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  1. Link to better quality videos Download the code and play around: https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-extra-pane Q: What is it? A: An app that workflow creators can add to their script filters Q: What does it do? A: It renders html from quicklookurl of every item in the json. Q: How does it do it? A: By intercepting the json and by monitoring up-arrow and down-arrow keypresses. Q: How to add it to a workflow? A: By adding it to the script filter. Here's an example (from the workflow in the above GIF): notice how everything remains the same, just that at the very end, json needs to be piped through the helper app # Before: query=$1 PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH items=$(curl '' --data "{ \"q\": \"$query\" }" | jq '.hits') echo "{ \"items\": $items }" # After: query=$1 PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH items=$(curl '' --data "{ \"q\": \"$query\" }" | jq '.hits') echo "{ \"items\": $items }" | 'AlfredExtraPane.app/Contents/Resources/scripts/alfred-extra-pane' Q: Sounds great! Now tell me everything that's not working! A: This is more of a proof-of-concept and very rough around the edges. Things that are easily doable, but haven't been done yet (contributions welcome! ) change appearance automatically based on alfred's theme make other things configurable like dimensions Things that seem doable, but quite difficult with my knowledge of macOS GUI programming (which is about a week) let alfred remain horizontally-centered when the pane is not present, and when the pane appears, make the "alfred+pane" combination horizontally-centered (by moving both the pane and alfred window to left) Things that seem doable, but require guessing about alfred's inner workings: as @deanishe points out, alfred builds "uid-based-knowledge". that means if the returned json has an uid field, alfed can use that later to re-order items while displaying based on whether of them were previously actioned on. the knowledge is an sqlite database, so that's the easy part. the not-trivial part is to figure out how alfred sorts the items. Workaround: if you want to use this tool in your workflow, don't add UIDs to your json. One perfect use case for this is the dictionary workflow in the GIF. You looking up a word in the dictionary is a very weak signal that the word is important (many times, it is actually a signal that it is now less likely that the word will be looked up) This is a GUESS based on LIMITED observation. sorting is based on 1) how many times an item has been actioned (freq) 2) latest timestamp of action (timestamp) primarily sorted based on freq, ties are broken by timestamp special case: if the script filter has executed without an argument, and one of the resultant items has an entry in the latching table, the item goes to the top, irrespective of the above sorting. The above algorithm has been implemented and seems to match alfred's sorting. Things that seem impossible to me: take into account mouse scroll interactions. right now, when selected row changes because of a mouse hover, the pane doesn't update, and will continue to show the old preview. As mouse hovers over various rows, the pane updates correctly, as long as Alfred's results have not been scrolled using mouse.
  2. Better Dictionaries Better search and live previews for built-in macOS dictionaries. This post might be outdated, link to up-to-date README Download the latest version: Better.Dictionaries.alfredworkflow Features IPA (phonetic) pronunciations: Press ⌘↩ to hear the pronunciation.In-Alfred live previews with colors that automatically adapt to Alfred's theme: Reverse search: More relevant search results: left: macOS/Alfred built-in search, right: BetterDict If one word has multiple, unrelated meanings with different origin, they are showed as diffrent entries (in the above example, see "arm" has two entries at the top)Import any compatible dictionary Setup After importing the workflow, first type .setup-better-dictionaries into Alfred and follow the instructions for granting permissions. Importing a Dictionary After setup, type .dict-import into Alfred. Select the dictionary you want to import. Dictionary-specific Keywords and Hotkeys After a dictionary is imported, a script filter and a hotkey trigger is automatically created into the workflow editor. Freshly-installed workflow without any imported dictionaries: Two hotkeys and keyword triggers each automatically added after importing two dictionaries. They come pre-labeled with dictionary names: This allows you to assign hotkeys and keywords for specific dictionaries. For example, below you can see how I have manually assigned keywords thesaurus and defn to the thesaurus and dictionary respectively. In addition, I can trigger the dictionary search using ⌃⌥⌘D. Word Lookup You can use the hotkeys/keywords created above for directly searhcing specific dictionaries. That's the recommended way for dictionaries that you use frequently. For the infrequently used dictionaries for which you haven't assigned any hotkeys/keywords, follow this: 1. Type lookup into Alfred. You'll see a list of all dictionaries imported into BetterDict. 2. Select the dictionary to search, and type the search query. Notes and Warnings [*]Importing a dictionary could take as much as 30 minutes on old machines or if there's significant CPU activity from other apps.[*]After each mac restart, for the first time when you run the workflow, expect a comparatively slower search. Subsequent searches should be instant.[*]This workflow takes a LOT of space on disk. Take a look at the comparison: # Built-in dictionaries Oxford Thesaurus: 7 MB Oxford Dictionary: 36 MB # After importing into BetterDict Oxford Thesaurus: 101 MB (html files) Oxford Dictionary: 442 MB (html files) Search index for two: 730 MB (apart from html) Known IssuesThe workflow doeesn't work if the theme is Alfred Classic. If you must use that theme, duplicate that theme and use the duplicated one.
