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Found 7 results

  1. Excuse my newbie frustration here. I though it would be the most simple workflow but I cannot figure this out. I have a specific document which I need a hard copy of once or twice a month to print out to my default printer. I would love to have a hotkey to just do this. Why is it so hard? It is a pages doc and I figured out how to open the file in pages, but it would appear that printing requires scripting knowledge beyond my expertise. It seems like such a basic need I don't understand why this is so difficult. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi, This workflow adds a File Action to allow for sending a document to your default printer. Eg: send a document to printer, print selected files. It takes an Automator workflow and runs it like so /usr/bin/automator ./print-selected.workflow download here https://github.com/fxjkhr/alfred-workflows/blob/master/print-selected.alfredworkflow
  3. I have a print workflow that I'd like to tie to Alfred. I assume there is a way to do so in AppleScript? The workflow was created in Automator and is in the typical place. Print menu item -> PDF drop down menu Is there a way to tell Alfred to run this?
  4. Trying to pass multiple paths from file action as args to a command in a bash script. Is there a way to do this?
  5. Hey guys, Here's a simple yet extremely useful plugin to quickly print (on your default printer) a file or some text. If the query is empty, your last copied text is printed. print -> print from clipboard print {query} -> print argument file action, print -> print file. Warning: Not all files will work. Screenshots: Download: http://ge.tt/9Ko2Egj/v/0?c
  6. It would be really nice if smbd created workflow that allows to "customize printing" Examples of what should be possible to do with shortcuts would be any combination the following - "print to PDF" instead of printing on paper (without having to select "print" then "PDF" then "save to PDF" in the menus!!!) -save the printed PDF with the same name as the original file - use the desktop as the location where to save the printed file -select different printing settings ('presets') - select which pages to print -Mail the file instead of saving to the desktop - let the "author" field to be empty you get the gist...
  7. It would really be helpful if Alfred could print using "⌘+P" directly from the "open ..." command results.
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