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Found 12 results

  1. This is a simple workflow which basically starts and quits a bunch of Applications at once (can also be used to toggle single applications) It is easily customizable so you can delete the applications you don't use or add those you do. The idea is inspired by Dropbox Toggler by rosenkrieger. Please look into the Readme for credits and further instructions. Usage: a cloud - activates all applications q cloud - quits all applications t droplr - toggles droplr t db - toggles Dropbox t gd - toggles Google Drive Download: http://d.pr/f/vPqr Please note that this is my first
  2. Hello everyone, I have a workflow to launch a quick entry dialog window (which is actually a small Chrome app based on Notion's Web Clipper) for Notion input. I launch it by using a key combination and it works just fine. After I input the text I press the Enter key to send the note to Notion and I would like to also be able to quit the dialog window. How can I do that? Thank you so much.
  3. Not sure if this app would be useful for many, but I needed it in my workflow, so I made it and might as well share it here. There's the "quit" keyword built into alfred, but that seems to only work for open items in the dock. I have a lot of menu bar items and use the app Bartender to organize them all. So when I want to quit one it's a few clicks, and certain items like "Boom 2" I need to quit whenever I'm on a skype or facetime, so I wanted an easier way to quit it. This adds a quit keyword that runs an applescript to close the app. If you know the app nam
  4. This is a workflow to quit all applications except the frontmost/foreground/active one. A similar thread was here but it is dead. It's done with Applescript, and works OK. If anyone wants to make improvements maybe we can set up a repo for it. Download link: https://app.box.com/s/om92n0a99mnlqksnxt9gd9ecj7r5cpu2
  5. The "Force quit applications" is a nice OS X built-in application. The great thing is you can select more than one application at the same time. I would like to be able to use Alfred and its "quit" and "force quit" commands to quit more than one application at the same time. In other words, selecting more than one application just like I can select more than one file/folder with the "buffer" feature. One could use the same modifiers keys of the buffer feature. In practice: 1°) I open Alfred search bar, 2°) I type "quit", 3°
  6. Hi, I am a photographer using adobe photoshop, lightroom, and bridge. This is my first day using Alfred, so please pardon my ignorance. I have just created my first workflow with hot keys to open these three applications. I do not see any available action to also close or minimize these applications. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, -Zach
  7. Alfred 3 - Quit/Focus Workflow This workflow allows the user to quit any of the active apps or to focus on any of the active and visible windows. Download: (*More details in GitHub.) GitHub: https://github.com/SteliosHa/Alfred_QuitFocus-Mgr Description: Keyword: win 1) Select an active application. Note: The number shown under the application name is the number of active windows of that application. 2) Select “Quit” to quit the application or “Focus” to see the list of the active windows 3) If “Quit”: The application will quit and you will receive a notification. if “Focus”: You will
  8. Often I'll have to open three or four apps to work on something, and then once I'm done with that task I want to quit just the apps I don't need any more. I can use the quit function to quit them all individually, but this is pretty tedious and time consuming when I have a lot of other apps in use. It would be awesome if I were able to select the ones I want to quit and then execute quit on just them, similar to the option+up buffer feature for files. I'm looking for a workflow that is able to do this.
  9. Hi, My location, hotkey, theme, options, feature keywords, etc. are all showing as default in the preferences window, but they all work as expected. I select the dark theme, which works, but the next time I open the preferences window, it reports that the light theme is selected (even though the dark theme is being used). It reports that the icon is showing in the menu bar, even though it's not, and so on and so on, for all my preferences. My workflows and license remain. Here are two emails I posted to Omnigroup's OS X talk mailing list looking for help. It may be related and thus may
  10. OS X 10.9, Alfred 2.3, FreeMind 1.0.1 (FreeMindStarter), JRE 1.7 I have a Java based application, FreeMind, that will show up in Alfred search but it will not show in the Quit or Force Quit lists. This is the first time I have experienced this with any Alfred + Quit + Mac application, Java or not. Does anyone know or have an idea what might be causing this? Thanks, Charlie
  11. Hello, I'm a freshman, but i made a small workflow, especially an applescript which allows you to shut down or restart your computer. Thats not really a big thing, but the script quits all apps before shutting down so that no app is reopened after restart. Additional the script ejects one or all mounted HDs. I need this small section in the script, because my mac wouldn't shut down if one special external HD is mounted while shutting down. I made three workflows/scripts, the first one only shuts down, the second makes a restart and the third combines both, all with the additional fu
  12. A simple workflow that makes it easy to quit all background applications on your Mac! Use the keyword 'qall' or a keyboard shortcut of your own choice to quit every application whose not the frontmost one on your Mac. The workflow won't normally quit your menubar applications... Download version 1.0 Download version 1.01 Download version 1.02 - Update the workflow with the Alleyoop update workflow for Alfred - makes it easier to update this and other supported workflows in the future... - hides Finder windows when using the 'qall' command and Finder is not the frontmos
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