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  1. Hi folks, I've created a custom google search without Pinterest but is there any way I can apply that search so that it's the default when I activate Alfred? I've tried unticking google from the web search page but I still have to use my trigger command in order to use my custom search. Ideally this would be the default internet search when I just hit my Alfred hotkey. Is this possible? Thanks.
  2. I often need to find files when an Open File dialog is presented in Mac OS. Is it possible to use Alfred to find the file and send it to the dialog without having to use the mouse?
  3. Hi Alfreders, I have a few universal actions on URL but they are not sorted/ordered in the Universal action list the way I want them to. In the screenshot below, I want the Chrome Open With to be the last action in the list so I can just press the up arrow key and reach it faster. Any way to order this list? PS: Renaming the action didn't work for me
  4. I have a workflow: Hotkey Trigger: cmd+shift+1 ---> Run script: /bin/bash The script content is: /usr/sbin/screencapture -i -t jpeg $HOME/.local/tmp/screencapture.out &&\ /usr/bin/osascript -e 'set the clipboard to (read (POSIX file "/Users/johndoe/.local/tmp/screencapture.out") as TIFF picture)' So here's the problem: I trigger the workflow, by pressing `cmd+shift+1`, then I see the `screencapture` thing that allows you to select an area, so then I select my desired area, then a screenshot of that area is taken, then this is what I get: The desktop background, nothing else. For some reason it doesn't capture the actual top level windows/applications, just the background. Does anyone know why ? and how to fix it ? Many thanks.
  5. Hi there, I created some basic workflows already but I'm bit stuck on a new thing I want to create. The flow I want is the following : - I type the keyword "meetings" - A Large type appears with 10 choices written (e.g. 1. Recurring meetings / 2. Calls / 3. To reschedule / 4. Onboarding slots / etc etc) - I choose one of them by typing the corresponding number (e.g. 1) - A new large type appears with informations related to the corresponding meeting (e.g. Recurring meetings informations, color to be chosen etc etc) I managed to do of course the keyword + large type but if I try to add after that an IF or an ARG or a KEYWORD it doesn't work. Another way to do that which would probably be better but I dont manage to do it neither is: - I type the keyword "Meetings" - In Alfred, I see a list of 10 items - I type the corresponding number - I see a plain text Can you please help me? Thanks!
  6. So when I open the Alfred and type in 'google' in order to search for something, lets say I want to search for a 'nude pics'. After pressing the enter key the nude pics google search is open in the new tab adjacent to tabs used recently (in Safari). Is there a way to open it in the new window instead of new tab? Cheers, Andre
  7. Hi Alfred community. Is there a way to save a text separately instead of putting it in the clipboard history? Reason: I want to create a workflow so that I can cache a certain text at the push of a button so that I can use it in a workflow at a later time. I want to save the file path of a file at the push of a button to be able to retrieve the path again and again during the day. Since I want this path to change every time I press a button, I can't pre-program a snippet or create the workflow like this. Would anyone have an idea? I hope I could express myself understandably. Thanks!
  8. The shortcut works fine when I open Terminal. My issue is when I run Terminal in Alfred, I get an error 'zsh: "command not found: @d1'
  9. Is spotlight required if I _only_ want to index apps on MacOS Big Sur?
  10. Hi all, I’m relatively new to Alfred and I’ve been mostly getting to grips with workflows so far. For the first time today I was looking to rename a file using Alfred…I assumed the option to do this would be there but I can’t see it so don’t think it is? A search of the forum has brought up some ‘rename file’ type workflows from as far back as 2013. I'm wondering if there is a definitive, modern, workflow (or any other technique) which can be used to rename files in Alfred, which you forum members would recommend trying out? I’d particularly be looking for something where automatically-determined variables (current year, current month etc) could automatically be inserted into the new filename. Thank you!
  11. Hi, For context, I am trying to use a hotkey to trigger a Workflow to open a new Chrome incognito tab (if none is open) and switch to a Chrome incognito tab if there is one. I have mapped it to Cmd + Option + N (though I don't think this matters). The issue would be more straightforward if this straight-up doesn't work. The weird thing is that it mostly works, then it stops working, but when I restart my laptop, it works again. In previous versions of macOS/Alfred, this has mostly worked, so this seems to be a new issue. Steps taken to debug and other relevant info: - I have used ShortcutDetective and it shows that Alfred is the one receiving the shortcut - On macOS 11.5.1 and Alfred 4.5 - See AppleScript code below (not sure if this might be relevant) On a side note, I have recently experienced a similar issue with using caps to change my input source, i.e. it became flaky but works after restart. Not sure if related (Alfred wasn't involved in that). I'd prefer not to restart my laptop every few days. The relevant AppleScript triggered by the workflow, in case anyone is interested: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Google Chrome" -- Open incognito window set W to every window whose mode is "incognito" if W = {} then set W to {make new window with properties {mode:"incognito"}} set [W] to W -- Focus incognito window set index of W to 1 activate set emptyTab to my lookupTabWithUrl("chrome://newtab/") if emptyTab is not null then close emptyTab end if -- Focus incognito window set index of W to 1 activate end tell end alfred_script
  12. Hi all, I am using the 'Google Suggest' workflow which I installed via the '+' then the 'Examples' menu in the Workflows part of Alfred preferences. It has a keyword of 'g' to initiate the search and is my default way of searching the web at the moment. My question is: is it possible to submit a search to Google (using this workflow) of what I have actually typed, rather than one of the suggestions the workflow has presented (if the suggestions don't include what I'm looking to search for)? Example: I want to search for 'EFF' so type this in. The suggestions which appear below don't include 'EFF' (it presents suggestions such as 'efficacy' and 'effect', but 'EFF' itself is nowhere to be seen) so I am not actually able to search for 'EFF' using this workflow. I'm guessing the script this workflow runs would need to be amended to accomodate this preferred way of searching, but it's beyond my knowledge level so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I am making a workflow where the most recent thing (a URL) stored within the clipboard history should be passed into Terminal using the Terminal Command action. I have tried to use {clipboard}, {clipboard:0}, {clipboard:1} etc in the Terminal Command action to pull the URL from the clipboard at that point, before the command is passed to Terminal. What I am finding, when Terminal opens, is that '{clipboard}' is literally what has been passed to Terminal, rather than the URL I'm aiming for from the clipboard history. This, of course, leads to Terminal doing not what I was intending. What is strange is that if I pass the same thing to a Large Type action (rather than to a Terminal Command action), then the correct URL from the clipboard appears on-screen. Grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.
