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Found 7 results

  1. Slack set status This workflow allow you to set various status, DND, and to close/reopen slack app from Alfred http://www.packal.org/workflow/slack-status-set https://github.com/esseti/alfred-slack-status Dependencies To genrate the token the workflow relise on an App that I've had to create in slack. If you already have a personal token `xoxp-..` you can use that one. PS: this is my first workflow. Screenshots
  2. Search for emoji and copy them to the clipboard ?. Download v1.8.1 (2019-09-27) Usage: emoji [query] Press [return] (↵): Copy the symbol of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your clipboard. Press [alt]+[return] (⌥↵): Copy the code of the selected emoji (e.g. `:rofl:`) to your clipboard. Press [cmd]+[return] (⌘↵): Paste the code of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your frontmost application. Automatic Updates: This workflow will automatically check for updates at most once per day. If a new release is found, it automatically downloads and installs the latest version of the workflow. All downloads come directly from official GitHub releases. Optional Hotkey and Snippet Triggers: Customize the workflow with either a custom hotkey or a custom snippet. Links: GitHub Project Download New Releases GitHub Issues - (please submit bug reports and feature requests here) Screenshot:
  3. Attention: I am no longer actively working on this Workflow. I don't have the time to dedicate to it anymore and provide the kind of updates I'd like. If you want to fork and contribute back to it, please do so via GitHub. I appreciate all the support and kind words shown by users for making this. slackfred ========= Alfred workflow to interact, and perform various functions with the service Slack Alfred workflow to interact, and perform various functions with the service [slack](http://slack.com/). Now with multi-team support! I'm currently in the process of getting this updated to work with multiple organizations where possible, as well as adding some extra workflow options like private groups, stars and a few more things. Stay tuned! ## Getting started 1. Install slackfred by visiting the download page in Github or via the [Packal page](http://www.packal.org/workflow/slackfred) 2. Open alfred and type `slt`, then hold `cmd` (apple key) and press `enter`. This will open up the Slack API page. Then look for your team (make sure you're logged in) near the bottom. Next to your team name will be your token. 3. Launch alfred and re-run `slt` to enter your token. ##### Multi-team use instructions In order to use the workflow with multiple organizations you will need to enter all of your keys as comma seperated strings with **no** spaces. Example: `team-org-api-token-1,team-org-api-token-2` ## Currently Available Functionality * `slk`: Let's you switch easily between channels, groups and IMs. Thanks to buzali for getting this working with Slack's URL scheme. * `slt`: Set your API Token * Open alfred and type `slt`, then paste your token. If you don't have a token, then hold `cmd` to open the API page to get one (look for your team near the bottom of the page). * `slm`: Send messages to a channel * Open alfred and type `slm` to populate channels. Use your arrow keys to select a channel and hit TAB. Then you can enter your message and hit ENTER. * `slf`: Search files * Open alfred and type `slf` to search files. Selecting a file opens it in your browser * `slp`: Set your presence * Open alfred and type `slp active` or `slp away` * `slc`: View, leave and join channels or private groups * Open alfred and type `slc` to display a searchable list of channels. Selecting a channel with `alt` leaves and `ctrl` lets you join. Currently only `alt` is functional with groups. * `slclr`: Clear unread messages * This currently only marks Channels as read and not groups. Depending on the size of your organizations this can also take a few seconds to run. * `slim`: Enter a users name to search for most recent DM messages * `slr`: Search your starred items * Highlight a result and hitting enter opens the web client to that result * `sls`: Perform a query across all your channels in your organizations * Highlight a result and hitting enter opens the web client to that result * Depending on the size of your organization this can take a few seconds to run * `slz`: Snooze teams: * After finding a team hit TAB and enter the length of snooze in minutes * To turn off snooze to the above and enter 0 ## To-do * Create a smoother API key/token process * Improve speed and performance This workflow was created with the help of Dean Jackson's library.
  4. I have a few Slack snippets set up to automatically expand when I type the keyword. I like to use these shortcuts in Slack, however some of these trigger the "New snippet" dialog box in Slack, and others do not. For instance, the "-->" shortcut will trigger the "New snippet" box, but not the "<--" shortcut. See this screen capture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1p683hcb371090z/alfred-slack-01.mov?dl=0 The "" shortcut also triggers it. The Slack documentation says the keyboard shortcut for "New snippet" is CMD + ENTER (on Mac). Could Alfred be triggering this through a hidden keyboard command? I'm using Alfred 3.1 (build 671) on Mac OS X 10.11.5. Slack version is 2.0.2.
  5. Interact and communicate with Slack You can download the workflow from Packal or from Github. List channels or groups to open in the Slack app: slack <channel/group> List users to open in the Slack app: slack <user> Open a channel, group or user directly in the Mac OS Slack app: slack <channel/group/user> List messages from a specific channel, group or user: slack <channel/group/user> Send a message to a channel, group or user: slack <channel/group/user> <message> Mark all channels as read slack --mark List the files within the team slack --files <search> List the items starred slack --stars <search> Search both messages and files slack --search <query> Set the user presence (either active or away) slack --presence <active|away>
  6. We just started using the Slack app at work. I love the quick "command + t" keyboard shortcut in the app to switch between users/channels. I was wondering if anyone had developed an Alfred workflow to emulate that function right from Alfred using Slack's API? I've created a rather simplistic version of this using Applescript, which sort-of works, but it's not ideal and I'm sure it could be done more efficiently.
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