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Found 5 results

  1. It supports a few countries and both male and female names. Example: fname en f It wil return an English female name fname pl m It should return a Polish male name It will give you a notification when the name is ready and copies it to clipboard. It can also give you a random username for signing up to multiple websites, where you don't want to use the same username as everywhere else for privacy reasons. For that you can just type to Alfred fuser Requirement: This workflow needs a free app from App Store called "JSON helper" Download Link: https://mega.nz/file/KLxFyZ5J#ZzwE3c7T3oIPJ7bY89rnTcgWDodGFjAOsI31mv5y-BA
  2. Hello, powerpack is a must have! I listen music in iTunes every day and there are some days when i just turning on random mode through all songs in my itunes library. But sadly there are no such mode in itunes mini player, so i must go into itunes and enable random mode (shuffle) again (because alfred somehow disables it). So i have a two questions: 1. Are there any possibility to implement shuffle mode for currently selected playing unit (artist, album or all songs)? 2. Are there any hope to get "all songs" playing unit support (just like in itunes)? Thanks!
  3. I kept finding myself writing one-off scripts to feed my indecision and make a random choice. I wrote this workflow to automate my indecision. Download | Source Some of these keywords are duplicates of existing workflows, but I wanted to have all my RNGs in one workflow. Feel free to disable any keywords you don’t want or need. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about downloading a light or dark version of the workflow. The icons adjust automatically based on your theme as soon as you start using the workflow. See alfred-icons for more information about how this works. Usage choose Enter a comma separated list of values and pick one at random. roll Roll a die. Enter the number of sides, and have a random number chosen. rand At its simplest, rand just an alias of roll. For example, rand 20 and roll 20 both do the same thing. However, you can define a lower and upper limit with rand. Example usage: rand 20 rand 10-20 rand 50 70 rand 100..1000 flip Flip a coin: heads or tails. should Like flip, but with a yes or no response instead.
  4. Random Opener+. Open a random file in a given directory. You MUST specify the directory from which the files are gonna be chosen in the script's "DIR" variable. DIR="/path/to/directory/" Update: new "current" command to open random file in current Finder window. Update 2: better setup now. Changelog: - Using Bash Workflow Handler Library. - Easy setup by specifying directory. - Easy setup by current Finder window directory. - No more code touching . More info and download
  5. 1. Thanks to Florian for all his help. 2. How this workflow works 2.1. Keywords: 2.2.1. "next": shows next song and currently playing song titles in Alfred window from a custom playlist (a list made by you) or the current album from the current song; 2.2.2. "previous": shows previous song and currently playing song titles in Alfred window from a custom playlist (a list made by you) or the current album from the current song; 2.2.3. "pick4me": shows and plays a random song from your library. 2.2. Hotkeys: 2.2.1. "control+option+command+p": shows Alfred window with a random song from your library; 2.2.2. "control+option+p": picks a random song from your library and displays a default Notification. 3. Known issues Right now compilations album played from Library will not work. However a custom playlist (a list made by you) is not affected by the issue. One more thing: when playing a song from Library the workflow requires “album artist”, “album” and “track number” in order to work properly. If you don’t care too much about tags then use a custom playlist that can hold your entire library anyway. Download: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/127623/Itunes%20up%20next.alfredworkflow
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