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  1. Hi! I want to share a theme I made, it's not particularly original, but it better suits my taste Spacious Spacious Dark
  2. Link to better quality videos Download the code and play around: https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-extra-pane Q: What is it? A: An app that workflow creators can add to their script filters Q: What does it do? A: It renders html from quicklookurl of every item in the json. Q: How does it do it? A: By intercepting the json and by monitoring up-arrow and down-arrow keypresses. Q: How to add it to a workflow? A: By adding it to the script filter. Here's an example (from the workflow in the above GIF): notice how e
  3. I've asked this in the Apple Forums with no response, so I thought I'd ask here in case someone could shed some light on it. The problem actually started with newer apps being installed not coming up in Alfred search results. So, I went into Preferences and cleared the Application Cache, followed by Rebuild MacOS Metadata. This kicked off Spotlight indexing again, but when it finished I could no longer see any results for local applications, folders or files. All I get back are results from the Workflows and Features. I then checked the same in Spotlight, and got the sa
  4. I am having trouble with spotlight on my 2015 MBA 13. Running macOS 10.15.3. Someone suggested I use the Alfred metadata reset to trigger a reindex of spotlight. I am running Alfred 4.0.8 with powerpack. I started the process to reset meta data, and clicked on the option to delete the spotlight V100 file. When I got to the part where I authorise the deletion I got this result... Attempting to delete .Spotlight-V100... Password: rm: /System/Volumes/Data/.Spotlight-V100: Operation not permitted Requesting metadata reindex... It fails. The user account has ful
  5. Good day, OK, I am trying to figure out why Alfred will not find a phrase in a pdf that Spotlight finds successfully. So far, I have done the following: Confirmed that Spotlight can do the search successfully. Using the "in" keyword in Alfred, verified that Alfred cannot do the search. I've confirmed my Spotlight prefs are searching pdfs. I've used the "rebuild Mac OS X metadata" from the Alfred control panel. I've waited for the mdimport tasks to complete. I've reset the Alfred search cache. I've entered various terminal commands to rebuild the indices as well. I've pulled out
  6. OSX 10.15.1 Catalina Alfred 4.0.6 (1124) Alfred is no longer indexing some of my applications. It still shows the Apple apps (Photos, Music, etc.) however no third party apps are showing up. They are also not showing up in Spotlight either, so this must be a problem in general with Spotlight indexing. I've tried Advanced -> Clear Application Cache and Advanced -> Rebuild macOS Metadata, but none of those helps. (I have let "Rebuild MacOS Metadata" run overnight.) Also when I try the "Delete .Spotlight-V100 before reindex" I get the following error: "rm: /System/Volumes/
  7. Hi! iMac with 10.14 Mojave Alfred 3.7 Searching for .numbers file in local folder which is synced with icloud (nubmers folder). Sometimes the file shows up and sometimes it does not. It happens in Spotlight as well. Tried to index again but did not help. And later finding out my father has the same issue. This file is a shared one through icloud, not sure if that might be part of the issue? Thank you!
  8. When I search for something in Alfred that Spotlight cannot immediately find, and then select Alfred's "Search spotlight..." option, I end up in a continuous loop that continues until I open a new Alfred dialogue. Please see movie: https://youtu.be/j_qOdBMzbrM. How can I fix this?
  9. Happy new year. I have a problem creating a filter I want to create a set of file filters that make it easy for me to find files created today, changed today, changed yesterday. Initially I tried to create spotlight saved search. (this used to work in older version of Mac OS) The problem with using spotlight search is I use microsoft outlook to read mail. It creates a ton of file in "~/Documents/Microsoft\ User\ Data/“ Spotlight search does not provide a way for you to prune results under a directory. You can go to setting spotlight private and add this director
  10. Hi, With the new Mac OS High Sierra, spotlight has drastically improved. The search function on spotlight is simply better than Alfred's. I was always a big proponent of Alfred to my business partner and now he's rubbing it in my face. What I like about spotlight is the file previews on the side but more importantly it just finds more stuff. It will find files based on tags, show you website suggestions, apple music and whole bunch of other things. Can one configure Alfred to do the same both in terms of the file previews and to make the search
  11. On Sierra I was able to set Command+Space as the shortcut for both Spotlight and Alfred and liked the way I could quickly cycle through them as demonstrated in my video Command Space for both Alfred and Spotlight I can not seem to do this on High Sierra though, as setting the shortcut is possible but when using the shortcut I only get Spotlight. Is there a workaround for this?
