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  1. When you run item 2, you want to run only one window. Which part of the script should I modify? Thanks in Advance! on alfred_script(q) if application "iTerm2" is running or application "iTerm" is running then run script " on run {q} tell application \"iTerm\" activate try select first window set onlywindow to true on error create window with default profile select first window set onlywindow to true end try tell the first window if onlywindow is false then create tab with default profile end if tell current session to write text q end tell end tell end run " with parameters {q} else run script " on run {q} tell application \"iTerm\" activate try select first window on error create window with default profile select first window end try tell the first window tell current session to write text q end tell end tell end run " with parameters {q} end if end alfred_script
  2. Hello, Snippets don't work https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj16T_Ds0bkv01sNX5l03gGKMWl_ - Alfred 4.3.4 - MacOS 11.4 Regards
  3. Hello. I ran CleanMyMac after a recommendation from a friend, but I have now lost a lot of functionality. I had to set up the clipboard history again, I am unable to search/open applications any more, all of my workflows are gone. I am still able to find and locate files. I don't expect these things can be restored, I think they have been wiped from the machine. But I don't know how to fix it. For example, I don't know how to get Alfred opening apps again, it also seems that I am unable to open apps with spotlight either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I'm probably missing something very basic here but I can figure out what. I have this AppleScript in Alfred on main(notetext) tell script "jemDT" create_entry(the current date, notetext) end tell end main on alfred_script(q) main(q) end alfred_script Unfortunately it seems like it's calling a cached (?) version of create_entry. If I make changes to what create_entry does, it doesn't show up when I call this script. But if I put this slightly modified script in Script Editor and try on main(notetext) tell script "jemDT" create_entry(the current date, notetext) end tell end main on alfred_script(q) main(q) end alfred_script alfred_script("Hello") Then everything works as expected. So to me it seems like Alfred uses a cached version of jemDT or something like that. Any suggestions for how I can get Alfred to use the current version of jemDT?
  5. I would love to use the "Email to..." Action but it defaults to Apple Mail, and I have not been able to find any preferences or any forum discussions where users have successfully altered this Action to use a different Email provider. Is this possible?
  6. please bear with me as I'm completely new to Alfred so maybe there is an obvious answer to this but I haven't found it yet is there a way to make safari technology preview the source for web bookmarks in Alfred rather than safari or chrome? thanks! edit: I realized I simply needed to set bookmarks to open in macOS default browser, which I already had set to tech preview, and what I was actually trying to accomplish
  7. Hi, I have a lot of text expansion snippets in macOS system preferences and have managed to export these into a plist file. Is there a way to simply import these into Alfred or do I have to manually add them in, one by one? Many thanks. C
  8. Apologies in advance for what may be a basic question. I'd like to create a workflow that takes me to the results of a search query from an online database. Doing the task manually (without Alfred), I would enter in the database web address and go to the page. Once landing on the page, there is a search icon. If I hit "/", then the search bar will activate, and then I can type in the name of the person I am searching for. I'd love to set up a workflow where all the above is automated ... where I could type the keyword to reference the web page, then hit space and type in the name of the person I am searching for ... hit enter ... I am taken to that person's exact record. Hoping that makes sense! Any advice?
  9. Dear, all, As recent Alfred convert, I am enthusiastically exploring the options. One thing I cannot find out is how to run a WORKFLOW for the following use case: I am using Foxtrot Personal Search intensively to work with ~1M documents. To start a search I use Alfred. However, currently, I only trigger an existing AppleScript I created through an Alfred hotkey to open a search in FoxTrot. As a result, when I press the hotkey, AppleScript opens a non-Alfred window to provide the search field, which is then passed to the app. The AppleScript is as follows: on alfred_script(q) set FS to display dialog "Search for?" default answer "" set query to text returned of FS tell application "FoxTrot Personal Search" search {query} end tell end alfred_script It would be great if I could use the default Alfred input window for this, but I don’t seem to be able to pass my search input to the app other than by using the AppleScript. Can anyone please help me with a sample workflow? Thank you!
  10. Hi all. Quick question: What exactly am I doing when I see this? Thank youu!
  11. I need to just take the contents of the clipboard and strip off all but the path of a url and copy it back to the clipboard. I could do this by splitting the clipboard's url at a particular point and outputting the second part, or doing a search and replace. I just am not sure how to grab the contents of the clipboard and pipe it into the split utility. It seems to want a {query} which I don't have. Thanx
  12. Hi, i built a small workflow for restarting the finder. It works, but everytime i have to close terminal after the keystroke. I'd like to lean, how to built this workflow, so that i don't have to close the terminal after each keystroke. Greetz Chris
  13. Hey guys, I love Alfred's Clipboard features, but I miss one that is common to almost all good clipboard managers: sequential paste. Nowadays, if I want to do this in Alfred, I need to copy a few items, then invoke the Clipboard History using Command + Option + C, then use Command + number to paste what I want. Each time. If Alfred had a sequential paste feature, I'd be able to copy a few items and then, using a special paste keyboard shortcut, it would paste each last copied item in reverse order. That would be awesome! Cheers.
