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Found 5 results

  1. Alfred Star Ratings View and set star ratings for your files. Star ratings (like in iTunes) are a great way to categorise and organise your files. Unfortunately, you can access them directly in Finder, but Smart Folders (aka Saved Searches) do support them. Combine 'em to get quick access to your favourite porn Oscar-winning movies. Goes great with my Smart Folders workflow. Download & installation Download the workflow from GitHub releases or Packal. Double-click the downloaded .alfredworkflow file to install it. Usage This workflow works primarily via Alfred's File Actions. It uses Alfred's main window to display the ratings of the files you have selected in Finder, but they are altered via File Actions. In particular, if you just want to rate some files (rather than see their ratings), you should select them in Finder and directly call Alfred's File Actions mode with ⌥⌘+\ (default Alfred hotkey). From Alfred's main window .r — Grab the files currently selected in Finder and display them with their ratings. This is attached to a Hotkey, which you can assign (Alfred strips Hotkeys from workflows when you install them). Feel free to change this keyword, but you probably want to choose something unique (i.e. it doesn't match any of Alfred's default results), so the File Buffer is easy to use. → (default Alfred hotkey) — Show File Actions for selected result. ⌥+↑ (default Alfred hotkey) — Add result to File Buffer. ⌥+↓ (default Alfred hotkey) — Add result to File Buffer and move selection to next result. ⌥+→ (default Alfred hotkey) — Open File Actions for all files in the File Buffer. From Alfred's File Actions window Entering the number of stars you wish to assign (e.g. 0, 1, 2 etc.) should show the corresponding action. The action to clear the rating is called "Clear Star Rating", so typing clear should show that action. Licensing, thanks This workflow is released under the MIT licence. It relies on the following open-source resources: The icon is from Font Awesome by Dave Gandy (SIL licence). biplist by Andrew Wooster for parsing/generating binary plists (licence). Alfred-Workflow by me, a library for writing Alfred 2 workflows (MIT licence).
  2. Search IMDb in Alfred with movie and TV show ratings shown as results' icons. Features: See movie and TV show ratings right in search results When viewing indivial persons or titles, pressing Enter while the second result is selected (the one with a title's or person's name) will open a corresponding IMDb page in your default browser Items with an ellipsis in their title (e.g. “Director...”) are active: Pressing Enter when they are selected will perform corresponding actions (like showing the information about a movie's director or the list of actors starring in that movie) Items with “Press ⇧ to view” in their subtitles (Plot and Poster for movies and Biograghy and Photo for persons) can be viewed right in Alfred: Press Shift (the Quick Look feature must be enabled in Alfred's preferences) to Quick Look them Infinite browsing. For example, you could view info about a movie, then view info about its director, open the list of movies they are known for, select one of them, see the list of actors starring in that movie... and then go back all the way to your initial search results using the “Back” option Icon themes to match both light and dark Alfred themes Support for search term delimiters to increase performance by waiting for user to finish typing and add a predefined character to the end of the query (disabled by default, go to workflow preferences to enable) Download
  3. Hello hello I want to accomplish the following: I have 2 Macs, one with less capacity than the other. One with a huge iTunes library, and one with only the best rated songs in there. So I want to set up hotkeys to rate those songs and copy the just rated file over to my dropbox folder. (The other Mac should then scan the dropbox folder for new songs and add them, then delete them from the dropbox, but that is something to worry about later.) How can I let those files be copied to my folder? Skript? If yes... how? Thanks, guys!
  4. Hi, is it possible to implement automatic scoring/rating of music based on e.g. playcount, track skipping behavior etc. like done in amarok/ clementine? That would be a really nice feature though. How is the alfred itunes library organized internally? Thanks, Matthias
  5. I love the new workflows, and I use it to rate my unrated songs. I created a Workflow that rates the current song and plays the next. The only problem is: it is highly unreliable. I have an intelligent playlist in iTunes which contains only the unrated songs. In prior versions of iTunes, when a song was rated, it disappeared from the list and the next was played. But in the current version, playback stops. So I use I workflow which rates the song and issues a "Play/Pause" action. But 1 in 3 times, this command is issued before the rated song is purged from the list by iTunes, and so playback stops. So: please add a "play" action to the workflow commands. Thanks for considering this!
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