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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, this workflow lets you manage your Pocket list with Alfred. Features Actions to copy, visit and archive, archive and delete links from your Pocket list (fn, ctrl, alt and cmd) Hotkey to add new links from Chrome, Safari or your clipboard (ctrl + L) Action to deauthorize the workflow (shift) Background cache refresh Supports notifications Uses OAuth 2.0 to authorize the workflow Saves your access_token securely in OS X's keychain Github: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-pocket Download: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-pocket/releases/latest/ Feel free to give some feedback! Cheers, Fabio
  2. Hi all, I think this is probably simple, but is driving me crazy: I want to create a keystroke to add the url from a Gmail link to Pocket. I've tried both "Add URLs to Pocket" and "Pocket for Alfred" and neither does exactly what I need. "Add URLs" requires that I open the link or right click and "Copy Link Address" to get the URL into the clipboard before I save to Pocket. And "Pocket for Alfred" uses the Pocket website, not the Mac App. The Mac app adds a service to the right-click menu, called "Add to Pocket" but it adds the text not the link. I was hoping to just add a "copy link to clipboard" step to the 'Add URLs to Pocket' but can't figure out how to do it. Any help advice, comments, questions?
  3. UPDATE 25/05/13 - rewrote the whole damn thing in python, added aleoop for quick updates Hey guys, I've finished creating a pocket workflow, I know there are several already in the forums, but this one doesn't require your username/password at any point. (Not that other workflow creators are malicious!) You can download it here (https://github.com/altryne/pocket_alfred/raw/master/Pocket%20workflow.alfredworkflow) and all the code on github (the code is a bit of a mess, I was learning ruby as I was writing) Usage : First login with "pocket_login", this will redirect you to the pocket site to authorize Afterwards use "pocket" to share a URLs Supports : Chrome - if running Safari - if running Clipboard - if contains URL I've banged my head for a long time trying to achieve the sleak oAuth flow, and finally done it, if anyone's interested I can write a blogpost about it. Lemme know what you think, and what improvements/suggestions you may have. credits to https://github.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/blob/master/Pinadd/pinadd for the chrome and safari applescripts
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