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  1. I'd like a workflow that can search Microsoft OneNote for Mac (notebooks, sections, pages) and possibly also create notes. Alternatively, how would I be able to build this myself?
  2. Plex is a wonderful tool for media viewing, categorizing, etc. and I think it would be great to join that with Alfred. I know Plex has an api though I don't know enough about it to get the job done myself. I was thinking at first it would be awesome to be able to just search through the media server from within Alfred (perhaps being able to hit enter on a title and it launch the web version of plex). Something that it could technically also due based on a glance at the API is actually controlling a remote plex media center, which would be awesome. What do you guys think?
  3. My idea is to get more from File buffer ability. It is superb right now, but I think it could be even better with drag and drop. What I mean is to select files into buffer and then would be possible to drag those anywhere we want to drop. Similar to DragonDrop app.
  4. Hi, I would like to request workflow for something I use everyday. I do not know how to build one myself. So how may I request for a workflow? I would like access a website, fill a single search box and get the results into alfred. The website offers an api and is free to use without any usage limits. This is the website https://api.verbix.com/conjugator/html I think this workflow can be helpful for many others who are learning any language. So if the work flow can take a language argument and a word, then the workflow can set the language and get the results for that word. My interest is in Dutch language and to get verb conjugates. Please let me know Thank you Sri
  5. Hi, it's a great work on Alfred and especially on Remote! Thanks! I would like to see adjustable buttons / icons. For example, one tab where only two big buttons appear, so I could use them blindly... Best, Oliver
  6. Hey Forum, I use Alfred's clipboard manager ~100 times per day, often in a terminal window. However I am using iTerm2's hotkey (⌥<Space>) window which opens the terminal as an overlay. Unfortunately, triggering the clipboard manager (⌥⌘C) causes the hotkey window to close. Thus, in order to paste several entries I paste one into the terminal then paste the next one into another application effectively moving it to the top of the clipboard stack and repeat. It would be excellent if it was possible to do one of the following: shuffle the clipboard (make the next item down active so that ⌘V would paste it) pop the top item off the stack (pasting it and removing it the same way you can with ⌫) I've done some searching and this seems to indicate that we cannot manipulate Alfred's clipboard manager. Alfred's clipboard manager is the best one I've used (searchable and no mouse required) but I'd be open to alternative suggestions Thank, Ben
  7. Greetings, Alfred Community, I use several cloud file sync apps like Dropbox, GDrive, Evernote, and Box.com. Most of these tools add a context menu to my desktop Finder window, allowing me to instantly share a file and copy the share URL to the clipboard. I love to use Alfred to FIND all those files quickly on my desktop, but it would be awesome to be able to copy a share URL right from Alfred instead of doing "Show in Finder" and right-clicking the context menu. First world problems, I know, but we're all about speed in here, and this would make many of us extra speedy.... Thanks for reading! Ted
  8. I have a workflow action that searches GitHub. I call it with Karabiner and as a way of documentation, I show the actions as subtext to the action like so : If text is large enough, it gets truncated with .... I know I can press a modifier key and hold it and have the text I specify here appear : However for me I wish I can just show that whole result in Large Type with a hotkey. Right now pressing cmd + l would show what I have typed in the window in large type which I find pretty useless. I wish I can press cmd + l to instead show this result selected in large type. It would be really really useful for me. Can such a thing be done already perhaps? Thank you for any help.
  9. With hazel, I started to make use of my finder tags and now I wish there was a way to quickly search and find through the right tags. The native method built in with alfred is not enough as I have to try and remember the name of the tag to filter though. It would be amazing, if I can call the 'tag workflow' and it will show a list view like this : But instead of months, it will be my tags : Pressing on one, would allow to make a search scoped to the tag. Can such a thing be done? Thank you a lot for any help. This would be really useful to have for me and I hope few others.
