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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! I created a workflow that, when the hotkey is pressed, will use the selected text as input, but if nothing is selected, fall back on using the current clipboard as the input. This is accomplished easily enough by passing the selected text to a script and checking if it's empty, and using `pbpaste` if it is. The problem is that with the hotkey node set to use the "Selection in macOS" as the argument, it makes a beeping noise if no text is selected. Is there a way to disable that beeping noise for such a node/workflow? Or, equivalently, is there a way to get the "Selection in macOS" reliably in the same way Alfred does from a script? (Preferably Shell or Python, but I'd make do with any.) Thank you for your time! Alfred 4.6.3 macOS 12.2.1
  2. I am trying to use Alfred as my goto clipboard manager on my Mac. Is there a way to add sound such that when I am using Alfred's clipboard functions, I hear an audible sound when I perform a copy operation and/or a paste operation? Adding this capability would make Alfred much more useful for me.
  3. Hello everyone, here is my first post on this forum. I know there is some other similar posts on the forum... I've read them... but they don't do exactly what I'm looking for. Let me explain myself clearly and you will understand : I have an "old" applescript which toggle the sound output on a press of a hotkey (F7) between 2 different outputs : my display's speakers or my headset. As a result it also send a notification to Growl saying something like "Sound output changed to...". Here is the actual AppleScript : tell application "System Preferences" activate set current pane to pane "com.apple.preference.sound" end tell tell application "System Events" tell application process "System Preferences" tell tab group 1 of window "Son" click radio button "Sortie" if (selected of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1) then set selected of row 3 of table 1 of scroll area 1 to true set deviceselected to "HEADSET" else set selected of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1 to true set deviceselected to "MAC" end if end tell end tell end tell tell application "System Preferences" to quit tell application "Growl" set the allNotificationsList to {"Sound Notification"} set the enabledNotificationsList to {"Sound Notification"} register as application "Toggle Sound Output" all notifications allNotificationsList default notifications enabledNotificationsList icon of application "System Events" notify with name "Sound Notification" title "Audio Output" description deviceselected application name "Toggle Sound Output" end tell This script worked well in Alfred 1 as a "trigger" but today I'm a proud new owner of the great Alfred V2 and I'd like to directly integrate this script into a Workflow. And here starts my problems : - I can integrate the script to activate after the press of an hotkey... but I'm unable to output a notification center visual result or - I can output a notification center result but without any {query} (of course) so without any usefull information. I tried some of the workflows I've found on your nice forum (Next Audio Output Device...) but what they do is that they ask me to type "o u t p u t"... then to use my keyboard or mouse to choose which sound output I want. It's "long" ! I'd like to press my hotkey and "boum" automatically switch from headsets to display's speakers and vice-versa ! As you understood at this point, I define myself as "noob" concerning scripting/programming. I usually succeed to get my solution by copying/pasting parts of codes from different scripts... Alfred is so cool I'd like to have more learning about that, that's also the reason I post here :-) Sorry for the long message. Hope someone would give me some solution. Thanks
  4. How do you install the Sound Bank files into a workflow; I tried dragging them in to a play sound notification module and that did not work. I read the Readme file on the installation package; it does not give instructions on how to install the sound files.
  5. Since getting the AirPods, I wanted to be able to switch between them and the default audio device(s) with Alfred. And I wanted to change both the input and output devices to the AirPods and back. e.g. avoiding the state of input = Built-in Microphone, while output = AirPods. Usage is pretty simple with the default being to enable the AirPods: airpods or airpods on or airpods blah and to disable the AirPods or revert back: airpods off More detailed setup and configuration as well as dependencies and code are here: https://github.com/paulsri/alfred-airpods-selector
  6. It would be great if one could change the snippet expansion sound. The current sound always sounds like an error to me.
  7. Does Alfred have an email notification sound setting? I keep getting a sound when I get a new email and the developer of the mail app I use (MailMate) and can't seem to locate where it's coming from. All notifying sounds in MailMate have been disabled and the sound keeps coming. It even happens when Mailmate is closed. I've tried Soundbunny but it shows nothing when the sound occurs. link to the sound is here
  8. The new option for sound "Outputs-Play sound" I have installed exactly to "~/Library/Sounds" and restarted Alfred But sounds not showing in Dialog only system sound files.. What am I doing wrong.....
  9. Sorry if this is a naive question. New user. I'd like to create a workflow that opens the OS X Sound control panel and then selects a particular sound output. I'm constantly switching between headphones, display, and USB output, so I'd like to automate that. Here's what I've got so far in the linked screenshot. It opens System Preferences no problem. From there, how can I get Alfred to open the Sound control panel, then output, then select one or another of the output options? In case it helps, I've attached an image of the Sound control panel.
  10. Hi everyone. I wanted to share my soundboard workflow. A total fun and pointless workflow but it delights our typical work day at the it support Installation Download at Packal http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-soundboard Usage Just type 'sb' and you get all the files listed that are in the workflows 'sound' folder. If you want to add new ones type 'sb config' and the folder with the sound files opens.
  11. Copied from the projects github.com page: https://github.com/benjaminpaap/SoundcloudControl SoundcloudControl for Alfred2 This is an Alfred2 workflow to control an opened soundcloud.com tab in Google Chrome. Installation Just download the SoundcloudControl.alfredworkflow to your local harddrive and double click on it to open Alfred2 and import the workflow. Usage When installed correctly SoundcloudControl offers some commands to control an opened soundcloud.com tab in Google Chrome: sc play Plays the first song in the currently opened soundcloud tab. This could be your stream, a playlist or anything else. sc pause Stops the playback of the current song sc next Plays the next song in the currently opened soundcloud tab sc prev Plays the previous song in the currently opened soundcloud tab sc like Likes the current song Contributions If you would like to use this workflow for another browser it would be great if you could contribute your changes to this repository as a pull request. I will review and merge it as fast as possible. Contributions are highly welcome. This is my first workflow I shared. Any hints on improving this are highly appreciated.
  12. I created a workflow that displays search suggestions for soundcloud.com in alfred. Screenshots + Download: https://github.com/blaww/SoundCloud-Suggestions-Alfred-Workflow You have to have python and the soundcloud api installed! Soundcloud API: https://github.com/soundcloud/soundcloud-python Python: http://www.python.org/getit/
  13. The mute keyword will toggle the mute setting for your Mac's audio. In other words, if the sound is not muted, invoking the keyword will mute it, and if the sound is muted, the keyword will unmute it. An optional argument is allowed for the mute keyword, that represents the number of seconds to mute for; the sound will automatically unmute after the elapsed time. This can be useful for muting ads on streaming radio, for example. There is also an explicit unmute keyword provided, in case it is easier for some to process that way (vs a toggle). See the github page for source and more info, or just download directly. Hope you find it useful!
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