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Found 91 results

  1. I am asking for help in custom web search: http://lubimyczytac.pl/ This is a portal with books. Thx
  2. Auto paste on return is no longer working for me. 🙁 I tried the suggestions from https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10481-clipboard-auto-paste-on-return-stopped-working/ but have had no luck in fixing the issue. Things I've tried: Restart Reinstall of Alfred No other clipboard apps installed Using the latest 3.7 [938] and on Mojave 10.14.1 Beta (18B57c) -- I think this was happening even before I updated to Mojave, but I can't 100% remember.
  3. There is a mac app fenetre using which we can make any window and youtube videos at the frontmost app. However, the keyboard shortcuts there works only when the frontmost app is fenetre. How to make the keyboard control make universal using Alfred workflow? For example, <alt-cmd-right> moves the fenetre window to right side. But it only works only when that app is highlighted. I would like to make it universal. If it is very time consuming to get all the keyboard controls of fenetre, I would like only to get the movement controls. e.g. only <alt-cmd-right> moves fenetre window right. Thanks a lot. I have shared my preliminary workflow here.
  4. Hi all, first post, sorry if this is a common question (didn't see in search results) I have a file called xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxx-synthesis-1a-20180712, but typing "find synthesis" does not locate the file. Creating a duplicate in the same place with just the name "synthesis" works. Is this a setting I can change or a powerpack option? A bug? A feature?! Thanks in advance. Mac OS 10.12.6 Alfred v 3.6.1 [910]
  5. Many times I am running TWO bash terminals at the same time. In one terminal I can write code in vim editor, and in second terminal I can run the code, or do another things. I was looking if I can have some keyboard shortcut to switch between two terminals, without using mouse. cmd-tab will switch through all the open apps, not only two opened terminals. I was wondering how to achieve the goal. I have shared my workflow here. I found a code to activate the current terminal window from any frontmost app, but still looking for code to switch between two terminals. # Ref: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/231112/open-the-same-terminal-without-switching-spaces tell application "Terminal" if not application "Terminal" is running then activate else if (exists window 1) then activate else do script "" activate end if end if end tell Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, i would need a Company license for 10 Users Alfred Powerpack. Dose some one of you know if there is a multi divce or muli user licebse is avalibel. Thanks in advance, all the best Markus
  7. I'm trying to insert a second variable into an AppleScript based workflow but I can't get it to work. This is the AppleScript part set MyDocument to "{query}" set MyText to "{var:text}" tell application "Pages" open MyDocument tell front document set body text to body text & return & MyText end tell close front document end tell The MyTask variable consistently gets appended as {var:text} rather than the actual text passed. Please see the workflow below Append to Pages.alfredworkflow Any advice would be appreciated
  8. I tried 1Password 7 for a bit and decided I'm not paying $70 for the same thing again. So I unpacked 1p6. It works fine but the "1p .. " 1Click bookmarks do not. Actually 4 bookmarks work. Out of about 400. That's not surprising after a click of the 'advanced' button... So I'm hoping there is some way to change that back to the proper setting or reset alfred completely. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Is there a way to make the clipboard history window that comes up wider? It is kind of squished on my machine. Thanks, -Mike
  10. is there any solution regarding the safari bookmark search with mojave? right now, it does not work...
  11. I just upgraded to macOS 10.14 Mojave and the web bookmarks keyword no longer work with Safari bookmarks. It works with Chrome if I check the Chrome box but not Safari. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?
  12. Hi. I have a spreadsheet that I am copying multiple cells into another sheet- but I'd like it in just 1 cell. What I've been doing is using Clean Text to remove returns from the app, but if I could run a shortcut to remove returns from my clipboard it would save me the steps of pasting into Clean Text, clicking remove returns, and copying that text.
  13. So I'm struggling to automate a simple google search and worst thing is googling is almost an exercise in recursion ? I've written alot of blog posts over the years and I frequently want to run a google site search to find specific posts. If I have a search bar the following syntax works: "Site:agilepainrelief.com {query}" In alfred I configure an "open url" object with: https://www.google.com/search?site:agilepainrelief.com {query} I've tried playing with encoding the space or the colon assuming their incorrectly coded. No dice I always end back at https://www.google.com/webhp with no search having been run. Cleary I'm missing something. Any ideas? Mark
  14. Difficult to describe easier to show: http://recordit.co/s7IELgxLHn And this is what the snippet setup looks like (attached). Any way I can stop this?
  15. I have a python script that is being run as an external script, using Python 3, and I wanted to get a variable out of my script to post in a notification. The script queries a MYSQL database, creates a CSV file from the database and then emails it. All I want to do is get a single variable out of my script and use it in the notification, but I can't seem to get notifications running at all with the workflow. Even if I try to just post a "Success" notification, nothing appears. What am I missing?