  10. Hi! I'm new to Alfred forums, I've had the powerpack for about a month now but I've ran into an issue... I can't program! Soo... if anyone would be kind enough to explain the basics of what I need to do (or if you'd like to make the workflow for me) that would be amazing. Here's what I have spent hours researching how to do but failed to make anything work: A workflow to: Starts with keyword "Good Morning" Notification that says good morning back (is that weird? idk) kill any applications currently running (kind of like a fresh start) open specific applications (is it possible to have some running in the background?) open specific files Bonus: is there a way to have alfred auto login to the specified websites? (I do have 1password) is there a way to make separate desktops? or is that too advanced... (I have El capitan) Reason why is because I wanted one desktop to open "school" related websites/files and the other open my "wasting time online" files. I feel like this is way too much to ask, so if anyone would just like to explain only one or two things I'd really appreciate that. Thank you! -K
  11. I've searched high-and-low for a memory status workflow but found anything. I'd like a workflow to view swap memory status and page-ins/page-outs. This is a key performance indicator to me and something I check on often. A total memory status readout would be ideal (which would include Memory Used, Cache, App Memory, Wired Memory, Compressed Memory, and possibly the new Memory Pressure figure), but just swap memory is what I need most. Alternatively, how would I be able to build this myself? (screenshot from iStatMenus) PS I know that in more recent versions of OS X, memory management has been optimized and Apple now uses the concept of "Memory Pressure" to indicate RAM load, but I still look to swap status to see why my system's behaving a certain way. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  12. Anki is a powerful flashcard program. It is written in python and fully documented. There are two primary areas where Anki excels. 1. The spaced repetition algorithm. 2. Its fully customizable. Types of Cards: Basic: Side1=Question, Side2=Answer Cloze Deletion: Essentially a fill in blank, but extremely useful. Example of Cloze: This is what is written: Ventricular {{c1::Tachycardia}} is caused by {{c2::reentry}}. Antiarrhythmic drugs alter the {{c1::absolute}} refactory period or {{c1::conduction}} {{c1::velocity}} to prevent {{c2::reentry}}. The c1 and c2 are two different cards. The c1 would show as: Ventricular ___ is caused by reentry. Antiarrhythmic drugs alter the ___ refactory period or ___ ___ to prevent reentry. The c2 would show as: Ventricular Tachycardia is caused by ___. Antiarrhythmic drugs alter the absolute refactory period or conduction velocity to prevent ___. Optionally, you can designate a hint when writing the cloze deletion: Ventricular {{c1::Tachycardia::BMP > 100}} is caused by {{c2::reentry}}. So the result would display as: Ventricular [BPM > 100] is caused by reentry. There is also the possibility to add an image to the "Extra" field. There are many other options, but I just highlighted a few. This endeavor is well beyond my scope of expertise, and this post is basically a "shot in the dark" as I don't expect anyone to actually assume this task. I thought maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there who is so well versed in the arts of Alfred and Python that this request would be trivial. Med students everywhere would be forever grateful. best,
  13. Hi Guys, I have to create UTM links on a regular basis and was hoping for an Alfred workflow to help me out with this time consuming task. I am no coding expert or whatsoever so if you please could point me in the right direction that would be really great I would like to be able to paste a URL and then enter 3 different queries: see URL below. http://www.mypastedURL.com/?utm_source={query1}&utm_medium={query2}&utm_campaign={query3} {query1} {query2} {query3} 1. Step 1: enter a keyword and paste the URL 2. Then I should be able to type {query1} and press ENTER (or whatever) 3. Then Alfred should ask me for {query2}. Press ENTER again 4. enter {query3} press ENTER for the last time -> save entire URL to clipboard. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Carlo
  14. All of my workflows that are requesting data from external resources don't get response. I think there is nothing wrong with the workflows, since their authors confirm that they're working. Workflows tested are: caniuse v1.3 (https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-workflows#caniuse-download) Fahrplan (https://github.com/josefweibel/Public-Transport-Timetable-Alfred-Workflow | http://www.josefweibel.ch/alfred/fahrplan/) Leo Dictionary (https://github.com/psistorm/alfredapp) openthesaurus (https://github.com/widmr/workflows/tree/master/openthesaurus) Package Managers v1.25 (https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-workflows#package-managers-download) At the time of writing, I redownloaded the latest version from all of them. When I type the shortcut for one of the workflows, for a very short time there's a loading indication ("Updating database...", "Retrieving data from..." or similar) but as soon as I'm typing my request it stops and looks like this: Is it possible to get an error log or something which could help me understand what's going on? Or does somebody has another clue? - Alfred v2.3 (264) - Mac OS X 10.9.3
  15. Hey alfred community I just got used to some of the new alfred workflows and I already think about some that I would love to use. Unfortunately, I'm not the best scripter nor do I have any experience creating some of these little tasks. I found an older workflow that enabled me to upload one file to the dropbox public folder and copied the (shortened) url to the clipboard. My wish would be that I could also choose a folder/file or maybe a bunch of files (which wouldn't be a must have feature since the folder thing should do the job), zip that folder or that file, move it to the public folder and copy the (shortened) link to the clipboard. Such a workflow would just be amazing to use and I think it would be the best way to handle this little dropbox problem. The file could either be chosen by the built in Alfred Finder or a global hotkey. Thank you guys for reading that post and even thinking about if you would give it a try or not Best regards from Germany, MrMuetze
  16. Would it be possible to create a workflow that checks streaming availability on all the popular services (Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.)? Thanks!
