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Found 2 results

  1. Nothing terribly complex here, but I think it's pretty awesome we can do this sort of thing with Alfred: Download here (or go to my webpage for Alfred 1 version) Requires Prowl on your iPhone in order to receive the notifications and launch the dialling process. I'm assuming this could easily be modified to work with Android phones as well, but you'll probably have to wait for Boxcar or Prowl to release Android clients. Pushover might do it, but if it's as lame as the iPhone version, it won't auto-handle the "tel://" URL scheme. Love to know if it works okay for others. ---- 13 April 2014: Updated to v1.41a Fixed — inadvertently made incompatible with current public release of Alfred. 12 April 2014: Updated to v1.41 Bugfix — wasn’t creating storage directory for API key if not already present. 3 April 2014: Updated to v1.4 Removed Applescript GUI for API key input. Now just uses Alfred interface. Separate keywords in Workflow config. New icons (iOS 7 based). 25 March 2013: Updated to v1.3 Bug fix: hyphen “-” character was still causing invalid number error. Typos 20 March 2013: Updated to v1.2 GUI for user to enter API key rather than having to edit the code Documentation Better handling of other punctuation characters that might be in a valid phone number (including parentheses, *, # and .
  2. Hey All, I've used Alfred for a bit now, and am comfortable working with other peoples' workflows, but am a total newbie when it comes to creating workflows. I have tried manipulating the workflows here and here to be used with Prowl, but honestly am out of my league with such a simple task. I'm basically looking to be able to activate Alfred and send a website as a push notification to my iDevice, so I can open it. Typically, this is useful when I come across an app in my RSS readings that I'm interested in, and I don't want to have to unlock my phone, open the app store, search for the title, etc. Lazy? Yes. But would it be nice? Very much so. Any help -- be it a full-blown workflow, or suggestions on how to get started -- is appreciated. Thanks!
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