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Found 3 results

  1. Hi dear Alfred people! This is my first post, even though I've been using Alfred Workflows for many years now. I'm on a journey to easily integrate my ever expanding number of client communication channels into my task management workflow. After trying really many systems I give up – almost! Finally I thought: Wait a moment, there's one tool that might hold the power to solve that issue. What I dream of: I copy text (or maybe even an image!?) from anywhere (mail, whatsapp, skype, slack, etc.) I open Alfred and start typing to find the task Fuzzy search results show Asana tasks I decide for one of them and that's it: My content is pasted as a comment into that task. I'm no coder, I don't have the patience or time. But I would pay somebody to solve that for me. Let's say US $ 200,– ? Very kind regards Tobi
  2. Flow: A Minimal Project Management Workflow Flow is an Alfred workflow that provides a File Action for quick project management processes written in Bash. It's a minimal solution for tasks and project management that stays out of your way so you can stay focused. Version 1.1 Updates 1. More simplicity for the workflow variable declarations. You can now declare your variables with the standard path syntax such as notes=~/Documents/Notes. 2. Also in version 1.1, the tag cli tool is included for those who do not have it installed via homebrew so you do not need to install it. If you do have it installed in it’s default location (via homebrew) /usr/local/bin/tag the workflow will use that version instead of the one included. A Real Life Example In any given moment of thought or email/message received, I want to be able to bring up Alfred and make a selection from things on my desktop to: Apply a simple tag Include a memo Be done with it (I don’t even want to see it anymore) until I’m ready to focus on it later. This way I won’t lose (hardly) any time but more important; I don’t lose the mental real-estate that I already have accrued while working in a different project at that moment. The idea is that by applying the tag you set a process in motion to migrate the selected item(s) over to your main Projects directory where you ideally keep them. The tag options are (tomorrow, shelf, or any day of the week) and the selected items are moved accordingly. Also included is a script that can process the items for “today” meaning that if you invoke the script with the hotkey “ttoday” it will comb through your projects directory and look for items tagged with the matching tag for whatever today is (sunday-saturday), or with “tomorrow” and symlink them to the desktop. I find using this script as a launch utility when booting up is the best. Thanks for taking the time to read and give Flow a look. I’ve included the technical information in the “About this Workflow” that should show up when you import it into Alfred. You can download the workflow here: https://cp.sync.com/dl/9a0958280/gauk3st2-pdbjhpjb-purw294c-2usf89s5
  3. 10.000ft workflow for Alfred (only tested in Alfred3), the aim is to make working with 10.000ft faster. In june 2016 I wrote the first versions of this script (up to 0.4). It was a very simple first version as a research project to learn python. It was not really meant for distribution. But it saves me a lot of time every working day and I like to share this with other Alfred enthousiasts and hope to get some feedback and learn more. I am curious if you like it, just try it, let me know what you think or report a bug if you encounter them :-). I am happy to help with questions. Features Saves your API key secure in the in the OSX Keychain Gets realtime data (and saves it in cache) from 10.000ft using the API Submenu with options for every project Open the View and Edit page in browser Time & Fees reports for projects Archive or Delete projects directly from Alfred Filter for 'My projects' (based on tags) Force update data which dumps projects cache Download the latest version from Packal. Most up-to-date information (changelog, issues, credits) can be found on Git.
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