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  1. Hello, I've not been able to get this to work. First I get two of the same options and sometimes two of the same answer, but in any case, the result is always the same language, but w/o spaces. I've played w/ the target and initial languages (assuming I'm doing it right, there are two places to set these per the instructions), but the result is always in English. I want to convert English to German. I'm using this workflow: http://www.packal.org/workflow/deepl-translate https://github.com/AlexanderWillner/deepl-alfred-workflow2 Here's the debug info: [13:26:
  2. I am looking for the following: Use one List filter so that after hitting a keyword, selecting a list item, hitting "Enter", Alfred would take the "Arg" value of the list item and run it in a Run script given the value "Arg" is always a one-liner like this one: "screencapture -x -R 455,60,530,416 ~/Downloads/Hotkey_Screenshots.png". Here is the Dropbox link to the workflow. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I am trying to build a workflow that converts a markdown file to a Word document with pandoc. The workflow creates a long string that serves as the pandoc command with all the arguments. Now when I take that string and simply run it in the Terminal, it all works wonderfully. So does running the string in the Terminal Command Action. Now I obviously would like to replace the Terminal Command Action with the Run Script Action, only now the workflow does not work anymore? I deactivated all escaping (just like in the Terminal Command) and just have "{query}" as input, s
  4. This would make for workflow that anyone could reuse for various use cases (similar to the default Alfred Web Search) Workflow Logic: 1) Copy front browser url (automatically) 2) Append copied url to predetermined url 3) Open appended url into current browser window Use Cases: Annotate Current Webpage https://via.hypothes.is/{frontmost-browser-url} WaybackMachine Search https://web.archive.org/web/*/{frontmost-browser-url}
  5. Basically the title. I am using a python script which will return a list in one of its functions. How can I display the elements of that list as options in Alfred? Example: def func(): #some code here return a # a = ["A", "B", "C", "D"] for example How do I get "A", "B", "C", "D" to be the 4 options in an Alfred drop down like below:
  6. I use a File Filter to search within files of a specific folder. In case there is no file found (e.g. no file for query XYZ), I would like to provide a custom entry like "Create XYZ" which then allows me to trigger the creation of a new file using the "XYZ" query string. The creation of the file is not the problem; I am wondering if this custom entry is possible at all without implementing the file search functionality on my own using a script filter. Does anyone have an idea how this could be approached using Alfreds built-in features? Thanks
  7. I tried searching for this but can't find anyone with the same version. As far as I can tell, I have tweaked the settings and granted permission, but I am missing the rich file preview part when I search on Alfred. That is, for the screenshot on https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/previews/ I am missing the right hand side with the picture and the file info. Hoping for a fix! (I even bought the Powerpack thinking this is a paid feature.)
  8. Hello, I read through the cheat sheet, and was surprised to discover other commands when reading about Alfred tips on other web sites. Example ⌘ L which I find useful 1. Activate Alfred 2. type in some text. 3. Then hit Cmd+L. 4. The shorter the snippet of the text, the larger it will appear. Where could I find a list of all Alfred default hotkeys, keywords and shortcuts ? thanks in advance for your time and help
  9. I created more than 10 text manipulations using a regex transform. I tested 2 of them with workflows and they work fine. They are all structured the same way (hotkey, app focus, etc) except for the regex. My problem is that I do not want to assign a hotkey to each. I want to assign one text manipulation hotkey (⌃⌥ ⌘T) and choose from a list of transformations. My initial idea was to use the same hotkey, ie sharing/conflicting hotkeys and expected some kind of a menu to be displayed from which I would choose, but this is not the case, even if all workflows are structured th
  10. Hello. I'm a newb to AppleScript and am trying to make a workflow to open a new TextEdit window, similar to this one made for Chrome: https://github.com/caiogondim/alfred-chrome-window-workflow . Here is my current script: on alfred_script(q) tell application "TextEdit" make new window tell application "System Events" to set frontmost of process "TextEdit" to true activate end tell end alfred_script Here's the workflow: Calling it in Alfred with "tw" results in no behavior. Could someone please help me out?
