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Found 66 results

  1. @N0vi - Thanks for posting your Menu Bar Activate workflow to Packal. It's great and has made using the "Move focus to menu bar" feature much easier. This isn't an issue with the workflow, but I was wondering if you - or anyone else - knows how to get this feature working with apps in fullscreen (i.e., where the menu bar doesn't show up until after the cursor is moved to the top of the screen)? For example, if you're working in full screen with Safari, the menu bar is completely hidden. For some odd reason, Apple's shortcut to "Move focus to menu bar" doesn't work in these cases (and, therefore, neither does the workflow). I'm not sure why Apple did this, but it has made it rather difficult to use the feature. In any event, I was just curious if there was a way for your workflow to work in fullscreen mode? Is it possible to reveal the menu somehow in these circumstances (e.g., by mimicking the cursor or some other method)? Thanks for your help!! PS - For others reading this post, the "Move focus to menu bar" shortcut can be found in your System Preferences (System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts - Keyboard - Move focus to menu bar) (third shortcut from the top of the list). PPS - I have not turned on the feature to "Automatically hide and show the menu bar" (in System Preferences - General - Automatically hide and show the menu bar) ... so I have no idea why it's even doing this. To be clear, I like the fact that it's hidden in full screen, I'm just confused why the "Move focus to menu bar" shortcut would not automatically reveal it.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm building a small workflow that should run a .scpt file with keyword. I would really like to leave the file as is so I'll be able to edit it using Apple's Script Editor or Script Debugger, as they offer lots of benefits directly aimed for writing AppleScripts. Here are my considerations: 1. Using the Run Script action with the External Script option won't work. 2. Running the script within Alfred or embedding it in a shell script (and either running it in Alfred or as an external script), and I won't be able to use Script Editor or Script Debugger. 3. Choosing to run AppleScripts in Alfred's preferences (instead of editing them), and then setting the workflow to simply open a file means relying on intricate paths. Ideally, the AppleScripts would be called from the workflow's folder with as minimal paths as possible (./). What should I do? Thanks!
  3. On https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/dynamic-placeholders/, below the first image is a list. The "Workflow variables" item links to #variables, but the corresponding <h2>Including Workflow Variables</h2> is missing id="variables".
  4. I accidentally wiped out all of my preferences and settings. I did a restore from Time Machine but somehow, the settings and preferences were still all gone from within Alfred. I still have the preferences file but I can't get it to load into Alfred. I have tried opening the file with Alfred and that didn't work. I have entered it into the search bar and hit Enter and that didn't work. I need help here to load my preferences back into Alfred. 😪 I am surprised that this issue has not already been addressed. It seems to me that with all of the creative brain power existing in the Alfred community, that there is no workflow with a script to re-install preferences into Alfred.
  5. Hi everyone, just upgraded to premium Alfred and need help with a workflow. I am a complete noob at this, I am trying to be able to type a tracking number into alfred and press enter and it opens the following link: https://auspost.com.au/mypost/track/#/details/ and appends the tracking number I entered in alfred as a url parameter so the URL opens like this: https://auspost.com.au/mypost/track/#/details/60641580885094 Thanks for your help!
  6. Hey there. I'm developing worflow, that will run pre-built script in current terminal. "Run command: is not suitable, cause I need to get all of the output to current terminal, so I'm using "Terminal command" action. The problem is I can't find any way to get the path of worflow folder to run that script. Is it possible?
  7. Hi, One of my workflows does not work anymore on my Macbook after restoring the Macbook from the Time Machine. Actually the workflow is to connect airpods to the system. It runs a script and tells system to click bluetooth item on menu bar. The workflow and alfred preferences are saved on the iCloud. The exactly same workflow on my another Mac works perfectly, and it worked on my Macbook before I restoring it. I've already re-install Alfred but that does not work. Do you have any ideas? Thanks a lot.
  8. Hello, I often navigate to external drives within alfred a couple of ways 1. Launch Alfred. Type /Volumes/ and then navigate to the drive I am looking for. 2. I also have a few hot keys that navigate to volumes i use repeatedly: Action: Show Alfred, Argument: Text, Text: /Volumes/Name of Drive/, --------> Browse in Alfred This works for me, but also wondering if there is a more efficient way to handle this. Thanks, Michael
  9. Hello, I'd like to be able to launch a specific application from Alfred but I need to specify a parameter when launching it - what's the best way to do this? To be specific the application is Steam.app and I need to pass the -nofriendsui parameter. Preferably I'd like this to replace the single application entry that already exists in Alfred but any solution would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. HI Guys, Brand new to Alfred, so please excuse my ignorance. I'm looking at converting a small(ish) KM macro over to Alfred if at all possible. The workflow is triggered by a Hotkey, (pauses to allow time for recent files to be saved), and monitors a source folder, finds the latest added file and copies it to a destination folder. Attached is the screenshot of the script that is currently used in KM. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm sure it's relatively easy, but I'm still learning how to string everything together. Thanks!! Dave
  11. Hi, is it possible to have a default fallback for {query}? so if left empty it will use the default example: https://stackoverflow.com/search?q={query:myfavoritesearch} so if in Alfred I type "so", I can just press enter and it will use 'myfavoritesearch' instead of waiting for the {query} letters Great app, thank you very much
  12. I'm not sure when the issue started (probably a few weeks by my estimates), but I can't seem to find a specific folder in my Dropbox folder (called 'Scan' for referential purposes) despite specifically adding it to the Search Scope. Specifics: I can find every sub-folder and file within via Alfred search I can find every same-level folder via Alfred search I can find aforementioned 'Scan' folder via Spotlight search and all files within What should I do?
