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Found 242 results

  1. I upgraded to Catalina last night and my hotkeys are no longer functioning. I've read a few different threads on the topic but haven't been able to find a resolution. I've checked the permissions for Alfred (full disk access, accessibility, automation). Alfred is not listed under automation and I see no way to add it or trigger Alfred to ask for this permission. If I boot up under Mojave everything is working fine. I've tried deleting my Application Support folder as well as Alfred Preferences to no avail. I've tried watching Console messages but don't see anything directly related to Alfred. These messages tend to pop up when I press my hotkey but I can't say that they're related to Alfred error 15:20:22.832441-0400 WindowServer Sender is prohibited from synthesizing events Anything else I should try?
  2. I've been using Alfred for years now, and its keyboard shortcut is burned into my muscle memory. Unfortunately, another app's shortcut is also burned into memory: CTRL+OPT+CMD+C, which I've used for years to launch an app called Calq... which was a 32 bit app, and as such, has gone the way of the dinosaur with the launch of MacOS 10.15. The good news is that Alfred's calculator functionality means I haven't lost any of the functionality of Calq, and it behaves pretty much exactly the same way. The bad news is that I always forget about it, and my habit of conjuring Calq leaves me confused when nothing happens upon firing the old, engrained shortcut. Sure, I could just get over it and eventually learn to forget the old Calq shortcut, but old habits die painfully hard. So, in short: Is there a way to assign a secondary shortcut to Alfred WITHOUT removing the original hotkey? If I could call it forth using EITHER shortcut combo, my life would be so much simpler...
  3. Years back I used my old email address to register the alfred powerpack license, I'm not using that email address anymore. Is there any way to change the email for the license?
  4. When a text-replacement snippet completes, it makes a "beep" sound. I want the option to turn off this beep. I don't want typing to ever make noise.
  5. Hei! I was hoping for an advice on a workflow I got hold of. Supposedly, the workflow should create a new note and fill in structure of the note. For some reason, it creates the the file and fills inn the correct UID of the file, but I can’t get it to fill in the note structure (Various text). The structure is there in the blank field of the "write text to file" object, but it doesn't fill it into the new note. Does anyone have an advice to what I am missing? (Im not a computer geek, but I try to understand). Best regards Student
  6. Hi everyone. I have a workflow that I use to create tasks in Asana using Alfred. I have a notification that I'd like to show the task (Query) when it's done. It used to work, but now the notification shows as this: Here's the setting: Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  7. Guys, can anyone help me out? I'm trying to use a `JSON Config` object to set some variables in my workflow. But it's not working. I've read https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/utilities/json/ and done as much googl'ing as I can. I made a simple test workflow that illustrates my dilemma. When setting args using `Args and Vars` (hold SHIFT) it works, but the JSON Config seemingly does nothing. Download below: JSONConfig.alfredworkflow (github) Any ideas?
  8. Hello, I have a workflow that's using a script filter, and I'd like to disable search fallbacks for that filter if nothing is found. Is this possible for workflows? The reason I want to avoid this is that this workflow is querying an internal glossary service for the definition of terms, and so I'm not sure I want those queries potentially going to external search engines. Cheers! -Tim
  9. Hi everyone, I'm trying to run a simple Python script using the "Run Script" workflow module, but I'm unable to make it work. The script runs fine when it's done from the "Terminal Command" module. I've checked the Mojave OS permissions and they all seem to be fine. You can find the workflow available here. I'm running Mojave 10.14.6, Alfred 4.0.4 and Python 3.7.2. I'll be happy to provide further information if needed. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello together, I have a problem with searching for apps. Example Searching for "Mindnode) Spotlight: yes Alfred 3: yes Alfred 4: no I tried to troubleshoot: - Excluded the App-Folder in Spotlight-Preferences - Clear Application Cache - Rebuild macOS-Metadata - Uninstall Alfred 4 Nothing helped. Has anyone a clue? Kind regards (and sorry about my bad english) Mark
  11. Is it possible to create a shortcut name to launch an app? I've a new mail app and I'd like to launch it instead of my current Apple Mail when I type 'mail'. How might I do this?
  12. I have a app1 in Desktop1 I have a app2 in Desktop2 I bring up Alfred in Desktop2 and type app1 I hit Enter But app1 remain in Desktop1 and not move to the Desktop1 I am sorry that my English is so bad😭 If you cannot understand, plese click googleDribeURL and watch( the meaning of "デスクトップ1" in the video is 'Desktop1' in English) I'm looking forward to your response!!
  13. Hi there, I would like to build a little workflow, where I can choose between the running instances (documents) of an application. Let's say, there are 3 documents open in one app (in separate windows). Can I build somehow a filter, that shows those opened windows and cycles through them, so that I can choose the one, that I want?
