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Found 196 results

  1. I have an external drive that I only use for an app-specific task (recording audio). The drive is located in a semi-incovenient place so I sometimes forget to unplug it when I'm done. Is there a workflow I can create to eject the external disc when I close the app? Thanks!
  2. Are workflows created in v4 compatible with v3 if they don't make use of any new object?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to install V4 and whenever I download the disk image I get this message on opening: "Alfred" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash: I've tried the following: - Reboot - Full shutdown and start up - Downloading V3 and V4 (both fail in the same way) - Installing from Homebrew Details: - Running MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 - "Allow apps from App Store and identified developers" in System Preferences -> Security and Privacy Best, Michael Can't Install Alfred V4 or open Disk Image (is damaged and can't be opened)
  4. I invoke Alfred with Opt+Space. Is it possible to invoke Alfred only with LeftOpt + Space or RightOpt + Space ? Otherwise, consider this a feature request 🙂
  5. Is anyone using/has anyone made a Workflow for searching Vivaldi bookmarks? Given that it's based on Chromium, which Alfred already supports, I would assume that such a thing should be within the realm of possibility, but unfortunately I have no knowledge of how to go about building Workflows myself.
  6. I'm just trying to create a simple workflow that will open a template when I type in the word 'sphere''. Thought I had it figured out but when I type it into Alfred, nothing happens. Here are some screenshots of the main workflow modules and when I open them up. I'm trying to open a template that's specific to the application Reaper Thanks for any input here.
  7. Hi All, I have 2 script updates to make (See Screenshot) what how proceed ? Thanks for help.
  8. Have just done a clean install (i.e. uninstalled Alfred 3 first) to Alfred 4.0.1 b1078. Running on macOS Mojave 10.14.5 on a MacBook Pro (13 inch, 2017, Four thunderbolt 3 ports) Have been able to set the "macOS Accessibility preferences" and the "macOS Contacts preferences" but as the title says unable to set the other 2 preferences as Alfred 4 does not appear in the selection settings. See attached screenshots. Have searched but can't see anyone else having this problem. Look forward to a solution.
  9. Hi, is there a way to perform an action (ok) to a list of files selected on the finder (don't know ho to do that) Thanks
  10. Hi, A feature I use a lot in Alfred 3 is using Alfred's Search Bar as a scratchpad for quick Snippet expansions that I need to get onto the clipboard. For example, I invite Alfred, type pg` which expands to one of my email address, select all and copy, etc. Originally this didn't work in Alfred 3, but after a discussion here (can't find the thread) it was added—and appreciated! Unfortunately this feature isn't working in Alfred 4. Is there any chance you could add it back in at a future date? On a positive note, Alfred 4 looks brilliant. I'm really looking forward to digging in. Congratulations on the great work! Thanks, Pat
  11. Hello! First I want to introduce myself. My name is Emilio and I am a user of Alfred since Alfred 3 was released but this is the first time that I am writing in the forum. I upgraded to Alfred 4 and I have a question. sorry if is too stupid or basic. I am trying to use 1Password writing 1p + name of the password on 1password. I activated everything on 1Password and on Alfred. I write 1P and ask me to put the name to search on 1Password but when I write the first letter (For instance a of admin) disappear the 1password "workflow" and appears the search in Google, Amazon, etc... I don't know if I know how to explain... I am doing something wrong? Sorry, I can't find any post with the same problem.
  12. I don't know what it is about file notifications, but they really bug me. I never encountered them in Alfred 3, but I can't find a way to disable them now that I've made the move to Alfred 4. Can anyone advise?
  13. Hi, I’d LOVE an option in Alfred to launch apps as admin (=with sudo). For example, some file managers like Forklift or Marta don’t run as admin by default, making them less than ideal for my needs. I know I can do this in terninal, but I’d love to be able to do this in Alfred, preferably with modifier key (i.e. "hold Opt to run as admin“). Any tips? Thanks!
