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Found 327 results

  1. I like that 1Password is supported but personally I use LastPass- it would be nice to have that as a supported alternative
  2. If I press on: CMD + Option + - Alfred opens my home-folder: I could not find any settings for this keyboard shortcut in Alfred-preferences. I dont use any custom Workflows in Alfred. Is there a way to change this behavior as this keyboard shortcut is used for zoom-out in many apps. Thank you for any help. Edit: Alfred 4 with powerpack (happens on alfred 3 too), OSX 10.15.5, Austrian Keyboard
  3. So I recently swapped computers and noticed Box Drive has changed their application functionality, (moving from a folder to a virtual piece of "attached volume". For what ever reason this has caused an issue with the depth at which I can search, even using Dynamic file search.
  4. Hi. I'm looking to create an Alfred workflow that copies a template folder from its location in Dropbox to my Desktop. The folder path to be copied is follows: /Users/aaronriddle/Dropbox (Personal)/Aaron Riddle Photography/Video/Virginia Elope Video Template I want to copy it to my Desktop path as follows: /Users/aaronriddle/Desktop I tried doing this via terminal using the below script: cp -a /Users/aaronriddle/Dropbox (Personal)/Aaron Riddle Photography/Video/Virginia Elope Video Template. /Users/aaronriddle/Desktop/ However, it gives me the following error: zsh: no matches found: (Personal)/Aaron Can someone point out what is wrong with the terminal script, OR suggest if there is a better way to do this? Thank you for your help!
  5. Hello, very basic question. I have a script filter in PHP that show something. When I call the Script Filer Alfred shows other result based on query typed . I would like to show ONLY the output of the script php. How do this? thank you
  6. Hi there, It works fine on my MBP, but on the iMac when using a snippet : - text it is not pasted - I get a beep - text can't be pasted manually (cmd-v) BUT, switching to another app in the background, then switching back to the desired app let you paste with CMD-V. Very weird. Can someone help ? Best
  7. I'd like to search via Alfred for files and folders in my mounted volumes which are usually mounted 24/7. I explicitly added the path of a volume like "/Volumes/..." to Alfred Preferences > Features > Default Results > Search Scope (and "Extras" > Folders is enabled). When I search for known folders or files I do not get any results from this volume. How is this possible? I am using Alfred 4.0.2 (but had the same behavior with any version of Alfred 3, though I finally reach out). Thank you.
  8. Hi I'm trying to work out to get Alfred to show calendar results in searches in the same way that Spotlight does. So for example if I key in Dentist it will show me my dentist appointments. I've have deselected calendar in the Don't Show section of File Search Preferences and have also given Alfred full disk access. I was also expecting to have to grant access to calendars for Alfred in the Privacy section of System Preferences but it does not appear there. Can anyone help me please? Thanks Cayman
  9. Hello mates, recently I would like to create a new workflow with these features: ->type keyword X Y (X Y are numbers) ->select a random image from a specific folder ->show the image for X second then move to the next (always random) -> next to Y images until -> exit What would be a simple way do to that? Thank you very much
  10. How do I reset Alfred's usage statistics? For context, I've installed Alfred since 2018, and have only started using it this month. Thasnk
  11. Hi there! Is it possible to add file to alfred buffer from finder. Ideally using file actions dialogue.
  12. Hi all, I'm new to Alfred so sorry if this has been discussed before but I was not able to find info on it. How to I change the auto feature that takes me from amazon.com to amazon.co.uk? As it is now the feature is useless to me since I cannot purchase anything off the amazon.com and as someone who regularly uses amazon it would be very useful Cheers
  13. There are default "File Actions" for selected files, and is it possible to create custom file action and add to that action list? My case is with selected .mobi file, I'd like to send it to my kindle with one line of Bash command (using calibre-smtp), and do it with File Action. Thanks for any comment and suggestion.
