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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, It seems to be a problem with the new MacOS Sierra when I have set the option to unlock computer with Apple Watch. When I use Alfred option to lock the screen, it kills the current session and all the apps (like a reboot). Thanks
  2. Hey, Since I upgraded to Sierra the 'spell' feature no longer works. Every word is now "not found". I was using Alfred 2 and just now upgraded to 3, however spell still does not work. The preferences window is showing me a list of languages to choose from, so at least some portion of the feature appears to be working. Any ideas?
  3. Hi I had this simple workflow (on El Capitan) that run a script to open the emoji window. this is the script: tell application "System Events" to key code 49 using {command down, control down} It's like pressing ctrl+cmd+spce shortcut to open the emoji window the problem is that the keyboard shortcut works fine with Sierra while my workflow doesn't work anymore with Sierra. Anyone can help?
  4. Hi, The problem that I'm currently experiencing using Alfred 3.1 (build 718) is that I can no longer have Alfred search my bookmarks using the Safari Technology Preview (or regular Safari for that matter). I'm currently on macOS Sierra (GM build) and I can't quite remember during which Sierra beta that broke the ability to search my bookmarks. I've tried resetting my default browser back from STP to just Safari, which didn't change anything. In order to search them, I've had to rely on Spotlight. Does anyone have any suggestions...? Thanks, Scott
  5. Hey, I would love to share my own Alfred Theme called "macOS Dark Theme". It's lightly inspired in spotlight and also have beautiful purple alfred-like details on selector. I hope you have a great time using it! You can download it here