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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, My quicklook crashes on initial open for any file or application, not just in workflows but normal search. Not sure the fix. I've tried to solve the issue & read previous threads from people experiencing the same issue, but it's not workflow specific, it's every interaction with quicklook. I'm still on Mojave, is that the issue? Please advise, thanks.
  2. Hi, Here's a google search workflow which outputs a url, but the ⇧ to QuickLook feature doesn't work at all. It's really weird and I can't figure it out. Any luck here? Workflow Link: https://github.com/laxapple/Google-Search-Plus-alfredworkflow/blob/master/Google%20Search%20%2B.alfredworkflow
  3. I've taken to using snippets to store URLs to animated gifs - for easy referencing and pasting into chats etc. What would be *great*, would be to support quicklook by pressing a configurable hotkey, within the Snippets Viewer, if the snippet contents is a URL, to preview the GIF - although this would be great for previewing any kind of URL. Cheers, can't live without Alfred!
  4. There's a bug with Input Objects when arriving into one after having looked at a file using QuickLook in a Script Filter. Or maybe it's just the way the Script Filter is sending to the other objects... In short, when accessing a file using a script filter, everything works great if I don't press the shift key to have the quicklook popup to see the content of the file (the flow goes to the next object in the Workflow has it should). However, if I QuickLook the file, then after pressing enter to go to the next object in the Workflow, then I see Alfred reappear, but closes immediately. Also, with most objects this is happening when I change the {query} to an empty one using a "Arg and Vars" object, but the "Call External" sending into an "External" object to go into another input object, then just the sending break the flow. Here is a workflow to show you multiple situations. Again, it is not working just when you press 'shift' to have the QuickLook popup. If you try without showing the QuickLook, then everything works. https://nofile.io/f/ySkDQe6D1Cd/QL+Problem+When+Sending+to+Input+Objects.alfredworkflow Procedure to reproduce the bug: (it's the same procedure using 'qlt' or 'qlt2' or 'qlt3' -> the different keyword for the Script Filter) Pop Alfred (alt+space or your keyboard shortcut for it) Type the script filter keyword: qlt (You should now see a "Desktop" item in Alfred) Use QuickLook on the "Desktop" item (press: shift or cmd+y) Close the QuickLook popup (using 'shift' again or the escape key) Press Enter to go into the next object in the flow (the flow should break) Let me know if something isn't clear enough! I'm using this kind of flows to work with files, so I like having a look at some of the files when I navigate. Like always, thanks for your help P.S. I have tested sending to some other objects and this seemed to be fine; ex: post notification or LargeType object work fine, but may have missed some that didn't work. But it seems to be only when sending to an object that pop Alfred again [ Using Alfred 3.4.1 build 860 ]
  5. This has always been something that bothered me. I'd love if if I could preview/navigate the search results just like you can on Finder. In finder you press space (or what ever) to preview and then you can use arrow keys to move to another file without having to close and open the preview window in between. If I'm trying to find a file based on the visual contents in Alfred I have to basically: Shift ( Open ) Shift ( Close ) Arrow Down Shift ( Open ) Shift ( Close ) Arrow down Shift ( Open ) Shift ( Close ) and so on... until I've found the file I'm looking for or I ran out of files to preview. It would be easier if I could just press arrow down (or up) while the preview window is open.
  6. This workflow is currently in beta. Please report bugs. This workflow uses NOAA's servers so it only works for North America. My deepest apologies to people of other countries but I couldn't find a free, fast, global radar source that is also easily hackable. Note that these radar images are base reflectivity so when there is no rain there will be a lot of noise near the center. Weather channels typically filter this out but just look at the legend and it's easy to tell what's what. Screenshots Installation Download latest version from Github. Double click to install. Workflow auto notifies of new versions and will update itself if you action the notification of a new update. Update checks may also be forced using radar:update The version number can be displayed via radar:version Usage First time you run this set your location by typing radar [location]⏎ Where [location] is replaced with your current location. If all goes well it will autocomplete locations from WeatherUnderground's autocomplete API. Actioning a location will send that location's longitude and latitude to NOAA's servers to find the weatherstation short code (3 characters in all caps) closest to that location. To manually set this shortcode edit the environment variable 'ws' to the desired shortcode then activate Alfred and type radar⌥⏎ From there the workflow will download the temporally unchanging topographical map and overlay parts (roads, counties, and city names) and compile and cash those parts. After this is done normal operation should just be done by using the key word: activate Alfred and type radar⏎ A static image should display with quicklook within 3 seconds on decent internet. If you don't close quicklook (space or escape) the workflow will download and compile some more images into an animated gif and display this instead. Bugs When (not if) you find bugs just type radar:update to make sure you're on the latest version (auto update checks on run if it has been 7 days since last check) and then if you are, type radar:help to open the issues page on GitHub and then open an issue there. Alternatively complain in this thread.
  7. Is there any way at all to write a general "search" workflow that allows you to you to "select text" when using the Preview command (shift or cmd Y). This would be great in something like QR Ref workflow the brilliant (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3153-quick-ref-quickly-reference-files-eg-cheat-sheets-using-quick-look/) I used the terminal command to allow "selectable text" on my Mac, but it doesn't translate when using QuickLook on Alfred.
  8. Alfred 2 workflow for quickly referencing files (e.g. cheat sheets, PDFs, web links, etc) using quick look. It loads things quicker than if they were searched and opened in Preview, and you can dismiss them easily with the space bar. Download View source on GitHub
  9. This is the most frustrating thing to date and I can't seem to figure it out! Lately (and somewhat sporadically) when I use my keyboard shortcut ALT+SPACE on a file in finder (i believe this is called File Search -> Actions -> File Selection) Instead of opening in the nice box where I can apply an alfred workflow to the selected file in Finder, I get a full screen quicklook which I think was introduced as a keyboard shortcut / feature in mavericks. I've looked everywhere to disable this shortcut so it's not hijacking my alfred. I've also tried changing the shortcut in alfred (see screenshot http://d.pr/NEFH ) but no matter what I change it to, i still can't get alfred to pop up on the file im selecting in Finder (nothing happens) Hopefully I've explained this somewhat clearly. TL;DR I can't select a file in finder and use my keyboard shortcut (normally alt+space) to pop up a alfred action window. Instead I just get a full screen quicklook. If i change the keyboard shortcut, it just doesn't do anything. I'm not 100% sure if I'm changing the right shortcut though because honestly I'm not positive what the feature is named in alfred preferences. Thanks guys EDIT: I've just updated to 10.9.1 and i'm not sure if its just the reboot, or the update but its currently working, so far so good. ill update if the problem persists but so far that's solved it. Like i said i OP its a bit sporatic
  10. In File Navigation, keystrokes are blocked while Quicklook is active; the only key that is not properly blocked is ↩, which will continue to interact with the navigation panel. Alfred 2.0.8 (209) on OS X 10.8.4 (12E55). Replicated: yes
  11. 'Alfred 2.app > Show Package Contents...'. Quicklook info.plist, hit 'Open with Textmate 2' in the upper right. Item opened in Textmate 2, Quicklook steals focus and shows 'No items selected'. Alfred v2.0.1 (173) on OS X 10.8.3. Replicated: yes
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