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Found 262 results

  1. For some reason Alfred isn't finding my NordVPN app when I search for it as an app. If I search for "NordVPN" as a document, it is found in the app folder. I can find NordVPN using Spotlight. Does anyone have suggestions for why NordVPN isn't being recognized as an app by Alfred? Thanks.
  2. OSX 10.15.1 Catalina Alfred 4.0.6 (1124) Alfred is no longer indexing some of my applications. It still shows the Apple apps (Photos, Music, etc.) however no third party apps are showing up. They are also not showing up in Spotlight either, so this must be a problem in general with Spotlight indexing. I've tried Advanced -> Clear Application Cache and Advanced -> Rebuild macOS Metadata, but none of those helps. (I have let "Rebuild MacOS Metadata" run overnight.) Also when I try the "Delete .Spotlight-V100 before reindex" I get the following error: "rm: /System/Volumes/Data/.Spotlight-V100: Operation not permitted". Any ideas?
  3. With previous versions of Alfred, Typinator abbreviations would expand on the command line. For me, "dvt" became "Devonthink". "ss1" became "ss Inbox 1-sided" for ScanSnap. Such expansions no longer work in Alfred 4. I know that there is a setting to change that or a Terminal command, but I do not know what it is. I would appreciate your help!
  4. Hello, I have a Python script which uploads some files. It outputs a few messages to the console when running. I've added the PATH to its location in .bash_profile and so I can run it from anywhere just by typing the name (I have also removed the .py extension to make that easier). I'd like to be able to run it using an Alfred keyword. I've created a blank workflow, added a keyword input and connected a Run Script action to it. I've selected "Exernal Script" and entered the name. This didn't work, so I modified the "Script File" field to include the full path to the file. This made the actual text contents of the script appear in the window of the Script Action, but the action still doesn't do anything. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. (macOS 10.14.6 BTW)
  5. Hello! I would love Alfred to run this terminal command: Killall Dock I have to do it 10 times a day and right now I have to open terminal, write it, run it and quit terminal. I would love for it to be done with one click. Any idea? Thank you!
  6. I was trying to create an Alfred workflow using which I can copy the contents of file without opening the file. github link of workflow: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/Shared/blob/master/Alfred_questions/2019/aa 00 copy file contents.alfredworkflow?raw=true Fails when: folder name has space in it. Commands used: 1. keyword: copy file contents 2. Run script with osascript ``` tell application "Finder" set someSource to selection as alias list if someSource = {} then return "Select a file in Finder first" end if set theFile to item 1 of someSource as alias return quoted form of the POSIX path of theFile end tell ``` First I had only "return the POSIX path of theFile" then I changed it to "return quoted form of the POSIX path of theFile". It still does not work. 3. Run script ``` cat "$1" | pbcopy ``` This workflow does not work. I googled and found how to get the path of selected item in Finder but could not find how to copy file contents to clipboard. How can this workflow be fixed so that it works for SPACE separated folders? Example of debug: ``` 20:30:00.162] STDERR: aa 00 copy file contents[Run Script] cat: '/Users/poudel/tmp/try space/a.md' : No such file or directory ```
  7. I upgraded from Alfred 2 to Alfred 4 (both with powerpacks). I followed the migration instructions a couple times. The migration assistant found my previous version. I was able to "use synched" on preferences migration (also tried "copy preferences"). All options were available there. While most of my preferences seem to have transferred just fine, none of my snippets made it over to Alfred 4. Snippets are the most crucial feature in Alfred for me and I have hundreds in Alfred 2. What's going wrong? How an I move the snippets? Thank you.
  8. Up until recently, my preferences and workflows synced between machines wonderfully. Something recently broke and I'm not seeing workflows sync anymore through Dropbox. I know Dropbox is syncing on both machines, as I just dropped a file from my desktop machine into it and I see it on my laptop almost immediately. Both Alfred instances are set to sync from my Dropbox folder. But for some reason, the workflows aren't syncing. As a test, I create a new one on my desktop and don't see it syncing over to my laptop. However, if I delete the Alfred.preferences file from Dropbox, I see my workflows immediately start disappearing from both machines. So the syncing is working right, but just not for new workflows. Any pointers on what I should look for to troubleshoot this?
