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Found 1 result

  1. SmartFolders: Browse and search the contents of your Saved Searches List all the Smart Folders/Saved Searches (same thing) on your system and drill down into their contents. Works in much the same way as Alfred's File Filter, but Smart Folders are also available outside Alfred and are a bit more flexible. For example, you can configure a Smart Folder to show all video/audio/image files without having to specify each different filetype individually. If you already use Smart Folders, this workflow can save you the work of re-implementing them as File Filters. What's more, you can exclude specific filetypes with a Smart Folder, which Alfred cannot do. Features View and search a list of all Saved Searches on your system View and search the contents of the Smart Folders Add your own searches to go straight to a specific Smart Folder with a custom keyword Download/Installation Grab your copy from here. Install in the usual fashion. Usage .sf — List all your Smart Folders .sf [part of name] — Search for a specific Smart Folder TAB — Browse/search within Smart Folder ENTER — Open Smart Folder ⌘+ENTER — Reveal Smart Folder in Finder (same effect as opening it) .sf FOLDER 〉 [part of name] — Search contents of Smart Folder FOLDER ENTER — Open selected file/folder in default application ⌘+ENTER — Reveal file/folder in Finder smartfolders-help — Open included help file You can also set up your own Script Filters with a custom keyword that go straight to the contents of a specific Saved Search. For example, I have a Saved Search called "TODO" which contains all files/folders tagged "todo". I have linked this Smart Folder to the keyword .todo in Alfred. See the included example and the help file for more details. More info There's a bit more info on the GitHub page and in the included help file (smartfolders-help). This workflow uses alfred.py by nikipore and docopt. All comments and feedback welcome. Changelog 2013-11-04 Now works on non-English Macs. Thanks to kopischke for finding the problem and the solution.
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