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Found 120 results

  1. Trying to search my Safari bookmark but only shows Chrome bookmarks. macOS version: 10.14 Beta (18A293u) Alfred version: v3.6.2 [916] Alfred Web Bookmarks Setting: Search Results: Safari Bookmarks
  2. I have a script filter with the keyword 'f'. The results from the script filter rarely appear at the top of the Alfred results list. In fact they appear under other things that I'm pretty sure I've never used, even if I activate the script filter repeatedly. How can I get my script filter results to appear at the top of Alfred's results list? In the example below the script filter result appears at position 6, and doesn't seem to move up no matter how often I activate it.
  3. Update: solved, see below Hi, I'm new to Alfred workflows, and I'm trying to do the following. I'm using a list filter to quickly enter the admin url of WordPress websites we make. The keyword is 'wp-admin', and the List Filter is configured (for example) to let the Title 'client1' return the Arg https://www.client1.com/wp-admin/, and Title 'client2' would return the Arg https://www.client2.com/wp-admin. This works fine when I attach the 'Open URL' action to the list filter. However, what I really want to do, is type a second command, for example 'posts' to visit the the url with edit.php attached to it, or upload.php to visit the media upload page. Example: typing [wp-admin] [client1] [pages] would return https://www.client1.com/wp-admin/edit.php I thought of using two list filters, each followed by an 'args and vars' element to save each query to a variable ('url' and 'type'), and end with an 'open url' that opens {var:url}{var:type}, but it doesn't work. Whenever I hit 'enter' after typing the client name (or selecting it from the dropdown) it fills the base url. See screenshots step1.png and step2.png. Also, here is a link to my example workflow. Who can help me out? Update: solved it! In the var/arg box after the first list filter, I had to remove {query} from 'Argument' to prevent the query from being passed as a query to the next step - that's what caused it to paste the query into to the Alfred input field.
  4. I don't know if my hand is shaking or if my keyboard is too sensitive (I did change the default repeat rate in OSX), but I keep merging clipboard items accidentally, I sort of like the merge feature and would like to try to keep using it, but the regular shortcut is just not working out for me. Maybe there's a trick to changing it to something else? EDIT: I'm using a bunch of other keyboard oriented utilities - Seil, Karabiner, Hammerspoon Thanks
  5. I kept a lot of Files in iCloud Drive, `~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs`, it'd be great to easily browser this folder via the File Search navigation. I don't know the best way to get to it. I'm not sure if seeing `iCloud` in `~` would make sense because ~/Documents and ~/Desktop can be set to be inside iCloud. Be nice to get to it through.
  6. I removed /usr/local/Cellar and I still see results from that folder in my searches. Do I have to somehow rebuild the index? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Alfred's community! I can't solve the following problem: My workflow in NodeJS environment. I've got two files. And I run them. 1. index.js for launching my processes ( [script filter] with "titles, subtitles" on the output) ./node_modules/.bin/run-node index.js "$1" "headword" and 2. refresh.js for refreshing JSON data ([Run Script] background process) ./node_modules/.bin/run-node src/cmd/refresh.js "#runref" I'm launching (concurrently) both of these files via TWO commands: 1. by [keyword] (launching processes) - index.js and 2. by [enter] on some operation of the previous result in the launching process of index.js, I'm launching - refresh.js So, my question: Is there any way to launch (concurrently) both of these files by ONE command. By [keyword]. Thnx!
  8. When I run a Google search from Alfred, Chrome launches but the window with the search terms is often behind the new tab window and whatever I had open from the last time I used Chrome. Is there a way that Alfred can launch a search in Chrome similarly to how it works in Safari when Safari is the default browser, i.e. the search results are shown in the frontmost window?
  9. When I search for iTerm I get 3 results instead of one. Here's what it looks like: Does anyone know what these other results are and why they appear? This is on a brand new MacOS installation that only has brew, zsh and a few other command line tools installed. Thanks!
  10. I am pasting a query using the Copy to Clipboard action with "automatically paste to frontmost app" selected. I'd like to achieve the same result without copying to the clipboard by "inserting" the query in the frontmost app. Thanks.
  11. I can't seem to get Alfred to run a pandoc conversion to pdf. Neither of the pandoc commands bellow will run in Alfred but I have confirmed that xelatex and pdflatex are installed, and both run perfectly fine in Terminal and from my FastScripts menu, so it seems the issue is with Alfred. I am specifying the full path to pandoc (/usr/local/bin/pandoc) so this is not a path issue (as mentioned here: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred-documentation/wiki/Environmental-Variables). I'm fairly certain it's exclusively a PDf (xelatex, pdflatex) issue because pandoc conversions to HTML run perfectly fine for me in Alfred. This syntax is directly from Pandoc Demos (https://pandoc.org/demos.html) and runs perfectly fine in my Terminal: /usr/local/bin/pandoc ~/Desktop/MANUAL.txt --pdf-engine=xelatex -o ~/Desktop/example13.pdf But produces the following error when called within a "Run Script" action (Language /bin/bash/) in Alfred: [ERROR: action.script] xelatex not found. Please select a different --pdf-engine or install xelatex This syntax also runs perfectly fine in Terminal: /usr/local/bin/pandoc ~/Desktop/MANUAL.txt -o ~/Desktop/example13.pdf But produces the following error when called within a "Run Script" action (Language /bin/bash/) in Alfred: [ERROR: action.script] pdflatex not found. Please select a different --pdf-engine or install pdflatex Both of these also fail with I run them in an external shell script called from Alfred. What am I missing?
