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Found 13 results

  1. alfred-spotify-mini-player.com Find all information on dedicated website: alfred-spotify-mini-player.com Follow on Twitter @TheMiniPlayer to get all news Features Example PS: If you have a problem with the workflow, do not spend time reading the forum post, the workflow has been rewritten many times! Follow instructions from here http://alfred-spotify-mini-player.com/articles/support/ instead
  2. I was tired of not being able to skip with a keyboard shortcut if Spotify wasn't focused, so I created an Alfred workflow to let you do exactly that. I recommend using the keyboard shortcut ^ + ⌘ + →/← for skipping forward and backward as it is already set in Spotify and is most likely not a shortcut used by other apps. If you enjoy this workflow or rely on it to enhance your Spotify experience, please consider donating. I'm a college student creating and working on open source projects such as this one for free to enhance your experience on your Mac, and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, open an issue on GitHub. I hope this workflow treats you well! Source: https://github.com/3raxton/SpotifyGlobalSkip/
  3. This workflow was made to cut down on media response time by bypassing the Spotify API. It works with both commands and shortcuts and is really a collection of general Spotify and system media controls. Below are screenshots of included features as well as a general overview of the workflow. Source: https://github.com/SoloUnity/alfred-Spotify-Commands Features:
  4. Here's how it works: Open Spotify and start playing music Hit the hotkey to start Mutify workflow When it finds a track that's less than 35 seconds long (because that's likely an ad), it sets Spotify's volume to 0 (it is only muting Spotify and nothing else). When the ad is over, it resets Spotify's volume back to what it was NOTE: When you pause or quit Spotify, Mutify will also quit. Start Mutify again with your hotkey after playing Spotify again. You can download the Mutify workflow here: http://www.kevnk.com/public/alfred/Mutify.alfredworkflow Feel free to leave feedback here or email me at hello@kevnk.com Enjoy!
  5. Control iTunes and Spotify using the same global hotkeys with this Alfred workflow. Play magically knows which player you're currently using and sends the command to the right place. Download — stable version. The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-play
  6. Hi, I created a workflow to quickly jump into favorite spotify playlists. instructions and download: https://github.com/Goldsucher/Favorite-Spotify-Playlists-Alfred-Workflow
  7. Spotifious a natural Spotify controller for Alfred So, you’ve heard of Spotifious, eh? A natural Spotify controller for Alfred? Searchs Spotify, controls your music, generally rocks? It’s built off a lot of other people’s work— PHPFunk and David Ferguson especially— and tries to match the functionality of Alfred’s integrated iTunes player. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. And I think it’s pretty cool. Features A quick rundown of its coolness: A controller, not a workflow Spotifious just feels fun to use, like a real plugin for Alfred, not a workflow. It can do in-depth, playlist-scouring searches and gives you useful information even if something goes wrong. Not unlike the iTunes Mini Player. Alfred-like Spotifious is also especially Alfred-like. Just start typing to scour Spotify’s servers for music. Browse through artists and albums and playlists like nobody’s business and drill down through Queen’s huge anthologies with a snappy context-based search. Smart Spotifious uses Packal to make sure you always have the latest version. It gives you a heads-up about what’s going on with Spotify the moment you start it. And don’t worry about errors— we’ll handle those. Download & Install Latest version: v0.13.9 | Latest dev build: v0.13.9 Detailed instructions available on the plugin site. Download this repository. (Source) Open dist/spotifious.alfredworkflow by double-clicking it or dragging it into Alfred. Bind the hotkey to ^⌘⏎. Activate the plugin with your new hotkey, and follow the short (three step) setup process. Continue on with your merry day. How to Use So let's assume you've downloaded and installed the workflow. Now what? Press ^⌘⏎ Good! You should briefly see a loading entry, then the main menu: You can action the song title (press ⏎) to play or pause the song, action the album or artist to search for that album or artist, or just start typing to search for cool music. Once you’ve searched for something, you can continue to browse albums and arists through Spotifious. Actioning an artist will bring up a list of their albums, and actioning an album will bring up the track list. Note: You can always leave a menu and go back just by pressing ⌫. Development & Acknowledgements A lot of people helped out on this: vdesabou and I trade ideas a ton PHPfunk and his PHP Alfred workflow inspired much of OhAlfred David Ferguson helped with some iffy Alfred glitches a slightly modified version of Entypo icon font face for icons. and many other people mentioned in the code. Thanks to everyone who helped, and thanks to everyone who uses my work! Oh, and thanks for reading this whole README. I hope you enjoy Spotifious! This is a personal project. I host it on Github. It is MIT licensed, except for the icons, which are owned by Spotify and Entypo. Be cool. Another download link for your convenience: latest (source)
