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  1. Hi, One thing that I think would make Alfred better is if you could batch import workflows. When you try to do it now, it just takes the first one, asks you about wether you want to import, imports it, and ignores all the others. What you could do is whenever one tries to import multiple workflows or themes, have multiple prompts going through the list of themes/workflows that were opened, letting you accept or deny. Even better yet, you could have a checkbox, "do the same for the rest of the selection" that would function something like this: But instead of replacing or note replacing a file, it would install or deny a workflow/theme. You could also have an option that would always accept amy theme or workflow that was opened.
  2. A lot of times when I use the snippet functionality in Chrome the first letter in the keyword stays up after the snippet expands. I've adjusted all the tweaking settings and the issue has persisted. I made sure that the Alfred helper has accessibility permissions and I have re-installed Alfred as well as Chrome. See attached GIF for the behavior. while the GIF shows it happening at the top of the text box, it also happens after I have already been typing in the middle of the paragraph.
  3. I start with something in my clipboard. I use one of my snippets in Alfred that utilizes the {clipboard} keyword to take what's currently in my clipboard and injects it into the snippet text then pastes it. When I execute the snippet presumably, it copies the snippet into the system clipboard then pastes it into the foreground application. The issue I face is that my clipboard is now overwritten with the snippet text, not my original text. I'm not able to quickly reuse my snippet again, since the initial text is now different. When I execute the snippet in this state I get compounded recursive text pasted and ever expanding clipboard contents whet the snippet is used repeatedly. Example: I start with the text "watermelon" in my clipboard. My snippet is: "My favorite fruit is {clipboard}." When I execute the snippet, it's pasted as intended, but the clipboard now contains the text: "My favorite fruit is watermelon." When I execute the snippet again, the text pasted is: "My favorite fruit is My favorite fruit is watermelon.." I recommend an option (checkbox) be added to the bottom of the edit snippet screen that says, "Preserve initial clipboard contents" or "Do not write to clipboard" or "Prevent overwriting clipboard" or something to that effect, like so:
  4. Thanks to Chris Messina, and his top-notch non-stop themes, I had a shot at one inspired by mymind (for which I have a few spare invites in case anyone would like to try it out! 😉 ) Download here Requires Alfred Powerpack
  5. I bought a powerpack license(£49) an hour ago, and I have received an email about Alfred Powerpack Receipt- from the merchant AND paypall. However I have never received the other mail with license. Any updates would be appreciated.
  6. For some reason a few days ago my MacBook decided to poop out and freeze on boot. This forced me to reset my whole Mac back to its factory settings which obviously lost all of my stuff on it. Now that I have most of what is back I went to Alfred to try to put my workflows back on and the power pack wasn't their (again obvious). So when I checked my email and documents there was nothing I can't find my receipt or anything, I might be able to find something else if I knew what to look for or where to look for it. Please help I don't want to have to buy it all over again.
  7. I apologise if I'm asking a repetitive question (but I did try to search for similar posts first). I used to love AppleScript, and I'm disappointed that I can't do as much with it as I would like. Alfred looks very good. I'm this close to buying the lifetime powerpack, but I don't completely understand what Alfred is capable of (and what it's not). One repetitive task I have is correcting text generated by dictation software. I would like to use Alfred (and AppleScript?) to systematically replace phrases with my corrections, as the dictation makes the same "errors" and I'm unable to retrain it properly. Is this the sort of thing that Alfred can help with? (just a made-up example: every text file contains "Deer Sir or Madam:" and I want to change it to "Dear Sir or Madam,") I'm paying a subscription for TextExpander, which replaces text but also includes macro-style replacements. Could Alfred make TextExpander unnecessary? I'm a teacher, and a language learner. I do a lot of word processing and dictating. I use macOS tags a lot. I use TextExpander a lot. I'm not entirely sure how Alfred would work for me, so any suggestions are welcome. It's sort of difficult when a new user isn't quite sure how to make the most of a new 'thing' like Alfred. (I'm not quibbling about the price - it seems reasonable. I just want to make an informed decision.) Thanks!
  8. I own a Powerpack licence which I have been using for some time on my Mac Min and I have recently been given a Macbook Air and would like to also use Alfred Powerpack on this machine, is this possible without buying a second licence and if so how do I download and insert the licence code into the app on the Macbook Air?
  9. Can I activate Powerpack on both home and work computers with a single purchase? I can see the advantages of Powerpack, but I don't want to make separate purchases and my workplace won't pay for activating Powerpack. Thank you.
