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Found 4 results

  1. My workflow script ends with printing output. That output goes to Alfred's "copy to clipboard". 1. How does Alfred interpret the output it receives? Do I need to escape anything in my output? Perl code: print 'this is a string with special characters in it Đ⌂' The above is a simplified model. What is REALLY happening is the Perl code copies the special characters from the clipboard in the first place, then prints them out. When I look at what the Perl code prints out in the terminal, I can see the special characters just fine. So it seems that it is ALFRED who is unable to accept the special characters or put them into the pasteboard correctly. It replaces them with '?' question marks. 2. I am open to creative solutions. I never intended to copy my output to the clipboard in the first place. I just needed to use the "paste into frontmost application" option. Using an apple script to execute "cmd-V" is an option, but I don't think it will work in all applications. I guess my second, slightly related question is "How does Alfred paste into the frontmost application reliably?" Maybe I can mimic that behavior and bypass Alfred.
  2. Here's a quick workflow that will encode a string with its HTML special characters. There are no frills; if you select the result, then it will copy it to your clipboard. You can choose either a single character or a full string. The result is basically the same. Download HTML Special Characters from on Packal. Cheers.
  3. This workflow lets you search for special characters by type, tags and name. It displays the keyboard shortcut, if one is available. Usage type 'char' to display a list of all characters. type 'char {query}' to search for a character. press 'enter' to copy the character to the clipboard. Characters this workflow comes with three character sets: greek alphabet, math and misc. You can create and add your own characters. read more Issues / TODO currently the keyboard shortcuts only work for german keyboard layout add more characters Download Workflow GitHub If anyone could point me to a good list of characters, their names and shortcuts, I would add them to the extension. Critique and suggestions appreciated!
  4. hello, I noticed the following problem and wonder, if there is a solution, that I didn't think of. example: when I use the imdb keyword to search something, where the query-term includes a special character like in Ayşe, Alfred seems to convert the special character to something else. In this case Ayşe turns to Ay%C5%9Fe. Safari brings me to the imdb result page which doesn't show any result, because imdb was looking for Ay%C5%9Fe instead of Ayşe. can the conversion of special character be turned off in query-terms? thank you for any feedback and ideas.
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