  3. Alfred GIF Search Download: Gif.Search.alfredworkflow Up-to-date README (this post is outdated) This workflow lets you search GIFs on Tenor from Alfred. Here's an example of searching and inserting a GIF in a google doc: Installation Download the latest release. In Alfred, run .setup-gif-search. Usage In Alfred, enter gif keyword followed by search query. Press ↩. Use arrow keys or mouse to browse the GIFs. To copy the selected GIF to clipboard: either ⌘↩ or ⌘-click To drop the GIF into apps that support it: drag from Alfred and drop into that app Note Firefox and Chrome don't support pasting GIFs from clipboard. That is, if you copy a GIF to clipboard and paste it, it shows up as a static image, not an animated GIF. This is not a bug in this workflow, but rather just the way these browsers have decided to handle GIFs. Both Chrome and Firefox support drag-n-drop. If you use either of these browsers, sorry, you gotta use the mouse!
  4. For links that appear in Alfred's clipboard history, with this workflow: You can search using the title of the link (in addition to the URL) You can see a thumbnail of the link Usage instructions: Open alfred Type ".setup-clipboard-link-thumbnailer" (without the quotes) To go through links on clipboard, use the keyword "cliplinks", or set up a hotkey in the workflow. Download: Clipboard Links.alfredworkflow Example screenshot: What's not yet implemented (and is not very likely as I don't need these features): Link deletion Auto link deletion for links older than certain time (the way clipboard history does) Anyone who can program can implement these quite easily, and I'd be glad to accept patches: source code Privacy and other Qs: Q: Are these links sent somewhere to obtain screenshots? A: No. Screenshots are taken locally (see source code). Q: What kind of screenshot do I get for pages that are accessible only after a login? A: The same as if you opened that link without logging in. Q: What if I want some links to be ignored? A: Not presently possible, and not likely to be implemented by me as I don't currently need it. Q: What if I want all links copied from a certain app to be ignored? A: Add the app to "Features > Clipboard History > Advanced > Ignore Apps" in Alfred's preferences. (see screenshot below)
  5. I'd like to be able to see the preview pane with the search results ( say while using 'find' ) like the preview shown while navigating paths . Currently i need to press SHIFT or Command-Y over each result . Is this possible as an preference option or a workflow option ?
  6. In Alfred's filesystem navigation mode, the entire right half of the file list is given over to a preview, with filenames being truncated to make room for it. In common situations, the preview adds nothing useful, while the truncation takes a whole lot of important data away: In such situations, it's both easier and faster to scroll through the contents in Finder, where I can see the complete filenames, instead of going through them one-by-one in Alfred so I can see the full name at the bottom of Alfred's window. Being able to turn off the preview, so I could see the filepath, would fix that. If I want to see a preview, I can hit ⇧.
  7. Maybe a setting was changed in the update, and this is as simple as modifying a setting that I'm not sure where to find? I used to be able to preview gifs with the following sequence of actions: use a workflow that simply searches through my gifs folder, select a file through a query, Press `fn` key and see a preview of the file. All of this still happens but now I no longer get the active preview? Is there a way to get this back? I'm sure there are much better ways to do this as well, but I've grown accustomed to that workflow and like using it for quickly previewing gifs. I've included a video and gif of me going through it (I know some people hate gifs) Everything works as it used to, but now I get gifs as an image with a white border instead of a preview of them playing. Thanks again and sorry if the answer is obvious, I promise I searched around the settings and forum a bit before asking (but it is after 4 pm on a Friday ?) https://cl.ly/3T253Y003U2a <---Video https://cl.ly/2A273i2W2R38 <---Gif
  8. This has always been something that bothered me. I'd love if if I could preview/navigate the search results just like you can on Finder. In finder you press space (or what ever) to preview and then you can use arrow keys to move to another file without having to close and open the preview window in between. If I'm trying to find a file based on the visual contents in Alfred I have to basically: Shift ( Open ) Shift ( Close ) Arrow Down Shift ( Open ) Shift ( Close ) Arrow down Shift ( Open ) Shift ( Close ) and so on... until I've found the file I'm looking for or I ran out of files to preview. It would be easier if I could just press arrow down (or up) while the preview window is open.
  9. How can you preview links in clipboard history? I copy a lot of bitly links into my clipboard and re-use them, the challenge is when I'm trying to sort through the Clipboard history I can't tell the content of them. Is this possible? How could it be done?
  10. Hello everyone, when I'm using Alfred to navigate files on a Server that have quite loading times and navigating into large files like layouts, Alfred starts to hang. Like it tries to preview the large Layout and doesn't respond for a couple of seconds until i can keep navigating and it hangs at the next file. This way Alfred becomes unusable for me. is there a way to deactivate the small preview in Alfred? That should fix the issue. Kind regards, Marcel Reuß
  11. Dear Community, I used to use spotlight's extension called 'flashlight' which I especially loved for it's image search that gives the results inside the spotlight window. Meaning if I quickly want to search for an image I could write "gi cat" and it would show me the cat images right away in the spotlight window. -> I did not have to launch the browser at all! Is there any workflow or functionality in Alfred that mimics this behaviour? Cheers!
  12. I am looking to make a workflow for searching an image API. I would live to feature live results as preview images in the alfred window. can this be done?
  13. Hello there, ran a search within the forum, nothing came up. I'd like to see, on the right half of Alfred, a preview (better if resizable) of the current selected file. I work with many .doc and .pdf files, and just to be able to glance within them without losing time at opening them would be priceless. Is it already doable (and I'm a lame user) or is it something that could be developed? Thanks in advance, Francesco
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