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Found 6 results

  1. Check and correct spelling in various languages. There are six configurable keyboard shortcuts, but you’ll typically need to setup only between one and three. Select a word and press a shortcut — the first one will show you the word following Alfred’s spell keyword, so you’ll have a set of words to pick from for the substitution (to have it automatically switch the word in this case, you’ll need to set it up in Alfred’s preferences under Features → Dictionary). The following five will immediately replace the word with the best suggestion (using the After the Deadline service). Download | Source
  2. Alfred is constantly shutting down after I use the "spell" command. With all other commands and tasks it seems to work fine. I currently run Mac OS Sierra build 10.12.3 (16D32). Has anyone experienced the same issue?
  3. Hey, Since I upgraded to Sierra the 'spell' feature no longer works. Every word is now "not found". I was using Alfred 2 and just now upgraded to 3, however spell still does not work. The preferences window is showing me a list of languages to choose from, so at least some portion of the feature appears to be working. Any ideas?
  4. I'm on mac OS 10.12.1 and using Alfred version version 1.2 (220) downloaded through the mac app store. I'm running into an issue when trying to either check the spelling or definition of a word. When bringing up alfred, typing "spell" or "define" and then starting to type the word I want to check alfred crashes within the first two or three letters of the word. animated gif of alfred crashing I am definitely able to replicate the issue. I have tried changing the langue setting from English to Default, tried telling it to include only words from the mac os dictionary, etc and nothing has stopped the crashing. Thanks and let me know if there's any other information that would be helpful. Chris
  5. It would be nice if there was something to signal that I either spelt a word right or wrong. I know I can press enter and have the correct spelling on my clipboard, but I want to know whether I spelt the word correctly or not without having to manually check. Thanks
  6. I have been using Alfred since version 1. I remember being able to define words when using the keyword "define" and the definition would should up within Alfred. However, when I try this it does not define the word. The only way to get a definition is to be kicked out to the Dictionary.app. This is possible to do. I saw this discussed on The Sweet Setup (under the Dictionary section): http://thesweetsetup.com/apps/our-favorite-os-x-launcher/ I am not sure if this is a bug or I changed a certain setting turning off what I want to do. Please assist. Thanks.
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