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Found 10 results

  1. How To Use Keywords: - 'Open Tensorboard': Opens a Tab with your Tensorboard Web Interface (Tensorboard has to be running) - 'Close Tensorboard Session': Closes your Tensorboard Session File Action: - 'Tensorboard Server' (on Folder): Opens a Tensorboard Server with the selected folder as the '--logdir' parameter Download Current Version: DOWNLOAD (1.0.0) Git: gitlab.com/sirbubbls/alfred-tensorboard
  2. Hello everyone, currently I'm bringing my Mac to work and will continue as its a huge pain in the ass to work with windows(idk how everyone can overall). Like productivity especially with Alfred and Keyboard Maestro(which i bought and use heavily cause of you guys) goes beyond anything else. Well i use parallels in coherence mode but that's it and only for office tools. Anyway to the topic. At work we have a Server with a bunch of folders which have strict permissions. I got access there and wanted to index the Folder right away. However i failed miserably. Like i tried things like this here: https://jonathansblog.co.uk/how-to-enable-spotlight-indexing-on-a-network-drive and this here: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/24401/spotlight-reports-indexing-and-searching-disabled-in-lion Nothing of this seems to work as i don't have access to everything. I couldn't even make a File Filter as that relies on Spotlight. My current "workaround" is to use Launchbar aside of Alfred, because it can index on its own. Is there any way to force spotlight to index a special folder on a server? Or is there a way to feed Alfred with an index or let it make its own :/ Another workaround that i use in combo with Launchbar is, that i use a "List Filter" with all the main paths that then let me open the paths in the file view of Alfred. But yeah i can't filter the way i would like, as that doesn't provide any subfolder search uff. As I'm typing however I see that snippets still have expanding issues :/ as a "don't" becomes a " don't". Well I hope that someone knows a workaround/fix or idk. Launchbar is a way for the moment but I'm only on the test Version asking me to buy it every view actions lol. Buying it just for this meh....<.< >.> Alfred is faster tho and not that heavy resources wise. Cheers everyone, FroZen
  3. Web Server Easily start a web server and add files to it (v 1.3.6) ------------------------------------------ Update 1.3.6: - Port number wasn't copying to clipboard when checking the IP Address. Update 1.3.5: - New and Better IP addresses checker. My Thanks and Credits to Shawn Rice. - Now php.ini and index.php files are hidden as well. - Fixed some other bugs. I hope the initial setup works properly now. Update 1.3.4: - Uploads won't overwrite existing file with same name anymore. - Moved user defined port file to Workflow data storage. Update 1.3.3: - Auto-refresh page after upload is completed! - New notification banner saying "Upload Completed". Yay. Update 1.3.2: - Upload feature revamped. Now you can Drag and Drop files and then upload You can even rename them before uploading. - It seems PHP has upload and memory limit. So uploading big files wasn't working. Hopefully everything works now. Or at least 2GB files. Update 1.3.1: - HUGE mistake. Sorry. The last update wasn't copying the new files to the Server folder. Update 1.3: - Added ability to Upload files - Now you can check your Local and External IP addresses - Set the Server Port number to any Port you want Update 1.2.1: - ***CRITICAL*** Fixed huge typo bug. The server wouldn't stop if your local IP address didn't start with "10" Update 1.2: - Fixed an issue with the File Action "Add Files to Web Server". Update 1.1: - Changed Server folder location to Workflow Data storage. (Thanks, Shawn) - Added Readme content. ------------------------------------------ Requirements: - Mavericks or any prior OS X with PHP 5.4 Description: The default server's port is set to 21025. To access the web server folder, open your browser and go to your local IP address at the mentioned port. Example: "" You can access your Web Server folder from any computer in the same network. If you want people from outside your local network to be able to access your Web Server folder, you have to clear the port in your router's settings (Google "port forwarding"). After clearing the port, use your external IP address instead of your local IP address. Example: "" Also, the Web Server allows you or people who are accessing it to upload files, as long as the file is an allowed extension. This limitation is for security purpose. Instructions: + Keywords: - "server": Lets you start the server (if it's not running) or stop the server (if it's running). - "server open": Open the Web Server folder. This is where you put the files you want to share. - "add": Copy files selected in Finder to the Web Server folder. - "server ip": Check what's your Local and External IP address. - "set port": Set the Web Server port number to any port within the valid range of 0 and 65535, so long as it doesn't conflict with an already assigned port. + File Action: - "Add Files to Web Server": Copy selected files to the Web Server folder. Screenshots: Download link: https://db.tt/6HjM2lhL Contact: @MaximiliumM Any feedback is welcome.
