thanks to https://github.com/grusch-it) Removed unecessary browser settings from workflow. Update (01/26/15): Fix the broken option settings due to an incomplete pull request merge Fix not getting title of the Firefox tab Update (11/25/14): Add support to automatically pick the most front browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Chromium) Show the 'New Tag' item at the bottom of tag suggestion list Update (08/10/14): Add (kind of hacky) support for Firefox Update (07/12/14): Add support for Chromium browser Add options to perform search on tags only Add support for private/public bookmarks Add support for auto-updating the bookmarks cache after posting a new bookmark. Download link: http://goo.gl/55917Z Update (01/29/14): Bug Fix: searching should be case sensitive now. Update (12/15/13): Added (fuzzy) search capability. User friendlier approach to specifying workflow's settings. I am planning to add more features such as Delicious API support. For details and features please visit https://bitbucket.org/listboss/go-pinboard/wiki/Home I mainly wrote this so I can learn/practice Go (golang). It uses an Alfred workflow helper that's also written in Go. The helper is similar to what Dave has for php: https://bitbucket.org/listboss/go-alfred Some screenshots:
  4. This workflow is officially deprecated in favour of PinPlus. It was released to the public domain, so I leave the record here if anyone is interested. You can still find the old source on Github. Before using this workflow, you need to configure it with your Pinboard account by running :configurepinunread followed by your api token and your preferred action. You can get the API token of you Pinboard account by visiting https://pinboard.in/settings/password. Your preferred action may be one of delete, archive, or keep. delete will remove the bookmark from your account, after you act (open or copy the link) on it; archive will mark the bookmark as read; keep will leave it untouched. An example configuration would be: configurepinadd username:HSJWJK2HHSKI14QPDOIK delete When you’re all set, call pun, and your unread bookmarks will be displayed. Press ↩ on one to open it in your default browser or ⌘+↩ to copy the link to your clipboard; the action you picked while configuring will take place in the background. You may also type something after pun (don’t add a space, just type), to filter the bookmarks.
  5. This workflow is officially deprecated in favour of PinPlus. It was released to the public domain, so I leave the record here if anyone is interested. You can still find the old source on Github. Before using this workflow, you need to configure it with your Pinboard account by running :configurepinadd followed by your api token and your preferred browser. You can get the API token of you Pinboard account by visiting https://pinboard.in/settings/password Your preferred browser may be one of Safari, Webkit, Chrome, ChromeCanary, Chromium, or depends (“depends” uses the browser you have as the frontmost window, provided it’s one of the mentioned ones). An example configuration would be: configurepinadd username:HSJWJK2HHSKI14QPDOIK safari When you’re all set, call pin followed by your tags and/or description — both are optional, and descriptions must be preceded by // (two forward slashes and a space). Pick if it should be added as a regular bookmark or as a private one (this is important, as it’ll trump your default options), and you’re done. The title of the bookmark will be the title of the page. You can also precede your tags with . (a single period), and it will add the bookmark as unread. There’s also a hotkey you can setup to quickly add bookmaks as unread (without any tags or description). If adding a bookmark fails for any reason (for example, if the connection drops), you’ll get a notification and a PinAddRetry.command file will be added to your Desktop (if it happens multiple times, it’ll add an entry for each failed attempt). You can double-click this file at a later time to run it, and retry adding the bookmarks.
  6. - GitHub Page : https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/tree/master/alfred-pinboard - Workflow Download : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/master/alfred-pinboard/pinboard.alfredworkflow v2.3 (2016-05-20) Update Settings for Alfred v3 v2.27 Fix a bug in debug loggingv2.25 change Reload threshold time to 1 hour from 12 hours Arrange alfred layout v2.24 pblog records copy command guard code for invalid bookmark data v2.22 Launch history command (pblog) Sort option : last accessed time (^l) '!' is used to sort key too V2.1 Changelog - multiple tag search : specify tag group for searching (#) - display last modified time of local cached bookmarks - display host name only in main list - display tag information in main list too - update the number of entries in the history list after searching - display untagged bookmarks in tag list - support sort option : title ascending(`^a`), title descending(`^z`), time ascending(`^d`), time descending(default) Yet another alfred-pinboard workflow. It provides INSTANT pinboard search and the following function. search pinboard (pba) - supports various search condition such as or(|), and( ), and not(-) search tag (pbtag) search pinboard memo (pbmemo) show starred bookmark (pbs) browse and search history (pbhis) goto or delete the searched bookmark copy url of the searched bookmark send url to pocket mark or unmark the favorite bookmark InstallationDownload and Install alfred-pinboard Workflow You need to set short-key manually pbauth username:TOKEN <- set access token Get it from https://pinboard.in/settings/password pbreload - loads latest bookmarks and memo from pinboard.in search with pba, pbtag, pbmemo command (optional) pbauthpocketneeded only if you want to send URL to pocket (optional) install cron job : for faster searching without pbreloaddownload it from pinboard-download.py chmod a+x pinboard-download.py register script in crontab using crontab -e */15 * * * * /path/to/pinboard-download.py > /dev/null 2>&1 Command pba query : search query from description and link and tags pbnote query : search query from pinboard notes pbu query : search query from description(title) in unread list pbl query : search query from link pbs query : search query from starred bookmarks pbtag query : search tag list. You can autocomplete it by pressing ‘tab’ pbhis : show search history pbreload : loads latest bookmarks from pinboard.in pbauth username:token : Set pinboard authentication token (optional) pbauthpocket : Pocket authentication (optional) Search Condition- before search word stands for not ex) -program stands for and query ex) python alfred | stands for or query ex) python|alfred and query is evaluated first, than or query is evaluated KeysYou need to set it manually because of alfred restriction ctl-shift-cmd-p : launch pba ctl-shift-cmd-c : launch pbtag ctl-shift-cmd-n : launch pbnote ctl-shift-cmd-s : launch pbs ctl-shift-cmd-h : launch pbhis Action enter to open the selected url in the browser tab to expand in pbtag command Hold cmd while selecting a bookmark to copy it’s url to clipboard Hold alt while selecting to delete a bookmark from your pinboard Hold ctrl while selecting a bookmark to mark or unmark it Hold shift while selecting to send URL to pocket. You need to set auth_token using pbauthpocket help Search Tag Browse Tag Search Starred Bookmark Search History
  7. Bookmark is alfred workflow which enables to manage and search bookmark. You can add browser's URL to bookmark, add multiple tags to it, and search it. This workflow works without pinboard.in account. You can link pinboard.in account with this workflow also. Download: https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/blob/master/bookmark/bookmark.alfredworkflow?raw=true Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/ImXADq0mBRM After integrating pinboard.in account, you can download the data pinboard.in using pbreload command. Bookmark workflow provides... Add bookmark - add frontmost browser's url to bookmarkIn adding bookmark, you can assign multiple tags. Search bookmark Delete bookmark Assign [private], [star] attribute in bookmarkYou can narrow the search space using this property Several sort optionslaunch count accessed added Pinboard integrationYour local bookmarks are replaced with pinboard.in data after integration After integration, add/delete operation is synced with pinboard.in You can download pinboard.in bookmark with pbreload command. Install You need to set key manually after installing bookmark. Cmd-Shift-Ctrl-P : Workflow launch (Search condition follows setting) Cmd-Shift-Ctrl-K(!) : Search every bookmark temporary (Ignore settings) Cmd-Shift-Ctrl-L(*) : Search marked bookmark only Cmd-Shift-Ctrl-;(+) : Add bookmark (This key is valid only when browser is the frontmost window) Assign attribute to bookmark You can change search condition from setting menu(_). private : Toggle with [shift] modifier key star : Toggle with [ctrl] modifier You can change attributes of multiple bookmarks of the same tag.ctrl: set mark, shift: unset mark, alt: set private, cmd: unset private Setting mark[filter] private[filter] sortaccessed, launch_count, time launch_count, accessed, time time, accessed Command bm (ctrl-shift-cmd-p) ! (ctrl-shift-cmd-k) - Search every bookmarks (ignore search condition in setting) * (ctrl-shift-cmd-l) - Search marked bookmark only + (ctrl-shift-cmd-) - Add URL to bookmark. # - Tag search For entries Enter : launch bookmark Ctrl : toggle mark attribute Shift : toggle private attribute Alt : delete bookmark Cmd : copy URL
  8. Hi, I just created an alternative Pinboard workflow that allows searching for pinboard bookmarks within Alfred. It can fetch data asynchronously, so there should not be delays during searches and the matching code has some fuzzy logic. Might come in handy for Pinboard users so I wanted to share. NOTE: It requires Node.JS to be installed. Please get it from http://nodejs.org if you dont have Node. Keywords: pinboardauth username:TOKEN <- set access token (get it from https://pinboard.in/settings/password) pb query <- search for query pbunread <- items in read later list pbreload <- force data reload Hold cmd while selecting a bookmark to copy it's url to clipboard. Hold ctrl while selecting to delete a bookmark from your pinboard. Workflow: http://d.ekin.io/L6QO Source Code: https://github.com/eknkc/alfred-pinboard Let me know if it works for you.
  9. Yet another alfred2-pinboard workflow. It provides INSTANT pinboard search and various functionality. Github : https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/tree/master/pinboard Workflow Download : https://raw.github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/master/pinboard/pinboard.alfredworkflow Updated: - v1.2 : Remove the dependency of cron job - v1.1 : add [send to Pocket] ::: Version 2.0 is released. <2014-05-27 Tue>
  10. Search Pinboard bookmarks using basic and small query language: logical operators: and, or, not #tag keywords: unread, How to and source on GitHub: https://github.com/bevesce/Pinboard-search
  11. A simple file filter to search all bookmark (keyword web) and web browsing history (keyword hist) files accessible to Spotlight. Why use this instead of the default Alfred functionality? Well: More targeted search, less clutter in default results. Smarter search: History search searches the URL, bookmark search ignores it; JavaScript bookmarklets are excluded from bookmarks searches. Searches bookmarks in Pinboard.in / Delicious accounts registered with Delish and Webbla, including tag search (Webbla, needs OpenMeta enabled, Delish works out of the box). If you’d like the workflow to support more browsers and bookmark / history formats, please attach an example of a pertinent bookmark and / or history file to this issue. As usual, repo is here, direct download there. Updates: Version 1.0.0 hotfix 2013-10-23 – fixes Alleyoop updating (you need to redownload), workflow file renamed Version 1.0.1 2013-10-25 – update for final Mavericks tagging scheme
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