  9. Have just done a clean install (i.e. uninstalled Alfred 3 first) to Alfred 4.0.1 b1078. Running on macOS Mojave 10.14.5 on a MacBook Pro (13 inch, 2017, Four thunderbolt 3 ports) Have been able to set the "macOS Accessibility preferences" and the "macOS Contacts preferences" but as the title says unable to set the other 2 preferences as Alfred 4 does not appear in the selection settings. See attached screenshots. Have searched but can't see anyone else having this problem. Look forward to a solution.
  10. I have the keyboard shortcut for Spotlight's 'search Google with query' (CMD+B) ingrained in my head (also I use it all on the time on Macs I can't install Alfred on). However, Alfred only offers Ctrl+Return for the same functionality. Barring any secret way to change this Alfred can I make a workflow that does the same thing. I know I can make a workflow that triggers on a hotkey but I want it to only activate when Alfred is open otherwise I lose the ability to say make text bold (CMD+B) in TextEdit. Thanks!
  11. I have Parallels Desktop machines. I can't search VM name using Alfred3, then open the VM. Alfred4 can't. Now I have to search and open Parallels Desktop.app first, then open the VM.
  12. Guys, can anyone help me out? I'm trying to use a `JSON Config` object to set some variables in my workflow. But it's not working. I've read https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/utilities/json/ and done as much googl'ing as I can. I made a simple test workflow that illustrates my dilemma. When setting args using `Args and Vars` (hold SHIFT) it works, but the JSON Config seemingly does nothing. Download below: JSONConfig.alfredworkflow (github) Any ideas?
  13. To begin with - I want to limit my searches to my Documents folder and my iCloud Drive. I have a couple external back-up drives and do not want those files displayed. Where do I start ? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I was curious if there was a workflow to open the same url multiple times but with different queries. For example: Keyword is 'o' Linked to Open URL: https://domain.com/install/config/{query} This currently opens the url and runs a search for the query I input. I'm currently not able to look up more than one query at a time. Ideally I'd like to create a workflow that would allow me to open multiple urls with different variable queries. o query1,query2,query3 and have 3 or more tabs open with the desired url and query. https://domain.com/install/config/query1 https://domain.com/install/config/query2 https://domain.com/install/config/query3 What would be the best way to create this kind of workflow or at least get started?
  15. I recently started having a problem with one of my workflow scripts. I am getting the following error in the debugger: [09:59:50.458] Skip ahead 60 seconds in iTunes[Hotkey] Passing output '' to Run NSAppleScript [09:59:50.458] ERROR: Skip ahead 60 seconds in iTunes[Run NSAppleScript] { NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Expected \U201cthen\U201d, etc. but found identifier."; NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "Expected \U201cthen\U201d, etc. but found identifier."; NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-2741"; NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {57, 5}"; on alfred_script(q) tell application "iTunes" if player state is playing then -- length of current track: set trackTime to duration of current track --get the current position time: set currTime to get player position --to set new position to 10 seconds ahead: set currSkip to currTime + 30 -- checks if new position is greater than -- length of track, and corrects it if it is: if currSkip > trackTime then set currSkip to trackTime end if set player position to currSkip --skip to new position end if end tell end alfred_script
  16. I wrote a workflow, the argument setting needs "Selection in macOS" function. But it does not work. My settings: [Hot key]: double tap cmd; [Action]: Show Alfred; [Argument]: Selection in macOS; [Prefix]: mytest [Cursor]: Right When I do above and call the hot key, only " mytest " appears in Alfred dialog.