  4. Hello everyone, when I'm using Alfred to navigate files on a Server that have quite loading times and navigating into large files like layouts, Alfred starts to hang. Like it tries to preview the large Layout and doesn't respond for a couple of seconds until i can keep navigating and it hangs at the next file. This way Alfred becomes unusable for me. is there a way to deactivate the small preview in Alfred? That should fix the issue. Kind regards, Marcel Reuß
  5. What you were doing when the issue happenedI was trying to "Add iOS Remote" and an alert popped up in the Alfred settings pane. It says ""Alfred Remote Server needs to be running to add a new iOS Remote. Tick the "Enable Alfred Remote Server" checkbox to start Alfred Remote Server."" I notice that the message said "Tick", I wasn't sure if this was the right word for this action to fix the problem so this is why I am reporting it. Is it supposed to say "Click" instead of "Tick"? Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same actionYes, click Remote> Un-check the "Enable Alfred Remote Server" checkbox (if Enabled)> Add iOS Remote Include any screenshots that might help us Include the Alfred version & build number you are usingv3.0 [648] Include your OS X version ​10.11.5 (15F34) Thanks
  6. Is it possible to move files to a remote server when my Mac is connected to said server? I connect to my office's server (Command+K) routinely, and while it's connected I can access it like any other drive on my Mac, but Alfred doesnt seem to allow me to navigate through the server's files. Specifically I'd love to be able to copy local files to that server for backup purposes. Is this possible? or are servers just beyond the reach of Alfred?
  7. Introducing Local v.1 Local will assist you in your efforts to master the art of hosting locally. Local can Start your local host (MAMP by default) Stop your local host Open any htdocs directory you pass it in your favorite code editor (Atom by default) Open any htdocs directory in your default browser Open any htdocs directory in your finder Open a terminal and CD into any htdocs directory Create a new HTML5 BP project for you (complete with repo and initial commit) Local will Harass you (only a little)Here is a list of some of my favorite local tasks Local Create Local Open Local Edit Local Show Local Delete Installation While local is a pretty simple Alfred workflow, there are a few things it needs in order to work correctly. A local host (MAMP by default) A code editor that is executable from the shell (Atom by default) Rails (Local uses bower to create a new HTMLBP project) Bower Git (Local uses git to initialize a repo and create an initial commit when creating a new project) And of course, Alfred Also don't forget to check it out, or fork it on Github!
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a created a workflow for quickly loading iTerm with 4 preset tabs: 1. rails server (will start automatically) 2. rails console (will start automatically) 3. prompt (an empty tab for all your bash needs) 4. rspec guard (will not start automatically) By launching Alfred and typing 'rails' you will launch these 4 tabs. Afterwards, you can easily switch to these tabs from anywhere by launching Alfred and typing: 1. rs 2. rc 3. prompt 4. guard I made a blog post about this here: http://eyaleizenberg.blogspot.com/2014/07/3-alfred-workflows-to-make-your-rails.html Let me know what you think, Thanks.
  9. Description Manage your instance of Redis (Key/value Database) Up and Down process. Download workflow here or contribute with me here Screenshot Cheers!
  10. Hi Firstly, this may be a feature that can be handled by the Worklows addition to Alfred, though I don't have the skills to create the required scripts... I spend a large amount of my day working off Servers. Either Windows 2003/2008 or Mac OSX Server. To access the servers I use the CMD + K shortcut to access the 'Connect to server' dialog, then choose the server I want to connect to etc etc. I'd really like to be able to invoke Alfred, type a keyword (maybe 'srv') along with the required server name and have that server mount and open in finder. Hope that makes sense, if anyone can do this with Workflows I'd love to know how they've made it happen! Cheers Steven
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