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Found 155 results

  1. I'm trying to make a workflow to grab weather for any city from Weather Underground. The format they use is https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/ca/san-diego. I'd like to be able to type "wund San Diego" and have it convert to "https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/ca/san-diego" (or any other city I type). I've found how to change case and transform to *remove* whitespace, but how do I replace it with a different character? Thanks
  2. Which one can help me a favor! I need this search engine: Https://searx.me/ Designed as Alfred workflow! Greatful
  3. Is it possible to write a workflow which opens a list of files in a particular application? These are all text files but I don't them to be opened by the default application. I want them opened in a particular application which is not the default for the file--type. macosxguru
  4. Hey Gang - i must have been fat-fingering my keyboard last night and got these two icons, representing specific files, to stick on top of my Alfred search bar. They're completely meaningless shortcuts for me, and I have no idea how they got there or how to remove them. I've looked through the settings and can't seem to figure out what they are, or how to remove them, which is ultimately what I'm trying to do here.  I can imagine it would be useful to store often-used shortcuts to apps or files on top of the Alfred search bar, but these two are not that, and again, don't know how i did it or how to remove them. Please help?
  5. I discovered a workflow that allows me to search over my Dropbox Paper docs, but I'd like something that would behave more like Spotificious... allowing me to browse the folders I've created iteratively... anyone interested in putting this together?
  6. Hi there, I'm using Alfred v3.8 [959] with Power Pack on macOS 10.13.6 and I'm experiencing issues with launching some apps: /Applications/Whatsapp.app for example can't be started from Alfred, but can be launched from Spotlight. Some other apps that can't be launched: /Applications/HP Easy Scan.app /Applications/Micro Snitch.app /Applications/PassMaker.app /Applications/Pixelmator.app /Applications/iBooks.app It seems completely random to me.
  7. Antialiasing looks like its off in several places in the latest version. Both the input text and non-highlighted results don't look antialiased, but the highlighted result does look antialiased. If it's helpful to know, I do have the "Reduced transparency" feature enabled in the Accessibility Preferences and I am using a non-Retina screen. Alfred: v3.8 [959] macOS: 10.14.3 (18D109)
  8. For the last few days, my main desktop won't seem to stay upgraded to 3.8. I get the alert there's an update, download it, run it, password input, then a second or two later it seems to want me to upgrade again. I grabbed a video of it happening, which you can see here: https://take.ms/YZn66 I've done this maybe 20 times in the last few days. My other two machines upgraded fine, so I'm sure it's something specific to this machine, I just don't know what to look for.
  9. Just upgraded to Mojave 10.14 (18A391). Just downloaded the most recent Alfred 3, 3_8_959. Followed the instructions about giving Alfred access from https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/macos-mojave/. But I cannot figure out how to query Alfred. I can tell that I'm running Alfred because it shows up as a running process: /V/b/D/alfred$ ps auxw | grep -i alfred jbent 1782 0.0 0.2 4870044 25732 ?? S 8:28AM 0:00.29 /Applications/Alfred 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Alfred 3 -psn_0_483446 There is no bowler top hat in my menu bar nor in my dock. The keystroke that I used before upgrading to Mojave (alt-space) is no longer working. Any suggestions? Please help. I miss Alfred!! TIA.
  10. Hi, I often have multiple Intellij IDEA windows open simultaneously. What's annoying to me is that I often end up clicking the Window item in the top menu bar and them select the one I want from the a list like below. What I want to achieve is something as follows. After invoking the Alfred box (alt + space), when I type "i" (suppose I use it to trigger Intellij window search), alfred will list the open windows below the Alfred input box. And then, when I enter more characters in the input box, Alfred will filter the list by doing a fuzzy match. For example, when type "i urls", Alfred will only show the "urls_trunk" project, and when I hit "Enter", it will bring the focus to the corresponding Intellij window. FYI, I am 100% newbie to Alfred and I have only used it for a few days. Thanks.
  11. My snippets and hotkeys suddenly stopped working today. I read through some troubleshooting on snippets and I think this is because Alfred is not in the Automation section of Security & Privacy settings. I am running the latest version of Alfred and have Mojave OS. I tried dragging Alfred from Finder to the Automation section, but it just bounces back and won't add it. I can't find a button to be able to add programs, either. I also tried restarting the computer. What else can I do to get snippets and hotkeys working again?
  12. Sorry for the absolute beginner question. I've installed some workflows that launch AppleScripts. Now if I press the Alfred hotkey and type the name of the workflow, Alfred offers to launch the original AppleScript file, but not the workflow itself. Why should I want this? Well, because I want to see the pretty icons I added to the workflow. But also because I want to understand the concept better and think I'm missing something. Thanks!
  13. The Run Script action, particularly relevant to osascript, appears to return the result of the script as text that is terminated with a line break character. This causes problems when the script returns a file path, which gets fed into the subsequent node of the workflow that is expecting to receive a file path that points to an existing file, but instead receives a file path that points to a non-existent file because of the extra character in its name. https://transfer.sh/LEmG3/Bug Report.alfredworkflow The workflow demonstrates the phenomenon. It simply displays an osascript output surrounded by quotes to visualise the string in its entirety. The code used in the `osascript` is: on run return "~/Downloads" end run This might not technically be a bug, per se, as I'm guessing the Run Script actions all execute a script by way of a shell command, and therefore it may be that the osascript command itself is returning this output rather than something Alfred is doing. That said, when I run the following command in Terminal: osascript -e 'return "~/Downloads"' | wc -l it reports that the output does only contain a single line.