  17. How to hide all .prefPane files from Alfred search?!
  18. When I open the clipboard history and select the desired entry, press on ENTER does not paste the item. I closed Alfred but it solved not the issue. I use Alfred 4.05 on OS X 10.15 (19A602) THX
  19. Hi, for reasons I can't remember now, my Alfred preferences are located in my Dropbox folder. I have no other Mac to share the preferences with, so this is useless to me. Moreover, I lost all my precious preferences when this morning Dropbox was not available for some reason (BTW I find it very unhappy that Alfred has no fallback for those cases!). So I've decided to put the preferences folder back to my local system. How do I do this? There is no button to end syncing, as far as I can see. Thanks, Joachim
  20. Firstly, I am running Catalina v10.15. When I try to open a third-party application such as Typora, I only get the following example [/System/Volumes/Data/Applications/Typora.app] Alfred 4 will not show any third-party application in the results. The built-in apps that I have tried do show but way down the list, the top item being as above. I have checked the Alfred website and I do have a valid Powerpack license for Alfred v4, and I have checked Spotlight and it finds the application in /Applications folder without any problem. However, I did migrate my Alfred v3 settings when installing v4, if this has any relevance to my problem. Under search scope the MacOS applications folder is checked, and I added my Applications folder to the list to be searched, just in case. Launching the app using either the Finder or using the above available command once, does not change anything. I have typed Reload into Alfred but, again, this does not solve the problem. Any further ideas would be much appreciated.
  21. I've been using Alfred for years now, and its keyboard shortcut is burned into my muscle memory. Unfortunately, another app's shortcut is also burned into memory: CTRL+OPT+CMD+C, which I've used for years to launch an app called Calq... which was a 32 bit app, and as such, has gone the way of the dinosaur with the launch of MacOS 10.15. The good news is that Alfred's calculator functionality means I haven't lost any of the functionality of Calq, and it behaves pretty much exactly the same way. The bad news is that I always forget about it, and my habit of conjuring Calq leaves me confused when nothing happens upon firing the old, engrained shortcut. Sure, I could just get over it and eventually learn to forget the old Calq shortcut, but old habits die painfully hard. So, in short: Is there a way to assign a secondary shortcut to Alfred WITHOUT removing the original hotkey? If I could call it forth using EITHER shortcut combo, my life would be so much simpler...
  22. I'd like to search via Alfred for files and folders in my mounted volumes which are usually mounted 24/7. I explicitly added the path of a volume like "/Volumes/..." to Alfred Preferences > Features > Default Results > Search Scope (and "Extras" > Folders is enabled). When I search for known folders or files I do not get any results from this volume. How is this possible? I am using Alfred 4.0.2 (but had the same behavior with any version of Alfred 3, though I finally reach out). Thank you.
  23. Whenever I am searching for an app, I am seeing it twice. Essentially from the same folder. Did I do something wrong. I am unsure, since when I have this problem but I believe, since I upgraded to Catalina. Anyway to get rid of it? Alfred 3.8.4
  24. I can't get Alfred 4 to complete the installation process. I've tried a half dozen times now and each time it fails with some variation of the following error. I'm currently using Alfred 2.9 (build 446). I'm trying to install Alfred 4.0.4 (build 1111). I'm syncing Alfred through Dropbox using the Mackup Python client. Here's the steps I'm taking. Download and unzip. Drag Alfred 4 into /Applications Double click icon Click "Begin Setup…" I have powerpack, so I include my PP details, click Activate Powerpack, get success page. Click Migrate Data: Select Copy Preferences Select Migrate Local Data Click Begin Migration Receive error. Note that I get variations on the error whether I select "No Migration", "Copy Preferences", or "Migrate Local Data". On previous attempts I've updated my macOS permissions so allow Alfred to work it's magic. At this point I can still use Alfred 2, but I'd really like to start using Alfred 4 since I've paid for it, and it's got some nice new features. Can anyone offer input as to why this might be failing? I'm thinking it's got something to do with the aliasing that Mackup uses, but I'm not sure.
  25. I have an external drive that I only use for an app-specific task (recording audio). The drive is located in a semi-incovenient place so I sometimes forget to unplug it when I'm done. Is there a workflow I can create to eject the external disc when I close the app? Thanks!
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