  10. Hello! Snippets: Several times a day I experience this behavior: working on some text I type shortcut for Alfred snippet and instead of snippet text I get current clipboard contents. Clipboard: When I want to paste something from history, I open history, select needed clip, press enter - and nothing happens. And then if I press cmd+V again only then paste occurs. Also happens quite often. Please advise. Thanks! Grigory
  11. Hello, I love the navigation and file actions features in Alfred and would like to be able to access them immediately, from the Finder. However, the built in option for this isn't working for me. Under Features->File Search->Actions->File Selection, the text states "Use this hotkey to show the actions panel for the currently selected files in OS X." However, although I've tried setting this hotkey to many various keyboard combinations, all it ever does is open the Info window in the Finder for the currently selected files. (It's equivalent to pressing ⌘I.) I've also tried creating a workflow with the output action "Browse in Alfred" with identical results (the Info window in Finder). Even when using the template "File System Navigation for Specified Path" and just setting the hotkey (changing nothing else), the workflow just opens the Finder Info panel rather than browsing in Alfred. Both of these things (file actions menu, and browsing in Alfred) are things I would LOVE to have a single keystroke to access from the Finder for any selected files or folder. Right now I can't do it. Since I don't see anyone else complaining, maybe it's something wrong with my configuration, but I don't see what it could be that's wrong.... I'm using v2.0.5 on a 2011 MBP running Mac OS Lion 10.7.4. "About Finder" shows Finder Version 10.7.3. Any help, please?
  12. Status: Solved. Refer to the 2nd floor for the solution. "File Filter" in workflow does NOT work for ".tex" file. For example, (the search scope has been set) I found out that all file extensions (.py, .c, .txt, .cpp, etc.) work properly EXCEPT ".tex". It could be a bug, please fix it. Many thanks! FYI, OS: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Alfred 3: v3.0 [652] Note that it's different from the case http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/8569-search-for-tex-file/, which fails to figure out the correct file extension "public.tex". FYI, searching all files work well, showing the .tex files, e.g. shown as below
  13. Hi, I've been using Alfred the past month and I've become a huge fan. Yesterday I purchased the PowerPack, and since enabling it, I've run into one issue. Namely, before activating the PowerPack, Alfred used to search for my folders whenever I would type in a folder name. It no longer does that. (For example, I have a couple of folders on my computer called 'Sharon'; when I now type 'Sharon' into Alfred's search bar, only a contact matching Sharon appears; the folders named 'Sharon' no longer show up in the Alfred results). This is the case with nearly any folder search I complete (none of my folders are being searched!) In fact, I can't even search for applications anymore either (if I type in 'Evernote', only a Google search comes up for Evernote). I have no idea why this is occurring. Under my Alfred settings, and in the 'Features' tab, under 'Default Results' I have 'Folders' checked (I also have Applications checked as well). Additionally, the folders I am searching for are under the 'Search Scope' of a folder pathway I've defined. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Being unable to search for folders has been hindering my productivity in a major way! Life is much easier when Alfred can search my folders too. Cheers!
  14. Hello, I'm using Alfred with the powerpack for a while now and still have issues with the '>' command which should open up Terminal or iTerm and run the given command. For example: when I type: > cd ~/Desktop It only open up iTerm. It doesn't matter which command I enter, only iTerm will start up. Also tried to make it work with Terminal, but same issue. Alfred version: 2.8 (414) OSX: 10.11.1 (15B42) iTerm: 2.1.4 Screenshots: Step 1: Opening Alfred and enter the command (https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8ut3we5q8lvj1p/Screenshot%202015-11-14%2019.35.20.png) Step 2: Alfred launches iTerm (https://www.dropbox.com/s/1elw5l2dat7d0jq/Screenshot%202015-11-14%2019.35.32.png) Step 3: No command has passed through (https://www.dropbox.com/s/kyoujb7rec00yv7/Screenshot%202015-11-14%2019.36.04.png) Step 4: Entered command manually (https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1atunrop7yta3t/Screenshot%202015-11-14%2019.36.55.png) -Brian
  15. Hi there, I'm a long time powerpack user, and honestly there's only one reason I bought the powerpack - for the clipboard and snippets. I use them heavily, but I'm very dissatisfied that it takes two keyboard shortcuts PLUS four clicks just to add a snippet. If i could get a keyboard shortcut into this view, i would be adding a lot more snippets. It seems to me, as the king of keyboard shorts, Alfred should eat it's own dogfood and add keyboard shortcuts into every view in it's own preferences, but it's particularly glaring that they don't have shortcuts into the place where you define shortcuts. Thank you, Alex
  16. I can't use Dropbox on my work computer. I've set up a git repo to sync preferences between by Macs, which I'd very much like to place inside a dot-folder (i.e., ~/.alfred). However, the dialog for Choose Sync Folder will not let me see this dot-folder to choose it for syncing. Normally "Cmd + Shift + ." toggles hidden files and folders in a choose file dialog, but this doesn't seem to be working in Alfred. There's no way to manually type in the path that I can see, so I seem to be stuck. Any suggestions? I realize I can remove the period from the .alfred and manually hide the folder using "chflags hidden ~/alfred" -- will go with this if necessary, but for consistency I'd prefer to keep the dot in front if possible.