  14. I use a File Filter to search within files of a specific folder. In case there is no file found (e.g. no file for query XYZ), I would like to provide a custom entry like "Create XYZ" which then allows me to trigger the creation of a new file using the "XYZ" query string. The creation of the file is not the problem; I am wondering if this custom entry is possible at all without implementing the file search functionality on my own using a script filter. Does anyone have an idea how this could be approached using Alfreds built-in features? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am new to Alfred, after adding few workflows: h and q keys stopped working on my keyboard. Even if I try a new keyboard they are not working. So something OS related or my key mapping is messed up. When I restart my machine these two keys will start to work, but after few hours they will stop working again. Any suggestions to fix this will be greatly appreciated. This is driving me nuts.
  16. I know this isn't directly related to Alfred, but since it's affecting my use of Alfred, I thought someone here might have some insight. An external drive of mine is acting up in that Spotlight won't index the subdirectories of some of my directories. Alfred finds (because Spotlight has indexed it), for example, /Video/TV Shows, but not /Video/TV Shows/anything-in-there Same with /Video/Movies, that top level shows up, but none of the folders within. The only thing fishy is that I've explicitly added /Video/TV Shows and /Video/Movies to Alfred. If I remove them from my settings, Alfred doesn't find them (my guess is because Spotlight isn't working) I tried forcing Spotlight to re-index the entire drive, which it looks like it finished because the "Indexing..." in Spotlight is gone, but there's no .Spotlight-V100 file on the drive, like there is with other external drives. I tried forcing it to index with sudo mdutil -E / which shows "Indexing enabled". I'm stumped and wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on what I can try.
  17. because global variable not work in terminal command so I will transfer shell from script to command, but echo not work ``` echo "/Users/qhe/Documents/Shell/test_vpn.sh {var:code} {query} $MAC_PASSWORD $USERNAME $PASSWORD" ``` What's wrong. variable and global variable not work
  18. Hi all, I feel like a real idiot but can't figure out how to set up a remote trigger in a workflow I want to add to the remote. I've looked for videos without any success. The help file from Alfred isn't helping either. How do you set up a workflow to appear in the remote??? HELP!!!! Thank you:)
  19. I would like for my clipboard manager to appear when I invoke Alfred by pressing option-space. Is this possible?
  20. Doing some Alfred + Keyboard Maestro combo automations and it would be nice to know if Alfred has been invoked when I've hidden its Dock icon. Does Alfred write to some file somewhere saying it's currently open and then write again to that file when it's been dismissed? If not, then this would be a feature request. Thanks! Aaron
  21. Box.com is tilting away from Box Sync (the local filesystem for which Alfred searched OK) to Box Drive, which has a Make Available Offline option. I set that option for a folder, added the folder to Alfred search list, but so far haven't been able to find those files via Alfred. Suggestions? Thanks.
  22. Hey all, I'm not familiar at all with workflows and after some tinkering still can't figure out how to put together what seems would be a simple workflow. Here's an example what I'd like to do: Trigger the workflow --> workflow asks for input --> I would input three numbers separated by spaces (16 3 9) --> workflow would copy the following to the clipboard: C16-D03-P09 Perhaps I would need to go the scripting route for this, but if it's possible to do this through Alfred's built-in workflows that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  23. Last weekend, I swapped my primary drive in my Trash Can Mac Pro to a new one. It went swimmingly. Alfred no longer finds anything in my /Applications folder. I've tried: Rebuilding macOS Metadata, Clear Application Cache, removing and readding the directory to my settings. It's still not finding any of my Apps. What am I missing?
  24. Not sure why or how, but none of my snippets work any more. I can bring them up just fine in the Alfred window as I always have, but when I select one and hit return it fails to paste into my text as it always has before. I'm working on a brand new MacBook I just got, which I migrated everything into from a Time Machine backup (using Migration Assistant). I insured that all of Alfred's requested permissions have been granted. All my preferences look the same way they always have, so I'm a bit stumped.
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