  14. I have a few keyword triggers that also seem to show results from Contacts. I don't want this. If a keyword matches, I want ONLY the results from that keyword/script filter. Is this possible? I know I can turn off the checkbox in Default results: But then, how do I search Contacts and take action on them??
  15. I have many items in my clipboard history. I want to select and delete some of them. How do I do that?
  16. I'm on the latest version of Alfred, and I'm not sure when this stopped working, but at some point, open/find/in just stopped working, and goes back to a default web search. If I type any of the commands, I get the correct behaviour at first: However, once I start typing the name of a file, it defaults to searching the web: Quick File Search is enabled in the preferences, and all the commands are enabled as well: Does anyone know what I might need to fix?
  17. Hi! I just switched to DevonThink 3 and with DevonThink 2 I could search and find all files inside my DT Databases with Alfred. This does not work anymore. I enabled the Spotlight Index of my Databases and the Files are found with Spotlight, but not with Alfred. Do I have to enable something else in Alfred to be able to find my files with Alfred? I thought it would just use the Spotlight index and the results should be the same… Thanks!
  18. I'd like to integrate Alfred with a 3rd-party dictionary app. Is there any possible way that I can use the result of Alfred's built-in dictionary suggestion feature? I didn't see how Alfred implemented this since they do not expose built-in features. Or any other's work I can use? I don't want to do it from scratch by figure out how to deal with Apple's Dictionary Services.
  19. When attempting to search, it begins to work however when type anything in, it goes straight to google search. The same thing happens for both the netflix and the mail.app search
  20. Antialiasing looks like its off in several places in the latest version. Both the input text and non-highlighted results don't look antialiased, but the highlighted result does look antialiased. If it's helpful to know, I do have the "Reduced transparency" feature enabled in the Accessibility Preferences and I am using a non-Retina screen. Alfred: v3.8 [959] macOS: 10.14.3 (18D109)
  21. macOS Mojave 10.14.14 Alfred 3 v3.8.1 Hi, not sure if this is a bug or not. I seem to remember being able to 'flip through' multiple Quick Look instances of files while Quick Look was activated in Alfred. To clarify, when I view the contents of a directory or browse through the results of an Alfred query, it is my recollection that when invoking Quick Look in Alfred with the Shift key, the Quick Look instance of the highlighted file would show, and I would then be able to flip through the rest of the results while keeping Quick Look activated, effectively to see the preview of each file without having to press Shift for each file. Now, at least since installing Mojave, I need to press the Shift key for each file while going through the Alfred results, instead of using the ↑ and ↓ keys, as you can do in Finder. Is this a change in how Mojave now deals with Quick Look, as opposed to previous macOS versions, or could this be a setting I've changed? I'm not sure, I just know that my hands seem to have a memory of being able to do this :). Maybe it was never possible. Thanks
  22. I used to be able to open Hazel preferences from Alfred, but now Alfred can't even find the preferences file. Any ideas why it wouldn't be able to see it? Thanks.
  23. I used to be able to open Alfred preferences via Alfred. But recently it's stopped working and I can't figure out why. Alfred can see the file, but it doesn't open. If I type "find" before it, it opens up the directory where the preferences file is, but I can't open the preferences from there either. I have to go to the menu bar to open it. Any ideas? Screenshot attached. Thanks.
  24. Hey fabulous Alfred users, Could you please help me with what's the Snippet for the Current Time for the format "hh:mm (am/pm)". The current snippet I'm using is {time}, which gives time in the format "11:22:01 AM". I would like to drop the seconds from this format and just have the Hours and Minutes. Thanks for your help!
  25. Just purchased Alfred and when I try and open the Alfred Settings with CMD + , it opens Chrome Settings on Mac? I've checked the keyboard > shortcuts > apps settings and the shortcut is not in there. How do I get the normal shortcut to Alfred to work?
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