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Found 9 results

  1. This is a complete re-write and merging of my Reminders and Calendar Events. I realised having used it for a while that it was madness having two workflows for what solving essentially the same problem "What do I need to do today?". Also, I've learnt a lot about workflow development in the past few weeks and some of the code was pretty hacky when Alfred has features to solve some of the problems I was trying to get around. This is Agenda. Download Agenda - Reminders and Calendar Events workflow Note: On first run you will need to open system preferences > security and privacy to allow apps from an unknown developer and also allow access to reminders and calendars. Today Overview and Upcoming Shows all events and reminders for today or the next X days (5 days default, change in settings) respectively. From here you can: Mark reminder as complete View reminder in Reminders (cmd and select) View event in Calendar or Fantastical Open an overview in your browser - this doesn't automatically update but is nice if you have a lot on in one day and want to view it in a different format Calendars and reminder lists View upcoming events and reminders by list by navigating to Calendars/Reminders Lists, then choosing a calendar/list View any time reminders for a list Create events Create events for your default list, or for a specific list Use Sherlock to parse input and create an event including locations OR Open input in Fantastical to create there instead Create Reminders Create events for your default list, or for a specific list Use Chrono to parse input and create a reminder OR Open input in Fantastical to create there instead Settings You can customise a lot of the feature set of Agenda in the workflow variables. I have included the ability to edit these directly in the workflow: Enable/Disable reminders and/or calendars Set default reminders list and calendar for creation Turn on Fantastical for viewing events and creating events and reminders Disable the overview option showing up in the upcoming list if you don't want this feature If you do use the overview option, you can choose light or dark theme. The overview uses Sakura Set how many days to show into the future in upcoming views My helper CLI has also been updated while doing this to allow more customisation like how many days in the future to show events in the "Upcoming" view. With the release of this I won't be updating my previous standalone reminders and events workflows. I have updated the readme on Github to reflect this. They will continue to work for a long time unless something major changes with the reminders or calendar APIs.
  2. Can I use an Apple script to mark a particular item in a reminder as complete?
  3. Based on a previous extension for Alfred 1, made a quick workflow to add reminders to Fantastical: http://cl.ly/0c071F2h2K41 It allows the full syntax as it is normally used in the app input.
  4. I've created a workflow that adds a reminder to a pre-determined list in Reminders. E.g. if I type "buy Apples" into Alfred, it adds the item "Apples" to the list called "shopping list" in Reminders. The workflow uses an AppleScript to create the reminder. The workflow looks like this: "Keyword > Run AppleScript > Post Notification" This is the AppleScript: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Reminders" tell list "Einkauf" set newremin to make new reminder set name of newremin to q end tell end tell end alfred_script If I run this script by itself in the Script Editor, it takes 2 to 3 seconds to execute. However, if I run the workflow, it takes about 40 seconds before the Notification at the end appears. During this time neither Alfred nor Reminders will respond. Is there a way to speed up this process? Maybe there's a better way to execute scripts from within a workflow? It could be that the fault is entirely on Reminders' side; in which case I'd love to know if a workaround exists.
  5. Evernote Reminders for Alfred Quickly modify individual or multiple Evernote reminders How to use: Download workflow and import into Alfred Open Evernote Select reminder(s) Use [ ⌘ + ⇧ + R ] to bring up the menu Get things done Note: hotkey will only work when Evernote is open. View on GitHub
  6. Not sure if something like this already exists or is even possible, but since google Inbox has been put to pasture (very bummed), I'm looking to try and do the following to replace the built-in Reminder system of Inbox. Basically I want to type a keyword, say 'Reminder' and a workflow would: - open Gmail to a new message (web client) - populate 'To:' email (this would be static variable, it would not change) - populate 'Subject:' with "Reminder: " - if possible, have cursor stay in Subject input field for me to enter in text after 'Reminder: ' (i.e. "Reminder: Walk the Dog") I have a filter set up in Gmail to handle emails from me with Subject containing 'Reminder: ' Any help would be appreciated, Mike
  7. I've been using the apple reminders app to keep track of a lot of tidbits of info organized into a handful of lists (e.g., Recommendations, To-do, Jokes), and it would be awesome to have a way of skipping straight to a specific list by typing into Alfred, rather than opening reminders, then clicking on the list (hardly difficult I know, but Alfred has me spoiled on speed everywhere else). Thanks for your time - Alex
  8. Alfred version 2.6 with Powerpack OSX 10.2 Since the introduction of Yosemite, every time I try to launch/open anything beginning with the letter "r," the native Reminders app automatically launches an unresponsive version of itself (the icon appears, but it doesn't run and Force Quit is needed to shut it down). So, whether I'm trying to launch Readkit or some random pdf, as soon as the letter "r" is pressed in the Alfred window, that Reminders icon appears and hops in my dock. (This does not happen if I use Spotlight, but Spotlight doesn't have near the features of Alfred.) This has been happening since the first version of Yosemite. I didn't write until now because I thought that Alfred updates would have resolved the problem. The actions I've taken to try to resolve the problem so far are 1.) clearing the application cache, and 2.) rebuilding OSX's metadata. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance (and for an indispensable app), Jamison
  9. Hi I've created a workflow that uses AppleScript to create a reminder in reminders with a due time and date. You can grab a copy here :http://honestpuck.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/reminders-workflow-for-alfred-v2/ which is also a blog post explaining the syntax for the time and date. Enjoy, // Tony Williams
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