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Found 2 results

  1. I've got an applescript which opens a specific path in the finder. When implementing this applescript in Alfred it behaves different. for instance, setting "q" to "~" (the home directory) will open the folder in the finder. But passing "~" in alfred in my workflow as an argument will reveal the folder, not open the folder. I want it to open the folder, similar to how the go to function in Finder works. Not reveal it. In Alfred I am using the Run NSAppleScript action and a keyword with an argument to trigger the script. set q to "~" set folder_var to true set mypath to q as text if mypath = "~" then set q to "/Users/David" else if "~" is the first character of mypath then set mytext to text 2 thru (count of mypath) of mypath set q to "/Users/David" & mytext end if set q to (POSIX file q) as alias if kind of (info for q without size) is not "Ordner" then set folder_var to false end if if folder_var is true then if mypath = "~" then set q to "/Users/David" set q to (POSIX file q) as alias end if tell application "Finder" activate make new Finder window to folder q end tell else tell application "Finder" activate reveal q end tell end if
  2. Hi! I've been using PathFinder for a while, but just decided to stop using it in favor of the standard Finder + xtraFinder. PathFinder set's itself a the default Finder app so that other apps can reveal files in PathFinder, among other things. I disabled this feature before removing PathFinder, but now Alfred can't reveal in Finder while all other apps do just fine. If I return the PathFinder app to it's place, then Alfred _can_ reveal, but in PathFinder, while all other apps still reveal in Finder. Only if I turn the "set a default finder" feature back on everybody reveals in PathFinder. Any hint or help is appreciated! Cheers
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