  12. I've dug all around my Alfred preferences, and I can't seem to find out where to change this keymapping: Alt + Cmd + Z. It conflicts with IntelliJ's default for Revert Changes, and I'd really rather use it for that than a file browser (which is what Alfred seems to be giving me: Screenshot). Anyone know how / where this gets mapped? And where to change it? Thanks!
  13. I want to modify Searchio workflow so that if I press cmd key + return on any of the results, it would search what I typed into Alfred on Google/YouTube/.. So if I press cmd + return on alfred sickert result, it would instead of searching alfred sickert make a query on what I typed in Alfred (alfred is sick in this case). Thus saving me a keystroke of up arrow and return (where current fallback query is placed in Searchio). From what I understand, this is impossible to achieve due to Alfred not providing this information. Or I am wrong? If I am wrong. I would like to move this thread to feature requests as I really wish this feature existed. Thank you.
  14. Hi, I use ranger as my filemanager - ranger is a bash-filemanager, so interacting with Alfreds File-Selection Shortcut (Settings->Features->File Search->Actions->File Selection) does not work. Thats not a problem because I can call any script with selected files in ranger. It would be nice to open Alfreds Action Panel from bash in order to use Alfred to act on selected files. Is there a way to do that? Example (from bash): # "/Applications/Alfred\ 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Alfred\ 3" /path/to/my/selected/file1 /path/to/my/selected/file2 ... Thanks a lot!
  15. I feel like I'm losing my mind: I can't figure out how to queue up an entire album from the mini player. Whenever I search albums, they show up but my only option is to select them, which dives into the album and only allows me to select a single song. Even if I pick the first track in the album, it stops playing after it finishes. Can someone PLEASE help?
  16. Hi, When you type Lock, the computer doesnt lock Thanks
  17. If I put "hello" into my clipboard then I enable the getting started clipboard workflow, then run "mergeclipboard" one of the commands in that workflow via Alfred I'll have this printed to my active window: {clipboard:2}, {clipboard:1}... {clipboard:3} The placeholder values are not being replaced with their actual values
  18. The bug from the below linked post has reappeared. Using Alfred v3.7 [938] & macOS Mojave 10.14, upgraded from Sierra. I see the Incompatible Python workflow library message for these workflows: convert IMDB radar reddit simple timer stack overflow Incorrect macOS version check for incompatible Python workflow library [Fixed 3.6.1 b910]
  19. HI everyone, I have a problem with search in google docs. When I search, for example, "UTN", the url formed is https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/#search/UTN, and the correct url would https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/?q=UTN Thanks a lot. PD: sorry for my English, I talk Spanish .D.
  20. i tried to empty the trash but it is not working.
  21. Hi all, first post, sorry if this is a common question (didn't see in search results) I have a file called xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxx-synthesis-1a-20180712, but typing "find synthesis" does not locate the file. Creating a duplicate in the same place with just the name "synthesis" works. Is this a setting I can change or a powerpack option? A bug? A feature?! Thanks in advance. Mac OS 10.12.6 Alfred v 3.6.1 [910]
  22. I am asking for help in custom web search: http://lubimyczytac.pl/ This is a portal with books. Thx
  23. Auto paste on return is no longer working for me. ? I tried the suggestions from https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10481-clipboard-auto-paste-on-return-stopped-working/ but have had no luck in fixing the issue. Things I've tried: Restart Reinstall of Alfred No other clipboard apps installed Using the latest 3.7 [938] and on Mojave 10.14.1 Beta (18B57c) -- I think this was happening even before I updated to Mojave, but I can't 100% remember.
  24. There is a mac app fenetre using which we can make any window and youtube videos at the frontmost app. However, the keyboard shortcuts there works only when the frontmost app is fenetre. How to make the keyboard control make universal using Alfred workflow? For example, <alt-cmd-right> moves the fenetre window to right side. But it only works only when that app is highlighted. I would like to make it universal. If it is very time consuming to get all the keyboard controls of fenetre, I would like only to get the movement controls. e.g. only <alt-cmd-right> moves fenetre window right. Thanks a lot. I have shared my preliminary workflow here.
  25. Many times I am running TWO bash terminals at the same time. In one terminal I can write code in vim editor, and in second terminal I can run the code, or do another things. I was looking if I can have some keyboard shortcut to switch between two terminals, without using mouse. cmd-tab will switch through all the open apps, not only two opened terminals. I was wondering how to achieve the goal. I have shared my workflow here. I found a code to activate the current terminal window from any frontmost app, but still looking for code to switch between two terminals. # Ref: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/231112/open-the-same-terminal-without-switching-spaces tell application "Terminal" if not application "Terminal" is running then activate else if (exists window 1) then activate else do script "" activate end if end if end tell Thanks a lot!