  17. Hi everyone, I bought the Powerpack to be able to run commands in Terminal. However, it's not working . . . I have the prefix set to '>' and when I type '>' into Alfred it indicates that it will run the command in Terminal. But if I type, for instance, '> pwd', instead of opening a Terminal window and running the command 'pwd' as it should, it just opens the Terminal window. Am I doing something wrong??
  18. Hi All, Hoping someone knows if it is possible to use the 1password alfred integration for more than just one 1password vault. If so, then how do I do so? I have one vault for work and another for personal. Ideally I would like both to be available via Alfred. Otherwise the muscle memory will never develop due to the mental overhead associated with having to ask myself if this particular 1password login is available via the alfred shortcut. So having two vaults appears to more or less limit any benefit attained by using alfred with 1password. Thanks!
  19. I'm sorry this post is quite wordy. Feel free to skip to the summary of my suggestion at the bottom. Please post if you would also like to see these features. In the iTunes Miniplayer, you can select songs by an album, artist, genre or playlist. When you select an album, you can choose a specific song from that album and play it. Thereafter, the rest of the album will play. Great. I love the behaviour of the Miniplayer in this case. But what if I want to choose an item from a playlist and then listen to the rest of the playlist? Then I have to select a playlist and hit "Next Song" until I get to the one I want. This can be irritating for large playlists. Further, the Miniplayer behaves similarly if I want to play all the songs by one artist or from one genre. A solution for this problem would be the following behaviour: Let's say I have a playlist called "Top Songs". I open the Miniplayer → I begin to type "Top Songs → "Top Songs" appears in the menu → I select "Top Songs" → A list of the songs in the "Top Songs" playlist appears At this point, we encounter a different problem. Let's say "Top Songs" contains 1000 songs. It is unreasonable to scroll through the a list of 1000 songs in the Miniplayer to select the one you want. So, you type in the name of the song and press enter. Unfortunately, the Miniplayer's current behaviour leads to the creation of a temporary playlist that contains only that songs. So, the other songs in your playlist will never get played. I would propose that this behaviour should be changed so that the temporary playlist contains all songs in the playlist (or genre/artist/album) you are searching within and that it begins playing that playlist with the selected song. Alternatively, if a person does not want this behaviour, the Miniplayer's could be made to resemble that of Alfred's file navigator. Pressing enter on a playlist would play it and pressing the right arrow key would access a list of the songs within it. The same behaviours listed here can also be applied to playing "All songs in genre" or "All songs by artist". In summary: I would propose that the complete final behaviour would be as follows. I open the Miniplayer → I begin to type "Top Songs → "Top Songs" appears in the menu → I select "Top Songs" → A list of the songs in the "Top Songs" playlist appears → I begin to type the name of a song → That song appears in the menu → I select that song → That song plays → The rest of the "Top Songs" playlist plays thereafter
  20. The clipboard doesn't catch any (plain) text I copy form various sources for a while and various versions. What you were doing when the issue happened - Copy (plain) text from different sources (TextEdit, Google Chrome or Sublime Text 3) Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action - Yes, even after reboots or restarts of Alfred. Include any screenshots that might help us Include the Alfred version & build number you are using - v2.3 (264) Include your OS X version - 10.9.2
  21. In the iTunes mini player, no album artwork is displayed for anything (artists, albums or tracks). This is true across a mix of MP3 and iTunes sourced music, all with album art that displays correctly in iTunes and iTunes notifications. This has previously worked, but recently (since 2.2 upgrade?) artwork has stopped showing for some newly added music. I reset the music library and the artwork, and since then no artwork is displayed. I'm using OS X Mavericks 10.9.2, iTunes 11.1.5 (5) and Alfred v2.2 (243) Any help would be appreciated. cheers tim
  22. It would be great if Alfred woud also allow me to start Windows applications when I run a Windows VM in "Unity" mode (=feature of VMWare Fusion). Searching the VM would also be a nice feature (like "Search Amazon", "Search Google").
  23. AppleCare Protection technical support was forced to completely reinstall Mavericks 10.9 software following upgrade problems from Mountain Lion. Reinstallation wiped out Alfred 2, the license key and Powerpack activation – along with all my recent e- mail. Is this response of Alfred2 (with Powerpack) to OS 10,9 reinstallation a bug or a feature: i.e., to lose all vestiges of Alfred2 on My Mac Pro? I have no idea how to proceed. Is there a vehicle for an existing customer to obtain customer support? I could not find relevant help on the Alfred App customer support website. Lawrence Lovig
  24. I cannot paste the License into the overlay to activate my powerpack. I verified I had copied the license because I could paste it into a textedit document. On the edit menu the paste cmd is greyed out Version 2.0.7 (205) OS X 10.8.4 - Matt
  25. I noticed if I browse in Alfred to /Volumes/, I can select volumes from the list (flash drives or whatever), but the file actions menu for them doesn't include "Browse in Alfred." This seems silly, since I can obviously browse the volume by typing ⌘-down arrow. Shouldn't this be in the file actions list also?
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