  11. Hello! Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, but I cannot find a setting for Third Party Integrations in the Advanced portion of Alfred's preferences. If someone could point me to the right place, that would be much appreciated!
  12. Just starting to learn Alfred and have found some cool search tools like https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-searchio Curious if there's anything like this that will allow you to enter a search term and have it search multiple sites and open the searches in Firefox tabs? Started to try to and make this and realized it's beyond what I can throw together so far.
  13. After pressing the hot key to trigger the Alfred search bar, I'd like to be able to use ctrl-j/k to move up and down through the selection menu. Also, using ctrl-h/l would be ideal for moving left/right. I can't seem to find anything in the forums that addresses this or a way to change it within Alfred. Is it even possible? Thanks, Ezgz
  14. What you were doing when the issue happened - Typing and trying to use a snippet I had set up - when I typed the snippet, instead of inserting the snippet text, Alfred sometimes (with no consistency) pastes in whatever was previously on my clipboard. So, if my snippet is "noa" to expand to "not only am", Alfred will sometimes correctly paste "not only am", but other times paste whatever text I had previously copied onto my clipboard (for example if I copied a URL it would paste that, even though it's not the snippet text at all) Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by perf
  15. I have been running into an issue lately when I restart my Mac. Upon restart, iCloud Drive will decide to beam my Alfred Sync Settings folder to the cloud and I have to re-download it. The most recent time I did this, directing to the folder does not result in Alfred following my sync settings, it is like a fresh install. I have run into this issue before but I cannot remember how I resoled it. Help appreciated!
  16. I previously set an icloud folder for syncing preferences. However, icloud keeps uploading this preferences backup to the cloud and delete the local one. Now I just want to shutdown the alfred sycing. But I have no idea how to get it done. Could anybody help? Thank you.
  17. Hey, I try to create a workflow that create a new file in my Notes app. It works. But I want that file name is automatically generated from date, time and my query. I add a bash script what takes all these things and use the output as file name: But the problem is, that the query output is shown in a new line. My code: date +"%Y%m%d%H%M" echo -n $date-{query} My output: 202007282050 -fdjspj What I want as output: 202007282050-fdjspj Is there somebody who can help me to fix this code?
  18. Hello, sorry for my bad english, I'm coming from Germany. Since the last update, the "Auto-Paste on Return" option no longer works. If I have selected a text from Alfred it will no longer be inserted automatically. I use version 4.1.
  19. I have a workflow where I copy 6 different lines of text and then paste them into 6 different browser fields. I am trying to write an Alfred workflow using Applescript to do this for me automatically. Therefore I need to copy the six different lines of text, invoke the workflow, so that it: Invokes the Alfred clipboard history viewer. Paste the sixth entry. Tabs to the next field. Repeats.... I have this script so far which invokes the Alfred clipboard history viewer, but the next "System Events" line in which command-6 keyboard shortcut is ex
  20. I'm pretty sure this is a dumb question, but I just absolutely cannot figure out how to get to the right screen in alfred preferences. I want to create a file filter (i.e., following this guide) but I can't figure out how to get to the new file filter screen. From the Alfred Filters screen I don't see an option for File Filter. Is it a workflow? How do I get to this screen? Thank you!
  21. I'm an AppleScript newb. I'm trying to make a workflow to open a new finder window. Here is my current script: tell application "Finder" make new window activate end tell Calling it with my keyboard shortcut results in no behavior. I checked out the AppleScript finder documentation but I must be missing something. Could someone please help me out?
  22. Hi, How can I view/manage all the keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys used by Alfred? I want to disable the cmd-option-C key combo for opening "All snippets".
  23. I am using Taskpaper app and in the app Cmd + Opt + \ is used often which is essential for my work. But the Alfred has mapping that shortcut to "Show list of available Actions for selected Finder item". When I type it in Taskpaper app, Alfred is taking over and intercept that shortcut. Is there place in pereferences where I can disable that shortcut or remap it?
  24. I want option whether save the selected item with a hotkey to Clipboard History.
  25. I like that 1Password is supported but personally I use LastPass- it would be nice to have that as a supported alternative
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