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Found 10 results

  1. Hi When using Alfred 2 to shutdown or restart my Mac, it does it as if I have the setting on to "Reopen windows when logging back in", which is a setting i despise. Is this a bug(that Alfred 2 does not use the users standard setting)? Or is it possible to use these functions without this option on? Thanks.
  2. To run just type "rapp" in Alfred bar and select the application you wish to restart. More info and download v1.1: Inline app search (courtesy of Carlos-Sz)
  3. So, I previously made a post about kind of a hacked way to do this and then was talking to Adam Lau (@helloleo) about it on Twitter and came to a realization. I can do this a lot easier! Removed the hacked way of doing it. Popped out a workflow, and here ya go! Download
  4. I created a workflow that restarts you into windows without changing your startup disk. that means if you simply restart in windows, it goes back to OS X again. Download I can improve it with your help. right now you have to change your disk (i.e. /dev/disks0p4) by hand. it could get better if we can detect it automatically. thoughts?
  5. Whenever I restart my Mac Alfred forgets all my personal keystrokes (Hotkeys). Not sure, but I think this is since the update to yosemite (yes, I already have 10.10.1)
  6. Hello Alfred's Baby Daddy, I'm running Alfred v2 on a late 2011 MacBook Pro, running on Yosemite (10.10.5). I have used Alfred for years without a hitch, and I love this app. In fact, I had no idea just how much I use and rely on this app until it broke for me. However, my problem began when I updated to the latest version of Alfred, v2.7.2 (407). Upon my first reboot after installing the latest version of Alfred, and every startup since, my shortcut to pull up the Alfred search window no longer works. I use Apple key+SPACE to invoke Alfred, but this does not work anymore. This is reg
  7. I'm using OSX 10.9.5 on a 2014 Retina MacBook Pro. Using v2.5.1 of Alfred w/ Powerpack. Regardless of what I set my Alfred Hotkey to, whenever I restart my machine the Alfred Hotkey reverts to the default; option + spacebar. The appearance also reverts back to the default. I am using Dropbox as my Alfred sync folder. Is anyone else having this issue? Are there any known fixes?
  8. Hello, I'm a freshman, but i made a small workflow, especially an applescript which allows you to shut down or restart your computer. Thats not really a big thing, but the script quits all apps before shutting down so that no app is reopened after restart. Additional the script ejects one or all mounted HDs. I need this small section in the script, because my mac wouldn't shut down if one special external HD is mounted while shutting down. I made three workflows/scripts, the first one only shuts down, the second makes a restart and the third combines both, all with the additional fu
  9. When I come to shut down I often use Alfred to "Quit All Applications" then the "Shut Down." I do this at the end of each day. I sported this bug, sometimes if you "Quit all" and "shut down" before all the apps have closed, my computer reboots and displays a message "Your computer had to restart because of a problem." I have noticed this nearly always happens when I tell Alfred to quit all, then shut down straight after. And because it sometimes takes a long time for all applications to close (usually an adobe program that just takes ages to quit), if I force quite the apps that are takin
  10. Hi everyone! I made this extremely simple workflow which just tells the specified application to quit and then start again - effectively relaunching it! (I had recently faced this situation a lot of times with Java and AIR installs and what not! So I decided to keyboard-ify it with Alfred workflows.) You can download it from the following GitHub link: Start download of RelaunchApp-v1.0.alfredworkflow Hope you like it and feedback is always welcome. cheers, Bedartha Screenshot:
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