  16. Update: The MWE workflow can be found here. tldr; Needed help using appplescrip to edit string, I know how to do in python. (The required workflow is working help needed to make it better.) I was writing an Alfred Workflow to render ipython notebooks `.ipynb` files nicely using nbviewer of github. For that we need to use the website: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org For example to render a ipynb file: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/pdl_practice/blob/master/a.ipynb We need to open https://nbviewer.jupyter.org and paste the above notebook url there. i.e. From: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/pdl_practice/blob/master/a.ipynb To: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/bhishanpdl/pdl_practice/blob/master/a.ipynb Then, we just need to open the new url in safari. ---------- I did following: - applescrip to find frontmost tab url and copy to clipboard - edit the url using python - again use applescript to open edited url This seems to be bit of too much of a work. Is there way it can be done in only one applescript. The only thing I don't know is how to edit the string in applescript. I am only comfortable working with python and use it for most of the work. The codes used are following: # First applescript tell application "Safari" ignoring case set theURL to URL of front document set the clipboard to theURL end ignoring end tell # Second python script to edit url import sys query = sys.argv[1] query = 'https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github'+ query.split(r'github.com')[1] sys.stdout.write(query) """ From: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/pdl_practice/blob/master/a.ipynb To : https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/bhishanpdl/pdl_practice/blob/master/a.ipynb """ # Last applescript to open url on alfred_script(q) set theURL to the clipboard tell application "Safari" open location theURL activate end tell end alfred_script How can all these codes can be written in only one applescript?
  17. I'm trying to run an external script that happens to be a symlink but nothing is happening. The script runs fine when I execute it on it's own outside of Alfred.
  18. I wanna run my workflow each time display sleeps, how can I do it?
  19. Is there a simple way of opening an app and execute its menu command using Alfred ? For example, in Lepton app the keyboard combination `shift-space` will do the gists search. I would like to make an alfred workflow to do this search. Attempt: 1. Assign a hotkey 2. Lauch app Lepton 3. Key combo However, this will only open the app and does not run the key combo. Is there a simple AppleScript to do this? Or, am I doing something wrong here?
  20. I'm creating a workflow that opens an application which is set to automatically update other things (add-ons for a game, in this case, it's Twitch). This usually takes just a few seconds. So I'm wondering if there's a way to open the app and then close it after a few seconds?
  21. I was playing around with folder navigation options tonight. I was using the defaults for Alfred 3, so I enabled Use <- and -> for folder navigation under Features > File Search. I tried it out and decided I didn't like it so I unchecked the option to revert Alfred 3 to the default behavior for <- and -> when navigating folders. After unchecking the option, the behavior didn't revert to the default of showing me the action panel when I pressed -> on a folder. It did stop the -> from navigating into the folder, but the -> had no other effect. I did a quit and restart of Alfred 3 and the problem persisted. Entirely possible this is PEBKAC as I'm fairly new to Alfred, coming to it from many years as a LaunchBar user. But this seems like it might be a bug in that option deselect call back.
  22. Hi Apologies if I'm missing something obvious but I'm assuming that on the Workflows tab I should see a list workflows to choose from to install? I'm not seeing anything and am unable to find a answer here or through Google search.
  23. I am getting this error when trying to active my product with a key I bought an hour ago. Help!
  24. Hi all! First post here. A workflow of mine involves having a script launch a bookmarklet in Google Chrome. I can, it is true, put the JS code to be executed directly into my script, but that means changing my code in 2 places every time I change something. So with Applescript, opening a bookmark in Chrome is trivial: tell application "Google Chrome" if not (exists window 1) then reopen set coef to URL of bookmark item "Coef" of bookmark folder "Bookmarks Bar" open location coef end tell But when trying this in JXA, everything goes to hell. I've tried countless variations on the following code, var app = Application('com.google.Chrome') var frontWindow = app.windows[0] var myBM = app.bookmarkFolders.whose({title: "Bookmarks Bar"}) var myBM = app.bookmarkFolders["Bookmarks Bar"] var myBM = app.bookmarkFolders.title("Bookmarks Bar") //etc ad nauseam and cannot for the life of me get a handle on a bookmark folder, let alone a bookmark item. bookmarkFolder vs. bookmarkFolders, nothing helped. The last line actually got me an array with the names of the two top-level folders, but that's the closest I got to anything. Anybody has an idea how this gets done? Thanks!
  25. Hi there, Recently, I noticed that when I'm typing some snippet keyword will be picked up by computer, even I'm not within the Alfred box. Eg, I have snippet as 'name', when I was typing inside Bear notes, when I type name, the snippet content will pop up into the text field. Can you please look into this? Ian