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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I would like to request workflow for something I use everyday. I do not know how to build one myself. So how may I request for a workflow? I would like access a website, fill a single search box and get the results into alfred. The website offers an api and is free to use without any usage limits. This is the website https://api.verbix.com/conjugator/html I think this workflow can be helpful for many others who are learning any language. So if the work flow can take a language argument and a word, then the workflow can set the language and get the results for
  2. My idea is to get more from File buffer ability. It is superb right now, but I think it could be even better with drag and drop. What I mean is to select files into buffer and then would be possible to drag those anywhere we want to drop. Similar to DragonDrop app.
  3. Hi, it's a great work on Alfred and especially on Remote! Thanks! I would like to see adjustable buttons / icons. For example, one tab where only two big buttons appear, so I could use them blindly... Best, Oliver
  4. Plex is a wonderful tool for media viewing, categorizing, etc. and I think it would be great to join that with Alfred. I know Plex has an api though I don't know enough about it to get the job done myself. I was thinking at first it would be awesome to be able to just search through the media server from within Alfred (perhaps being able to hit enter on a title and it launch the web version of plex). Something that it could technically also due based on a glance at the API is actually controlling a remote plex media center, which would be awesome. What do you guys think?
  5. Hey Forum, I use Alfred's clipboard manager ~100 times per day, often in a terminal window. However I am using iTerm2's hotkey (⌥<Space>) window which opens the terminal as an overlay. Unfortunately, triggering the clipboard manager (⌥⌘C) causes the hotkey window to close. Thus, in order to paste several entries I paste one into the terminal then paste the next one into another application effectively moving it to the top of the clipboard stack and repeat. It would be excellent if it was possible to do one of the following: shuffle the clipboard (make the ne
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