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  1. Hello guys, New to here, greetings. I've been using Alfred for 2ys. It helps me a lot and I like it so much. I use Citrix for work. And I need to use snippets a lot in Citrix environment. Snippets function works in the Citrix receiver, however does not work perfectly. I've often been experiencing the expansion latency(1-3s) or content missing in there. Are they bugs or something need to be fixed? Or anyone has the same issue? Are they any alternatives to avoid those issues? Thank you for you kindly reply in advance.
  2. Hi guys, the new snippets auto expansion is nice. Thanks for such a great update! Anyway is it possible to set different format for {date} and {time} ?
  3. Since last mac update installed snippets are not working on my system. I have other text expander softwares working perfectly fine. I have removed alfred completely and installed it again. I have also allowed all possible permissions and imported my snippets but still i am not able to make it work. i have restarted my system in hope of maybe it will work but nothing. i have removed and added Alfred in system preferences but that also not solved the problem. I have removed all snippets and created new to test but that also did not work.Is there anyone who can help me resolve this?
  4. Hi, I've set up the text expansion to use for my account information and when I use it (e.g. typing !pw) in the password field of Cisco Anyconnect VPN application the text expansion doesn't work. It works in other text editors and input fields, so I think something about this being a password field is blocking the expansion to happen. Is there any way I can allow the expansion to occur in any field, including the password field like this? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I accidentally deleted the whole collection instead of one snippet. Is there a way to retrieve that? Maybe something on the file system in the Library folder? Thanks in advance for your help. - Charlie
  6. My Alfred4's Snippets and Clipboard History need to be pasted after selecting a item. Generally items are pasted as soon as we select them. But my Alfred4 needs to additional pasting(Cmd + v). Any idea?
  7. With the new features in Alfred Snippets, I'm considering consolidating all my snippets from aText into Alfred. One feature that I use often in aText is the ability to embed a snippet inside another snippet expansion. This allows me to treat smaller snippets as variables that can be reused in other larger snippets. Is this possible with Alfred's Snippets?
  8. Is there any way to access snippets directly from the default results? I'd like to be able to just type in the name of the snippet into the Alfred box. I know there's a separate hotkey but is it possible somehow to access the snippet through the default Alfred box?
  9. I'd like to request two improvements to Snippet management: The ability to drag a snippet from one Snippet Collection to another The ability to change a snippet's Collection without being taken to view that snippet in the new collection. I'm currently in the process of reorganizing a couple dozen snippets and it's HIGHLY inefficient to try to move these things between collections.
  10. I have setting system text replacement, like qq. system will replace with number 123456789. I hava setting a workflow and key word set as qq. when I trigger with qq in alfred's input , text will replace,It's very inconvenient unless I click esc. So I hope alfred can support option to disable system text replacement First of all, the reason for using system text replacement is that it does not require some prefixes, which is more convenient
  11. Given my recent discussion about formatting issues with RTF Snippets, it occurred to me that Markdown-formatted snippets could be really useful. There are some existing Markdown Workflows for Alfred like MarkdownTransform and Alfred Markdown Notes and so while I might attempt to create a Nested Snippets Workflow that allows storing snippets in Markdown and then passing them through a Markdown parser before pasting the results, being able to specify Markdown as another properly support snippet format in Alfred could be very handy.
  12. Is there any way to import over my TextExpander snippets into Alfred v3? I found this, but Github is a bit beyond me, no idea how to get started.
  13. Alfred trims trailing spaces and tabs in keyword. Fix it please.
  14. Hi everyone, I use Alfred Snippets a lot. I have two languages on my keyboard - English and Russian, and all of my Snippets use English for their keywords. It works great when you're on the English keyboard - you type the proper keyword, and it automatically expands. But the annoying thing is that when you use another language (Russian in my case), you press the same keys (which becomes like a "muscle-memory" for you with time) - and nothing happens. So, for example, I have a group of Snippets with emojis, and one of them is`!thu` ("thumbs up", "๐Ÿ‘"). When I'm on the Russian keyboard, it corresponds to the `!ะตั€ะณ` symbols. So, my suggestion would be - is it possible for Alfred to "guess" the Snippet if it was written on a different language? I've seen similar behavior in other apps - for example, JetBrains IDEs do that in their "Search everywhere" (see the attached image). Thank you! ๐Ÿ™ PS: ( `๐Ÿ™` was inserted as a Snippet ๐Ÿ™‚ ) ( And, `๐Ÿ™‚` too. Ok, I guess I have to stop it ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  15. I was hoping to use Alfred's snippets to store and edit 'canned responses' across various email accounts I manage. It works beautifully for text, but any hyperlinks are dropped. That is, "click <a href='location'>here</a> for help" becomes "click here for help" I know in Gmail that copy/paste retains hyperlink data, but any copy/paste into a text editor will drop the hyperlinks (I assume this has to do with meta-something). I'm not even sure if the TextExpander tools feature something like this, but support for rich html snippets would be amazing!