  8. Hey Gang Just wanted a quick workflow to easily bop the volume up and down for Spotify. Alfred workflows to the rescue. Dead simple and easy to adjust the increments if you like. DOWNLOAD
  9. Hi! I often listen to some random playlists on Spotify and when I hear a good song, I want to know its name. Getting tired of having to Cmd+Tab to Spotify I decided to write this workflow which simply shows the song currently playing. You can also show it in large type or copy to clipboard. Type np to activate the workflow. Cmd + Enter copies to clipboard and Alt + Enter shows large type. Download
  10. Hi everyone, this is a workflow that adds keyboard controls to the Spotify remote I made, called Reign. If you're unfamiliar with Reign: it's the Spotify remote for friends, colleagues, housemates and yourself that works in any browser. It allows you to play, pause, skip and choose tracks on a Spotify client that runs on a remote Mac, through a web interface. It's available for free on the Mac App Store, visit the website to learn more about it. While the web interface is cool, it's even cooler to be able to skip it altogether and let your keyboard do the work, using Alfred. That's where this workflow comes in. You can download the workflow here: https://raw.github.com/DangerCove/reign-alfred2-workflow/master/Reign%20for%20Spotify.alfredworkflow The source-code and setup guide is available on GitHub: https://github.com/DangerCove/reign-alfred2-workflow To get going, follow these steps: Download the latest workflow file; Install by double-clicking it; Press your Alfred shortcut and type reign [ip/hostname]:[port] Change the ip/hostname and port to those of your Reign server. Copy it from the browser URL bar (remove the http:// etc.), now press return; That's it, now just type reign [command] Commands that currently work: reign host [ip/hostname]:[port], change the Reign host; reign np, show the Now Playing info; reign n, next song; reign p, previous song; reign s, toggle play/pause; reign o, open the current song in your own Spotify client. Zhao Cai' Ruby based Alfred 2 workflow template came in pretty handy. Questions, feedback, let me know!
  11. I know there is the workflow alleyoop going around which will download a release for any workflows that include an update.json file, it's a great idea. Automation for updating, making things easy. As I was getting back into making updates to the Spotify workflow I wanted to add this in, but I didn't care for lack of control. Meaning no way to read about the release, view the codebase or even choose a release version. I opted not to use it. Instead I wrote a little PHP library that will download tags from Github and display them back to the user. They can upgrade or downgrade a workflow, as well as 'Control + Enter' to view the code or 'Option + Enter' to read about the release. If there is any interest, I can create a new repo on Github just for the auto-updater. Only caveat is that it is for just that workflow (for now), it doesn't cover all workflows, not sure it ever will. Although it could in the same manner alleyoop does except it would pull info from github (if hosted there) to get release info and browse the codebase. I think alleyoop could probably easily incorporate some of these items to make it a bit more robust. You can see what I am doing here, and read more about the process here. The rest of the control and option clicks to browse the codebase or read docs are in the actual workflow. You would have to download it to view those, you can do so here. Again, if any interest, cool. I can post up whatever anyone would like to see.
  12. Download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4265900/Alfred/Spotify%20Private%20Session.alfredworkflow If you're a selectively lazy introvert like me who doesn't want to broadcast to the entire internet, this workflow co-opts a normal Spotify launch with the keyword spot to enable a Private Session by default. After playing around with AppleScript some, it looks like the devs at Spotify are accessibility-hostile jerks who disallow direct access to its Private Session menu bar command. This workflow brute forces it via activating it manually through "dumb" keypresses, sacrificing some speed to get it off the ground. Dependencies You may have to enable keyboard access in the System Preferences before activating this Workflow for it to function properly: System Preferences > Keyboard, and enable "All Controls" for Full Keyboard Access Download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4265900/Alfred/Spotify%20Private%20Session.alfredworkflow
  13. There are several Spotify alfred workflows that use the Spotify API, but are painfully slow. This is a very simple workflow, but is very fast. The keyword "SP" followed by a search automatically plays the track. For this to work best, just type song and artist. i.e.: "sp paradise coldplay". The great thing is it searches Spotify using its online XML search and sorts by popularity. Which is why you can be unspecific on your searches and it'll still work. If you wanted to listen to the song "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes, you could just search "sp crazy hayes" and it still plays the track within three seconds. download it here: http://goo.gl/5xavj
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