  13. Hi. I have a hotkeys based workflow. I would like to export the workflow and preserve predefined hotkeys. Is there any way to do it? Thanks in advance
  14. I have no knowledge of coding or anything like that, but I'm trying to create a list filter that will activate another list filter. I already know how to make a list filter, but have been unsuccessful trying to get a list filter to activate another. Basically what I'm trying to do is create a workflow that shows a menu of items and when I click one of those items, it'll then show another list of items.
  15. Hello all, As you know, when creating a PDF file, LaTeX generates temporary files in the folder where the LaTeX source file is created. I found a use useful sh script here It works perfectly when using macOS' Terminal but unfortunately, I cannot have it running in a workflow (download it here) Did I missed something ? Thanks for help. François
  16. New to Alfred and trying to learn, so thanks in advance for answering the question! I have tried the example as well as downloaded workflow. It seems the "Selection in macOS" only works in some apps like Finder, but not other like Notes, Textedit, Chrome, and etc... The argument is empty with these apps. Could this be some compatibility issue with the current Alfred (3.6.1[ [910]) and the latest OS update (10.13.5)?
  17. Whenever I select a track to play in the Mini Player, iTunes launches and plays the track. Is that how it's supposed to be, and if not, how can I stop it happening? This happens when I open Mini Player and press enter when a track is selected, or click on Mini Player's play icon.
  18. So I recently installed a community workspace for Alfred and I see it's passing a query to a Python script - which brings me to my question. Where can I see the source of this script?
  19. I read all the documentation about environment variables, but I still fail to solve my problem. I created a Workflow Environment Variable with the name "API_KEY", added the key as value and checked Don't Export. Next, I created a "Run Script" action (/bin/bash, with input as argv, running instances sequentially) that looks pretty much like this but unfortunately doesn't work. Seems like I use $API_KEY incorrectly because if I replace $API_KEY with the key itself, it works. curl -H 'Authorization: Fooapp-authtoken $API_KEY' https://fooapp.com/api/contacts Hope somebody can clarify, what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
  20. I have this workflow that writes some text to a file as a bash script. This text is essentially a TODO task of mine that I can prefill from Alfred keyword or select some text and change the file. My issue however is with displaying the task briefly on the screen with Large Type object. I want to make it so that if I activate this hotkey: The task shows up on the screen as it does currently. I then want to make it so that if I press the hotkey again whilst the Large Type is still showing, it will dismiss it and NOT show it up again on the screen. Furthermore I want to make the Large Type disappear after 1 second if I don't actually dismiss it in the time that it is still up. My workflow is that I want to quickly see the active task on screen, dismiss it immediately once I read the task by pressing the same hotkey or running the external trigger or have it be shown for a bit and let it dismiss on its own. Can I do this? Thank you for any help.
  21. Because macOS and iOS allow sharing of the paste buffer, I am constantly copying text on macOS and pasting it to a text field or document on my iOS device. Snippets seem to be the perfect solution for this, but I can't figure out how to get a snippet to get copied into the paste buffer on macOS, but not pasted. If I get to the snippets through the clipboard, it works fine if I turn off Auto paste on return. I'd like to be able to do the same using the "snip" keyword. Thanks!
  22. Hi. Alfred no longer 'sees' Safari in the search results! Until now, [activate Alfred] + s has learned that I want Safari as my top hit. As of this morning, Safari doesn't even appear in the list! Screenshot attached. It doesn't matter how far down I scroll, she's not there. Typing 'sa' is enough to bring it up. I've tried doing that a bunch of times to trick Alfred in to recognising it, but no good. See second screenshot. This won't work for me – years of use has absolutely conditioned me to using 's' to activate Safari. I'm on: Alfred v3.6.1 macOS 10.13.5 I believe this came about after I un-checked Alfred Text Service in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. I did this in service of diagnosing a non-Alfred bug. I forgot to re-check it, launched Alfred, it told me to check it, and I did. And I'm not doing anything differently than I did this morning. I've quit and re-launched Alfred. I have not yet rebooted, I haven't had a moment. I'll see if I can do that after I submit this and reply if it had any effect. Thanks, j.
  23. I want to make an Alfred Workflow, and I have made one before, it only needs one input, but now it may need two. The situation is as below. With the keyword, firstly I will get the results through the first API, then I should use the result(select one of the results) as the keyword to go through the second api and find the results. If only one input, I know I should use Script Filter, but after the first search and list the results, I should use one(when clicked) as the second input, how can I realize that? thanks
  24. Hello, I'm trying to switch to a clipboard manager, but Alfred is giving me a hard time. Basically every time when I do my shortcut to reveal the history it moves the last active window to center and leaves it there. short gif screengrab: https://imgur.com/a/j519Gom Is there an option to disable that kind of behavior ?
  25. I have been using Alfred for 5 years without even a hint of a problem but I am now having a lag (four or five seconds) upon launching Alfred (by keystroke). I have cleared the application cache, rebuilt Mac OS metadata, and restarted (app and mac). Any suggestions? Alfred version 3.6.1, Mac OS 10.12.6. Thanks.