  12. Hey, I have a problem, where Alfred loses the ability to search in files. I think I've tried to "rebuild macOS Metadata" six or seven times now, and every time the results is the same: After the reindex has been done, Alfred is able to search for the contents of any document just fine. But within an hour or two, the results gradually disappears until I'm left with a pretty crippled file search. E.g. if I search for a term it will show still fewer file results. The order of the files disappearing is always the same. There are no problems whatsoever with searching for the same terms i
  13. Hi all, I have been using the free version of Alfred for quite a while and I think that it works wonderfully well - at the basic level, better than Apple's Spotlight. What's keeping me from purchasing the Power Pack are a few key features I use a lot in Spotlight that seem to be absent from Alfred. I'm opening this topic to find out whether there's a way to implement those feature in Alfred, with the Power Pack or without. 1. Typing a number followed by a currency abbreviation yields a list of equivalent amounts in a handful of other currencies. 2. Typing
  14. So, I have been facing a weird bug lately. Alfred is randomly unable to search for and launch apps. However, once I search for that app on Spotlight (don't have to run it) and then try searching for it on Alfred, that app is accessible now. It will stay accessible for a few days until it will again randomly stop showing up on Alfred, unless I search for it again on Spotlight. Notable to mention, one app Alfred just can't search for is Spotify, even though I've searched and launched it using spotlight multiple times. I have tried completely deleting Alfred (including pre
  15. Hello everyone, currently I'm bringing my Mac to work and will continue as its a huge pain in the ass to work with windows(idk how everyone can overall). Like productivity especially with Alfred and Keyboard Maestro(which i bought and use heavily cause of you guys) goes beyond anything else. Well i use parallels in coherence mode but that's it and only for office tools. Anyway to the topic. At work we have a Server with a bunch of folders which have strict permissions. I got access there and wanted to index the Folder right away. However i failed miserably. Like i tried
  16. In spotlight i can type "schedule" and open Energy Saver.prefPane with schedule button In other words native spotlight can be used as preferences search too. Alfred misses this so important feature. POI keywords located in the xml files in <key> tags: /System/Library/PreferencePanes/*.prefPane/Contents/Resources/vi.lproj/*.searchTerms .dict > .key exepts <key>Options</key> and <key>PortableOptions</key>
  17. Is it possible to find MacJournal content using Alfred? Spotlight can find it, but so far I've had no luck with Alfred. Thanks.
  18. Hey, I would love to share my own Alfred Theme called "macOS Dark Theme". It's lightly inspired in spotlight and also have beautiful purple alfred-like details on selector. I hope you have a great time using it! You can download it here
  19. Hello. I'm using Sierra DP3, and Alfred 3.0.3. I have no idea why this started, because for the past few weeks on sierra everything was fine. It started yesterday, when my usual search terms I use to launch apps (tl for Textual, sb for Sublime Text) weren't returning anything. So, I reloaded the cache --- nothing. Reindexed spotlight --- nothing. I've run sudo mdfind -E -i on / I've deleted /Spotlight-V100/* I've painstakingly let spotlight reindex over and over. Here's the thing: if I let spotlight finish reindexing --- all queries don't show the little indexing progress bar when se
  20. There is a plugin to MAC Spotlight called flashlight. http://flashlight.nateparrott.com/ It seems to be very similar in nature to Alfred Workflow. Any Side by Side comparison with Alfred?
  21. This workflow enables you to quickly pass on a search phrase from Alfred to HoudahSpot 4. View at packal.org or download instantly. NB: This workflow does not work with earlier versions of HoudahSpot.
  22. Team, Couldn't find a similar topic so here's my question: When seaching for a file (just typing part of the name or using 'find' + part of the name Alfred doesn't show the files. Example. FILE NAME: 2015-Aug-CreateHeader-01.xls SPOTLIGHT: type "createhea" -- found ALFRED: type "createhea" -- no result ALFRED: type "2015-Aug-Cre" -- found ALFRED: type "*createhea" -- found Is this works as designed? Configurable feature? PBKAC? (problem between keyboard and chair)
  23. Hello Everyone, I have owned Alfred and the PowerPak for several years but have not been able to "Get It" I have started to look at it again and have come across an issue that probably stalled me in the very beginning. Sorry if the question is very basic. I have tried to find the solution without any luck. When I do a search in spotlight for an item such as images of my daughter I get a lot of results. I see, folders, emails, images, etc... Pretty much anything that has the name attached in someway to that file. When I search with Alfred using Open, Find or '... all I g
  24. HI, I'm a huge fan of Alfred, and I use it every day for many things. In my setup, there are always a number of directories I like to exclude from Alfred's result list (such as any node_modules/ or bin/ directories). Currently, I must always manually add them to the Privacy tab in Spotlight preferences, though this is far from ideal (because I have two Macs, I must perform this chore on them both). I llooked through the Alfred docs in search of a better solution (ideally, something I could automate) and discovered the alfred:ignore Spotlight comment, which was exactly what I needed (or
  25. Hi, Bound Alfred to CMD + Space to replace OSX spotlight...works fine. Problem: in Photoshop CMD + Space is used for Zooming in, and I'd prefer not to change that since Ive used for many years and it's ingrained in my muscle memory. Question: Can I disable the Alfred Hotkey (CMD + Space) ONLY in Photoshop? Thanks Luis
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