  16. SO I just downloaded aText for snippet expansion and then realized I have Alfred - not a frequent users :) I tried activating the self expanding snippets... but crickets. Doesn't work anywhere. I have most updated version Cmd + V seems to be working and haven't changed any default functionality Alfred showing up in accessbility I'm on Mac Catalina Any help much appreciated. I walked through some other threads and help sites - but didn't manage to resolve.
  17. Hi guys, I use snippets a lot in Alfred 3, and I badly need a quicker way to edit existing snippets. They're so awesome! Please see 1st screenshot: if Cmd+S on selected snippet would open it directly (2nd screenshot) within Alfred preferences, that would be a simple but fantastic improvement! I'm suggesting Cmd+S for this because it is very similar to the already existing Cmd+S shortcut which transforms a clipping from clipboard history into a new snippet. Basically hitting Cmd+S would mean: "create a new snippet or open it for editing if it already exists". That would feel very intuitive! After hitting Cmd+S, this window would popup to make you able to quickly update the existing snippet. Thanks! Vermeer
  18. There have been a few threads on quickly editing snippets and I just wanted to add a suggestion to the stack since I don't use Alfred's clipboard viewer... specifically, when I'm viewing a snippet in Alfred, I would expect to press option to open the snippet editor. Instead, option previews the snippets and allows me to paste it, but that's the same action if I were to action (hit enter on) the snippet. I like @Vero's trick to use "?[snippet]" to quickly edit a snippet, but I'm not sure I would have ever discovered that if I hadn't gone searching in the forum first...
  19. I know people have requested image support in the clipboard history feature in Alfred. That would be great, but I would really like to see support for maintaining text formatting (rich text) in the snippets and clipboard history. As of now all text is converted into plain text in the history and snippets. It would great if formatting were not lost.
  20. What I was trying to do: To work around the problem snippet collections are not linked to specific apps (see this feature request I made), I instead followed this tutorial to create a workflow snippet for Visual Studio Code (the specific app I want the snippet to auto-expand in). How to replicate the bug: Settings in "features" -> "snippets": "Automatically expand snippet by keywords" is checked in "Auto Expansion Options" -> "Options" add VSCode as an app in "Don't expand snippets in the following code:" Add a snippet workflow like the following: type "\code" in VSCode the snippet does not auto expand NOTE However, if I remove VSCode in "features" -> "snippets"the auto expansion works Alfred version & build number 4.2.1 [1187] macOS version MacOS Catalina 10.15.6
  21. I do a lot of screencasting and screen sharing on Zoom, and I also use Alfred's Snippets feature, which displays the expanded text on screen when it's invoked. I'm afraid I will someday soon expose some sensitive data on my screen when I use snippets while sharing. I'd really like the ability to mark certain snippets as "hidden" so they do not display like the example below. I think this would greatly enhance the security of the data we store in Snippets. Thanks for considering.
  22. Snippet function worked couples of days ago (4.2.0), this issue very possible due to new version released (4.2.1 in 13th November) Mac Version: $ sw_vers ProductName: macOS ProductVersion: 11.0.1 BuildVersion: 20B29 Alfred Version: Alfred 4.2.1 [1187] Permission check: Example: Result: https://github.com/marslo/marslo-test/blob/issues/screenshots/alfred/snippets-not-work-mac-11.0.1.gif (upload limitation for accessory size)
  23. Or a team of people who individually use Alfred app, is it possible to make the snippets shareable between us? For example, John is the source of all the snippets, he clicks export, and each of us clicks import of his export file on each of our computers. Thank you very much.
  24. It'll be great useful if we can use snippet groups only when some specific applications activated.
  25. Hi there, I really wanted to be able to use :ok_hand: as a shortcut for ๐Ÿ‘Œ, but the emoji pack didn't support these new emojis... So I made my own! There are more than 400 emojis that were added, it still works the same And I'll keep updating it for the foreseeable future. Download link: https://github.com/paris-ci/Alfred-Emoji-Pack-Update/raw/master/snippets/Emoji Pack Update.alfredsnippets Code used to generate the pack: https://github.com/paris-ci/Alfred-Emoji-Pack-Update It's basically the same thing as before, so here is the installation tutorial : http://joelcalifa.com/blog/alfred-emoji-snippet-pack/ (Don't use the download link there, it's still the old version, I am not the original author)
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