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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. I'm new to the Alfred PowerPack, and migrating from Quicksilver. One of my most frequent use cases is to: Type in say "versions" directly into Quicksilver (with chrome bookmarks added as a source), and the chrome link I use for "Versions" comes up quickly and ranked at the top. Now, I've installed this workflow: https://github.com/mdreizin/alfred-workflows and changed its keyword to "c" for Chrome. But now, is there any way I can get these niceties to happen: 1) [Removal of Keyword] Not have to use the 'c' keyword when looking to go to Chrome --> so instead of typing "c Versions" to get to my Chrome bookmark, can I get this bookmark ranked high enough to only need to type "Versions". 2) [boost bookmark ranking] When searching for "c Versions", the bookmark I want comes up as the 4th in the list. I tried doing the same search 5 times in a row, and its rank doesn't change. Is there a way I can boost the Chrome bookmark for "c Versions" to the highest slot? What do you guys think, can you help?
  2. Hello! I'm new to alfred and I'm trying to create hotkeys to launch the apps that I'm frequently using. I know that it can be done using alfred's workflows, but I don't like my hotkeys to be global. Instead, I want the hotkey's scope to be limited to alfred. In quicksilver, I can do this by setting up a trigger, binding it to a hotkey, and limiting it's scope to only quicksilver. For example, I set opt-r to open chrome, but I actually have to press opt-space first to activate quicksilver and then opt-r to open chrome. This allows me to define hotkeys without worrying whether it would clobber another app's existing keybindings. Is it also possible in alfred?
  3. I made a theme that has a coloring scheme somewhat close to Quicksilver. Here is a link where you can download it.
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