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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, After using a few workflow downloaded here and on Packal (Google Translate, OS X Toolbox, Call or SMS contact for example), I have been creating some workflow of my own like a file filter and now to launch my apps, files and drives when I get to work. MOUNTING PART This part works, including a Run NSAppleScript to mount 2 volumes. Here it is : tell application "Finder" mount volume "smb://name-pc/Folder A" mount volume "smb://name-pc/FolderB" end tell As you can see, the first shared folder has a space in its name. But for mounting, it didn't seem to be a problem to mount them. But, I am always getting the pop-up window asking for username & password. Both of them are already written (and the "Remember in Keychain"is selected..) so all I have to do is click OK. I was wondering if there is a way to avoid this pop-up ? I for example used a simple shortcut prior to using Alfred and when clicking it, I didn't get the pop-up, which sounds logic since it is stored in my keychain. If not, how can I make Alfred to click OK for me ? UNMOUNTING PART Unfortunately, unmounting is not working by juste changing mount to unmount. So I found another way as written here : do shell script "umount /Volumes/Folder A" do shell script "umount /Volumes/FolderB" But Folder A is not unmounted... I even found an existing workflow in this board (here) but the unmount function of is also not capable of un mounting this particular folder. But it shows up when I type "unmount" keyword as "Folder%20A" So I tried those commands in my NSAppleScript : do shell script "umount /Volumes/Folder%20A/" do shell script "umount /Volumes/Folder\ A/" None of these made it unmount. But this one works in my mac Terminal : umount /Volumes/Folder\ A So I tried to add a Terminal Command action, but this one opens up the terminal when done. Is there a way to do it without getting the terminal app to actually launch ? If not, any idea on the correct syntax for the AppleScript command here ? Regards
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