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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've published some themes I created for the first time. Hope that some of you like and use them You can find them on GitHub: Solarized Dark or install from alfredapp.com Neon Carnation or install from alfredapp.com Neon Dark or install from alfredapp.com A Scanner Darkly or install from alfredapp.com Solarized Dark Neon Carnation Neon Dark A Scanner Darkly Cheers!
  2. I created a compact dark solarized theme to match my iTerm colors, so I thought I'd share it in case someone else was looking for the exact same thing! Theme: VVV Dark Solarized (Compact)
  3. zhensun

    Solarized Light

  4. This theme is entirely compliant with Ethan Schoonover's Solarized specification. While some themes may incorrectly use accent colors to highlight each result, this theme uses the base 02 highlight color to highlight results, Green for the top result, Yellow for the enter key, and Red for the result shortcuts. The familiar traffic light colors are comforting and reminiscent of those in OS X itself. Correct usage of the highlight colors ensures full compatibility with the original intentions of Ethan Schoonover and Menlo as the font emphasizes that Solarized was originally intended for code and designed with monospace fonts in mind. Find this theme on Packal
  5. burke

    Solarized Dark

    Theme URL: http://tinyurl.com/b5foa9y
  6. Guest

    Minimal Solarized

    My take on simplified. I did it only with red colour. Dark http://cl.ly/29180G1E1M15/download/Solarized%20Dark.alfredappearance Light http://cl.ly/3t3R451x3b1r/download/Solarized%20Light.alfredappearance
  7. Install!
  8. I made a Solarized-Light theme to mimic the scheme I use in nvAlt and TextMate. (Apologies to @dansherman, I hadn't seen his version when I created this.) You can download it here: http://cl.ly/MWtk
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