  14. With Alfred 3, I would drag a file for the Alfred search results, and it would copy the file to my desktop. With Alfred 4, I just discovered this now moves the file to the desktop. I hope I haven't lost too many files to this. I looked through the preferences, and I can't figure out how to change the "dragging to desktop" behavior trigger. Any ideas?
  15. Hi, I'd expect that after changing my preferences folder, it will also affect location of the workflows (including their working directories). But somehow it only affects location of the Alfred.alfredpreferences But it does not change Workflow Data location. Here an example: In my workflow, I use these two variables. Below values when using a default location: alfred_workflow_data /Users/jhartman/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/carlosnz.timezones2 alfred_preferences /Users/jhartman/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences After changing Preferences Folder: alfred_workflow_data /Users/jhartman/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/carlosnz.timezones2 alfred_preferences /Users/jhartman/Downloads/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences As you can see, still points to the old location. Edit I think bottom question is: how to handle custom workflow preferences to allow them being synchronised across different laptops, alongside Alfred preferences? To me it somehow invalidates the idea of syncing the configuration? Or em I missing something? Thank you, Jarek --------------- Alfred 3.8.2 Build 963, Friday 31st May 2019 MacOS 10.14.6 (18G87) Can be consistently reproduced
  16. My steps: 1. Checked "Clipboard History > Advanced > Auto-paste on return" option; 2. Select a clipboard history in Alfred; text doesn't paste. It's only copied to clipboard. I have to type cmd+c to paste it.
  17. I wrote a workflow, the argument setting needs "Selection in macOS" function. But it does not work. My settings: [Hot key]: double tap cmd; [Action]: Show Alfred; [Argument]: Selection in macOS; [Prefix]: mytest [Cursor]: Right When I do above and call the hot key, only " mytest " appears in Alfred dialog.
  18. I bought a powerpack license(£39) yesterday, and I have received an email about Alfred Powerpack Receipt. However I have never received the other mail with license. I have tried to send an email but no reply. Please send license to me as soon as possible.
  19. I'm trying to create a script filter that presents the last 3 items from the clipboard history and takes an action on them. E.g. {clipboard:0} {clipboard:1} {clipboard:2} etc. My language is bash for now (yes I know I should be using a real language, but this is just for POC) Here's what I have printf '%s\n' "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>" printf '%s\n' "<output>" printf '%s\n' "<items>" printf '%s\n' "<item arg=\"{clipboard:0}\" valid=\"YES\">" printf '%s\n' "<title>{clipboard:0}</title>" printf '%s\n' "</item>" printf '%s\n' "<item arg=\"{clipboard:1}\" valid=\"YES\">" printf '%s\n' "<title>{clipboard:1}</title>" printf '%s\n' "</item>" printf '%s\n' "<item arg=\"{clipboard:2}\" valid=\"YES\">" printf '%s\n' "<title>{clipboard:2}</title>" printf '%s\n' "</item>" printf '%s\n' "</items>" printf '%s\n' "</output>" This does not work. It simply displays "{clipboard:0}" etc verbatim. Is there a way to access Alfred internal vars and special placeholders from within a Script Filter?
  20. I am trying to automate some things from an external app (Bunch) Are there URL schemes available to call a select Alfred command from outside Alfred? e.g. alfred://run?command=NameOfCommand
  21. Hi, "System" doesn't work for me. All actions are active. But nothing is coming up. Any hints? Thanks...
  22. Hi there, I am relatively new to Alfred workflows and I could not figure out yet, how to pass more than one variable - from let's say an osascript(JS) - back to the Alfred workflow, so that I can use them there as {var:var1}, {var:var2} and so on. Sorry, if this question has been already answered, but I did not find it... Kind regards, Kay
  23. I have Alfred V 3.82 and Powerpack. My Powerpack, containg the license info is using an old email address that I no longer have access to. I need help changing my email address so that I can upgrade and then receive the new information/license via email. Thanks
  24. I am a mega user!!! (...) I found the snippet feature very useful. Just a little suggestion~ Different Snippets set be applied to different apps: The spirit of snippets is to quickly input repetitive commands, which will result in large amount of short commands (e.g. tm stand for "Tomorrow", "cal" stand for calendar). Moreover, the snippets will be used in different applications, which have vastly different commands and features. But if snippets don't identify which app it is working on, then there will be many clashes like for example if I want to input "calculator" in MicrosoftWord.app, then the first three character "cal" will auto expand into "Calendar", etc. So, if each individual snippet set can correspond to some app, then this feature will be really nicer.
  25. mac os 10.14.5 alfred 4.0.3 All removal operations in the software will report errors couldn't be moved to the trash.
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