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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Alfred Community, I was wondering if it is possible to use Alfred to do automation workflows like you can with Automator? I am actually trying to figure out if I can use Alfred to convert multiple PDFs to JPEGs. I am also wondering if I can put those said convert files into subfolders based on ”tags“ (matches in their file names). I am fairly new to Alfred and I do not know its limitations and I was hoping to get some insight from some veterans. Attached is the simple Automator workflow I currently use convert the PDFs to JPEGs. As for the folders I manually use shortcuts to put selected files into their subfolders. Best, CoFouts
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to solve this problem that I frequently face. When I disconnect my Mac from the monitor (connected via USB-C), and then reconnect it when I'm back at my desk, sometimes it does not connect. The Mac does detect the USB-C cable, but I think the process needs a refresh, so I have to unplug and re-plug the cable to make it work. Is there a workflow or maybe a command that I can use to force it to connect by either restart the display process or something else?
  3. There's a years-old bug in macOS that causes pinch to zoom to stop working under heavy usage. For designers and video editors, this is an absolute productivity killer. It never gets fixed and the only workaround is disabling and enabling it again in System Preferences. Many of us need to do this 10+ times a day. I would like to create an Alfred workflow that toggles this setting with the 'pinch' keyword, but I'm having trouble figuring out A. Whether this is possible and B. How to access that option. Does anybody have some pointers? Thanks!
  4. I had an idea of making this workflow for some time now. I want to have a screenshot utility that will take a screenshot created by a user, it will recognise the text in this image and put the text into the clipboard of the user. So if I was to screenshot this line from wikipedia for example : It would scan it, and put a text representation of this image into my clipboard. So in my clipboard after the scan, I will have this : I found a library that seems to do what I want : https://github.com/otiai10/gosseracts However I am not quite sure how to connect all these pieces. I can make a screenshot by issuing a screencapture -ci command. Then perhaps I need to save this image to some temporary location and then run this or some other OCR program on it and get the text I need? This workflow is specifically useful for me for grabbing text from places where text is non selectable. Like for example, I wish I could screenshot this image : And get the text from this image into my clipboard. Thank you for any help.
  5. I have a workflow action that searches GitHub. I call it with Karabiner and as a way of documentation, I show the actions as subtext to the action like so : If text is large enough, it gets truncated with .... I know I can press a modifier key and hold it and have the text I specify here appear : However for me I wish I can just show that whole result in Large Type with a hotkey. Right now pressing cmd + l would show what I have typed in the window in large type which I find pretty useless. I wish I can press cmd + l to instead show this result selected in large type. It would be really really useful for me. Can such a thing be done already perhaps? Thank you for any help.
  6. There is one workflow I often use, this one. Is it possible to create an external trigger for it somehow so it will work? If I do this for example :
  7. Hey all and happy new year ? I've read through this but it doesn't really specify how I can actually do what I want to do. What I want is to be able to call an Alfred script filter from applescript similar to how I can call Keyboard Maestro macros with this : osascript -e tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script ... -- where the name of the script goes end tell
  8. Hello everyone, I'm creating a small snippet that retrieves data for a given domain and prints out a few options based on the domain availability. Currently I got it working with no issues using a keyword and script filter prints out XML items based on the availability. No issue so far. But it's feels pretty unnatural to use the keyword (I'm using 'whose' which is the name of the workflow), so I'd like to make trigger the domain when the query matches a domain structure. Currently there's already a script with opens the URL (it's called openurlsearch), and I'd like to have my workflow appear like that too. Is it possible? I know that I could try to use the fallback solution, but if you type a domain Alfred will only show the Open URL workflow, so people would have to disable the web search from settings and things would be just too complicated. Any ideas to help me solve this out? Thanks!
  9. If an icon is not a square shape, it displays in Alfred's results as a stretched image. Just wondered if there is any way to specify that the icon aspect ratio should be preserved instead? I've got a bunch of images that I'm wanting to use as icons in a workflow I'm working on, and most of them are significantly wider than they are tall. I'm about to go and process them all so they have transparent padding at the top and bottom, making them square, but I just thought I'd ask here first in case there's something obvious that I've missed that would achieve this within Alfred.
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