  14. If I use "Lock", it simply does nothing. It can "Sleep" I saw the previous bug report and removed accessibility permissions and added them back. It got rid of a "beep" but it still doesn't work. I can "Lock Screen" from the Apple menu I am able to reproduce it. Using Alfred 4.5 [1253] macOS Big Sur 11.4 What other information would be helpful? Thanks in advance, Alan
  15. It appears that Alfred has no problem returning 3rd party apps I've installed but not all default mac apps show up. No: Calculator Calendar System Preferences Activity Monitor App Store Music Notes Launchpad etc. Yes: Safari iMovie Numbers Many if not all 3rd party apps I've installed
  16. hi, I've got two Macs, both new, both running Big Sur 11.5.1. Alfred is installed on both machines, and I'm keeping the preferences synced. On my iMac, when I trigger a text snippet, it does not automatically paste into whatever text editor I'm using. The snippet does come to the clipboard, so if I hit ⌘-V to paste, it appears. On my MacBook Air, the snippet automatically pastes correctly as it's always done for me. On the iMac, I've triple-checked the OS permissions Alfred asks for and they're all set correctly. I also carefully compared Alfred's Snippets settings on both Macs (screenshot attached) and they're identical. I must be missing something, though because my snippets aren't working right.
  17. When trying to use the 'Move to' function within Alfred, I am only presented with 3 possible destinations: Documents, Desktop and Applications. How do I get other file folders to show up such as a Dropbox or OneDrive folder, which is stored under, for example, Users/myname/Dropbox? thx!
  18. Hi all, I'm new (8 days in) to Alfred and have been checking out the new Universal Actions feature which has gone live in v.4.5 today. I would like to be able to perform a Google search of the content of a particular website and wondered if it's possible using Alfred...and if so, how? Whilst browing a website I'd like to be able to: 1) Highlight the URL in the address bar of my browser, 2) Use Alfred to extract & store the 'main' URL of the website (ie - nothing after the first slash following the domain name) - call this VARIABLEA, 3) Type the thing that I want Google to search for on the site in question - call this VARIABLEB, 4) Have Alfred formulate a search along the lines of "site:VARIABLEA VARIABLEB", 5) Have Alfred pass that to Google to do the search (presumably in a new browser tab). I know this is possible through Google (when not using Alfred) by typing "site:abc123.com searchquery" in the search box of a browser. I don't know how to start putting this together in Alfred. I imagine it's fairly simple in the grand scheme of things but would very much appreciate some help / guidance to get me started. Thank you!
  19. Hoping someone could help me with this as I am new to programming and workflows. I have to multiple times per day enter a number and divide that number by 1.08. Currently I use the built in calculator, but i'd love it if I could trigger a workflow to be able to enter that number and have that calculation show up without having me to keep typing it in. Any help would be appreciated!
  20. Hi everyone...as title states. I purchased the PowerPack and have watched a few tuts, but Alfred intimidates me bc Im just not a coder. What I'm looking for based on my workflow: I download something into my Downloads folder I open up Finder I choose the files (usually multiple files) I want to move Type in something like "moveto videos" into Alfred File gets moved to the new folder that I designate There are like 3-4 main folders that I use alot and need to create this for bc its taking me too much time to do it manually. I know there is Alfred's built-in Copy To/Move to, but I need to do it the way above. I've also looked at and installed the workflow from this thread, but that has an extra step that I don't want. Anyways, would love to get this working and I am happy to pay someone if needed.
  21. Is anyone using/has anyone made a Workflow for searching Vivaldi bookmarks? Given that it's based on Chromium, which Alfred already supports, I would assume that such a thing should be within the realm of possibility, but unfortunately I have no knowledge of how to go about building Workflows myself.
  22. Hi, I have a lot of text expansion snippets in macOS system preferences and have managed to export these into a plist file. Is there a way to simply import these into Alfred or do I have to manually add them in, one by one? Many thanks. C
  23. Hello, When I try to use move/copy to file action, I get the error below. It just started today. I installed the 4.5 Alfred beta and I thought beta caused the issue. But I installed the 4.3.4 version back and I still have the issue. I am on macOS 11.4 and I use the move to action regularly. Can you please help with what caused the issue and how to fix it? Many thanks in advance!
  24. Hi! I just switched to DevonThink 3 and with DevonThink 2 I could search and find all files inside my DT Databases with Alfred. This does not work anymore. I enabled the Spotlight Index of my Databases and the Files are found with Spotlight, but not with Alfred. Do I have to enable something else in Alfred to be able to find my files with Alfred? I thought it would just use the Spotlight index and the results should be the same… Thanks!
  25. I am using the 'Play song' from iTunes as a workflow. The debugger shows" I know this is an issue with Mojave and the new 'sandbox' security bubble they put around interacting with the OS; I just don't know how to give it access. Alfred is already enabled in the seurity section. Any thoughts?
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