  14. Hi all, I've been enjoying creating workflows quite a bit, but I have a question. I have two Workflows that maximize the frontmost window vertically or horizontally. Their keyword Inputs are set to "maximize vertically" and "maximize horizontally", but this means that I have to type "maxim", the two of them show up and then I have to pick the right one. I would rather type "vert" or "horiz" and just hit enter. But it seems that Alfred doesn't do fuzzy matching on keyword Inputs. Am I right? Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch! Paul
  15. Hello all, thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. In general I'm wanting to setup a workflow to mount and unmount a site using sshfs. Attached is a screenshot of the workflow I'm working on. What I want to do is to choose first whether to mount or unmount the site. Then choose what site to mount or unmount. I'm getting to the mount/unmount list filter, and choosing my option which works. After that however it's not continuing down the workflow flow to get to the list filter where I choose the site. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. Hi I'm trying to work out to get Alfred to show calendar results in searches in the same way that Spotlight does. So for example if I key in Dentist it will show me my dentist appointments. I've have deselected calendar in the Don't Show section of File Search Preferences and have also given Alfred full disk access. I was also expecting to have to grant access to calendars for Alfred in the Privacy section of System Preferences but it does not appear there. Can anyone help me please? Thanks Cayman
  17. Hey everyone! I just got the Powerpack earlier tonight and saw that I can sync some of the settings over Dropbox. Is there any way to get the text expansion snippets to sync over Dropbox as well? I know in the documentation it explicitly says that text snippets don't sync, but is there any way around that? Thanks!
  18. To make a long story short, I updated a workflow. It has a long action that is done by an Alfred Script object in AppleScript. In certain cases, I want to do some of the work via a python script rather than in AppleScript. To do this I added the following which checks a variable already set and if so tries to run a python script I put in the workflow folder. (The argument passed is encapsulated in quotes) --check if online and if so, use Python. if contents of online is "online" then --run script to put passage onto the clipboard do shell script "python ./get_verse.py \"" + passageRef + "\"" --paste the passage into the current app keystroke "v" using command down else The réponse I'm getting back in Alfred debugging is: [2019-01-16 15:18:30][ERROR: action.script] /Users/samuel/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Scripts/27C48708-2D1A-4008-BCBF-CCABCD6247DC:801:811: execution error: Can’t make "python ./get_verse.py \"" into type number. (-1700) This tells me it's not executing the python script. I'm sure there's something simple here I'm missing but cannot figure out what it is.
  19. A couple of months ago, user Claui created a workflow for me called Random File Picker. It randomly chooses a specified number of files from a specified folder and copies them somewhere else. It does not, however, include files within subfolders of the specified folder. If anyone could edit it to add this functionality, I would be in your debt!
  20. A while back, a user named Claui created a workflow for me that randomly selects a specified number of files from one folder and copies them into another. I would be so grateful if anyone could make this work with subfolders. That is, say I have a folder called Folder. It's got subfolders called 1, 2, and 3. Each of those has files called 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, etc. This workflow, when pointed at "Folder" would ideally choose randomly from files in all of the subfolders, so it might choose 1a and 3b. Here is the GitHub link for Claui's version: https://github.com/claui/alfred-random_file_picker I know some of you will remember this request from before, and I apologize if it's annoying. It's just that this would make my workflow unbelievably more efficient, and I have no idea how to do it myself. Thanks for taking the time.
  21. Trying to search my Safari bookmark but only shows Chrome bookmarks. macOS version: 10.14 Beta (18A293u) Alfred version: v3.6.2 [916] Alfred Web Bookmarks Setting: Search Results: Safari Bookmarks
  22. I absolutely love Alfred. Been using it as my search of on my Mac. However, after two years+ I have been unable to get it to search my Evernote notes (which I use extensively). Is there some magic to getting Alfred to search Evernote? I have added (under search scope) the ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Hi everyone. I have a workflow that I use to create tasks in Asana using Alfred. I have a notification that I'd like to show the task (Query) when it's done. It used to work, but now the notification shows as this: Here's the setting: Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  24. Hi All, Just found out about the app Alfred while searching automation options. I am hoping the community can shed some light on whether Alfred can help me or not and if yes, give me a steer in the right direction. What I would like to do is: 1-Rename an mp3 file, preserving its extension, using its parent, sub-directory name. 2-Move the file to the root directory and delete the original parent directory. For example, change this: Songs (Root directory) Good song (sub-directory) asdfgh.mp3 (file) Really good song (sub-directory) zxczvb.mp3 (file) To this: Songs (Root directory) Good song.mp3 (renamed & moved file) Really good song.mp3 (renamed & moved file) Many thanks, Sim871
  25. Hey guys, I am quite new to Alfred and workflows, but I think and believe the following problem should be easy for you. Basically what I wanna do is to look for three different keywords on three different websites in private mode. What I have done so far, you can see below at the screenshot. Now, two things that I haven't achieved yet: 1) How do I make the search in all private mode? I won't to have neutral results, and not the results based on my preferences that Amazon and Google know. 2) Google, Amazon and Ebay are predefined by Alfred. How to I add a third (or fourth site) website for a search, e.g. https://www.gearbest.com/={query}-_gear/? 3) Is there a way to have also a Screenshot, or PDF print of all those then 9 websites? That would be lovely! Ideally it should work without starting the specific browser first. I also do not mind about the browser. Safari, Firefox, or Chrome work, but the search has to be conducted in private mode. Thanks for your help! Downloadlink: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7az9eq0h5i0rfp9/Brand Search.alfredworkflow?dl=0
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