  17. Hi Alfred lovers I’m new to Alfred and I was looking for a workflow that was able to store my favourite websites. More or less one like “Faves” from David Ferguson (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/784-faves-formerly-favorite-folders/) but instead of storing folders it stored my favourite websites only. I’ll explain my situation. I have a list of websites from my university that i only need to access when I’m studying. My idea was to type “uni” and only then the list of pre set websites would appear, so that they don’t clutter my other search results I actually don’t know if this is easy or not or do, but here is the suggestion. Thanks a lot
  18. Hello, I'm a user of Ubuntu as well, and I've been impressed by a Unity lens which allows to look into different academic databases (PubMed, JSTor, Google Scholar) directly via a simple search in the Unity Dash. Even better, you can search in your local Zotero database. https://plus.google.com/105012666183155576119/posts/ZmvMZBzTsH2 Could it be possible to reproduce this behaviour with an alfred workflow ? It would save me and many others a lot of time. Thanks.
  19. Hi fellow Alfredos! Would it be possible to integrate uTorrent with Alfred? What i'm thinking is <keyword> startall/stopall/pauseall to do a mass action for all torrents in uTorrent. Furthermore, is it even possible to maybe show listed torrents inline in Alfred? If <keyword> has no args then Alfred would just list all torrents and if a torrent is selected the three options (those from above -all) would show and make it possible to do per torrent actions. Is it clear what i mean? I can elaborate further if anyone is up for the challenge. As uTorrent is the #1 torrent client for Mac i bet it would be a good addition. Huge thanks in advance. Respect to all of you who improves the use of Alfred!
  20. Hi, Is it possible to create a workflow that let me launch the main features of onyx from alfred? Can you help me creating one workflow like this? Thanks, Tecnoborder
  21. Hi, Can you help me creating a few workflows for: 1) Start a call with FaceTime 2) create a new note 3) create a new reminder 4) Create a new event in calendar 5) search for in Game Center 6) Search for an email 7) open photo booth in photo mode 8) open photo booth in video mode Thanks, Tecnoborder
  22. I would love a Workflow to be able to post on App.net - but I have no idea how to do it Anyone out there already have one in the works?
  23. After owning a powerpack licence for a few weeks now I've started to look into workflows and have been extremely impressed with what can be achieved. I'm a long way from being able to create my own workflow but I had an idea which I think would be of use to any web designers/developers out there. I commonly use http://voke.fm/ to search for CSS properties (when I forget the name/order of values etc). Being able to type 'voke' into Alfred then start searching for properties would save me a bunch of time, as an added extra it would be great if actioning the property could open the source link within a browser so more in-depth reading on the property could be done. How easy/hard do you think this would be to do? anyone interested in giving it a go? Thanks
  24. Is there a way to integrate Alfred with Found? I love the accuracy of found to find my on/offline cloud files. Found App: https://www.foundapp.com/
  25. is it possible to open a finder/spotlight window set the search textfield to first responder and add the option "System files" "are included" using a workflow?
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