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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have a smart playlist containing only songs which are rated 5 stars. iTunes will "automatically rate" albums based on the average rating you've given the songs on it. Somehow, non-rated songs from albums with automatic ratings are creeping into this playlist. For example, if I have given a 5-star rating to song A on album X, then somehow unrated song B on album X will play. I haven't been able to reproduce this consistently, but I'm definitely not able to reproduce this when starting my playlist via iTunes -- it only happens when I start playing my playlist thr
  2. Overview Add current iTunes song to a selected playlist or select or create a playlist and add songs to it. Usage Type the keyword addto and select a playlist to add the current iTunes song to it. Or type the keyword addto, highlight a playlist, press Command key then Return key to add any song from your library to the selected playlist: The last selected playlist will always be used if you e.g. use the hotkey to add the current song to it without any interaction. Download Release date: 26 Feb 2014 OSX 1.9.2 iTunes 11.1.4 Alfred 2.1.1 Download Now What's NewRewritten to t
  3. See what's currently playing on BBC Radio 6music. Also displays how long ago the song started/finished. Uses a BBC JSON feed. keyword: 6music hotkey: F16 What’s on 6music.alfredworkflow Requires latest Growl.
  4. Overview Playlist to Folder is a workflow made as an alternative to the great application iTuneMyWalkman that stops working on Mavericks. It basically copies the songs from selected iTunes playlists to any folder (including SD Cards), optionally convert to mp3, remove diacriticals (e.g. á to a), remove hidden OSX files and creates an UTF-8 m3u playlist. Why would you use this workflow? You may ask... Well, my car multimedia system supports SD Card and some audio types as well as m3u playlists. However, altough it is a 2013 A4, it is extremely picky about what it will actually read properly.
  5. I'm sorry this post is quite wordy. Feel free to skip to the summary of my suggestion at the bottom. Please post if you would also like to see these features. In the iTunes Miniplayer, you can select songs by an album, artist, genre or playlist. When you select an album, you can choose a specific song from that album and play it. Thereafter, the rest of the album will play. Great. I love the behaviour of the Miniplayer in this case. But what if I want to choose an item from a playlist and then listen to the rest of the playlist? Then I have to select a playlist and hit "Next Song"
  6. I've got some iTunes playlist folders with the same name as playlists. They appear as playlists in Alfred rather than folders though. Could a different icon be used for them?
  7. Maestro Tell iTunes to play a specific song in your current playlist Filter by title and author Whats the difference between Maestro and the iTunes Mini Player? Well, there is one thing the standard Alfred Mini Player is lacking... search in playlist. It happens (at least to me) very often that i want to hear a specific song in my playlist but don't want to stop listening to the playlist itself. Trivia Source code available at Maestro@Github Powered by alfred.py Alleyoop-support This workflow creates a folder ".maestro-cache" at your home directory which s
  8. How can I play a specific song in a specific playlist with the iTunes Mini Player? (I've got the Power Pack and bought Alfred specifically for the iTunes feature, but so far it seems to be lacking in some areas.) For instance, in Quicksilver, I can choose a playlist, then play a specific song in the playlist. I'd like to do the same in Alfred; how can I achieve that? At the moment, when I choose a playlist, the playlist will play without letting me choose a song. I know I can type in a song afterward, but it just creates a new temporary playlist for Alfred to play that one song. But I
  9. It'd be neat to be able to use the mini player to add the currently playing song to a particular playlist. I'm sure it'd be possible to create a workflow to do this, but I wouldn't know how to go about making a script filter (I intend to remedy that when I next have time ), and it seems like something that might be more appropriate as a built-in feature. Just a thought :-)
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