  14. I'm getting this error, even though I haven't changed anything about my setup. I've already tried rebooting, resetting the sync location, restoring preferences from a backup in various locations (the one in the error message, Application Support, etc.). My workflows, snippets, etc. are just gone! "You have a sync location set, but the preferences package is missing from: ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Alfred This could be due to the Volume not yet being mounted, or the preferences being deleted. If you continue, Alfred will use the default preferences location."
  15. Hello guys, Im kind of wondering if some of you could help me to build a workflow using for checking a vendor based on the MAC address of device. I was trying to do it by myself but did not have much of success. They have some kind of API, Im not quite sure if its gonna be even possible ... https://macvendors.com/api Thanks for info
  16. Happy Friday! Do any of the Pinboard workflows out there support Alfred's learning based on usage? @vitor I tried to add a UID to yours – my current favorite – it didn't work (but I know nothing about ruby)
  17. Hello, I was hoping to double check something about the rerun feature in script filters. If the script filter is returning more than one result while being rerun, and the user attempts to select an option beyond the first using arrow-down on the keyboard, the selection will be lost upon refreshing. So, I understand one can select one of the results only via mouse (if you are quick) or typing matching text, is that correct? Or, is there a way to store the result currently selected/highlighted via keyboard and serve it back upon refreshing? thanks in advance!
  18. hi all I can't get this to work if launched from Alfred. Works if run from Terminal. What am I missing? thanks!! #!/usr/bin/env python import os if not os.path.exists(os.path.expanduser('~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/myWorkflow')): os.mkdir (os.path.expanduser('~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/myWorkflow'))
  19. Currently you can use the `clear` keyword to delete either time-related entries or all entries from the Clipboard. It would be nice when navigating the Clipboard Viewer to delete individual entries using `⌥ + ⌫`.
  20. I can't get Alfred to keep a history of images in the clipboard? Is this not an issue for anyone else? I do have that feature enabled.
  21. Hi Everyone. Hope everyone id doing well. I am new to Alfred workflows and would like to build a workflow to search a keyword as a logo image on google. So the example is search for a google logo as an image in google image search. How hard is this? Thanks Murat
  22. Hello. I'm trying to open Zoom meeting URL that is in my iCalendar using 'Run Script' in Workflow. I am using ical-buddy for the purpose. I wrote the code below to select my "School" calendar, get some URL in it (which is either Zoom or Discord in my case so apologies for a lazy regex), and open it with Chrome. url=$(icalbuddy -ic 'School' eventsToday | egrep -o 'https:\/\/.*') && open -a "Google Chrome" $url If I paste this straight to terminal, it works perfectly. However, once I put this in 'Run Script' object in the Workflow that I am working on, it would not open the desired link. If I hard-code URL like below, it would open the link, so I suppose it is the problem with ical-buddy and grepping the link. url='https://www.google.com' && open -a "Google Chrome" $url I would really appreciate any insight. Thank you. P.S. I have /bin/zsh as Language
  23. I just downloaded Alfred today and started to try to program in some of my most used searches. I formulated Alfred's Search URL to exactly match what gutenberg.org puts in the URL of the browser. I could make Alfred open the Gutenberg.org webpage, but no matter how I formulated the search terms, I can't get Gutenberg to understand what Alfred wants. Alfred either lands on their front page or on a 404 page not found page. Is this just not do-able? I thought Alfred was able to search any website for anything. Thanks, Mary.
  24. Question: How to get the frontmost url from Safari and open it in Google Chrome Incognito? So far I was able to get the name of frontmost url. I have also seen another workflow to open in chrome incognito. But, I was struggling to combine two. I would truly appreciate if somebody jumps in and give me suggestions. I am looking for AppleScript that will do the work, if there is AppleScript I will be able to create new Alfred Workflow and use it there. Some references are included below:
  25. Hi folks, I'm trying to create a workflow but I realized that it will require some scripting. Since I have zero experience coding, I would like to know if someone else can help me on this. That's the idea. 1. I would like to open Alfred and type “status HSML11”. Note: “Status” is the keyword used to invoke the workflow and “HSML11” is the additional argument. 2. The workflow should run the script, considering the argument inputed. 3. The script should parse some of the information displayed on https://statusinvest.com.br/fundos-imobiliarios/<argument> e.g. https://statusinvest.com.br/fundos-imobiliarios/hsml11 4. The results should be shown on Alfred pulldown results as illustrated in the attached screenshot Appreciate your help.
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