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Found 5 results

  1. Just Watch - Alfred Workflow Alfred workflow to easily find where to stream your movies/tv-shows. Based on an unofficial JustWatch API. ⚛ Features Find where to stream your favourite movies and tv shows in an instant. No more logging into each of Netflix, Prime Video et al to check where a movie or tv-show is available. Search by region. Default region: AU (see instructions below to setup your region) Quick look - to enlarge movie posters or preview listing urls. ✅ Install Download and open the workflow file using Alfred. Get the latest release from here : https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use this workflow. 🛠 Setup: Set your Country Code in the workflow variables. Default country code/locale : AU ..and that's it. Start discovering right away! 👬 Contribution Report issues Open pull request with improvements Spread the word Reach out with any feedback PS: Thanks to @deanishe for the workflow libs and thumbnail loading ideas.
  2. download this workflow from http://www.packal.org/workflow/record-iina This is version 2.0 of previously named "StreamCopy" workflow Updated commands to send encoding media file to iina-cli as stdin. Also now uses IINA's own youtube-dl binary. This workflow takes a valid video URL from the clipboard, plays it in IINA, and writes the video file to disk. Provides a dialog for the user to select video quality (the user enters the youtube-dl format code which get sent back into the script) Writes to folder ~/Movies (modify the script to save anywhere you please) Uses applescript to run commands with iTerm2. Requirements: IINA.app, iTerm2 (installed with homebrew) Issues: The workflow creates a pipe between ffmpeg and mpv. Closing the window before the download has finished will result in a broken pipe i.e. when streaming an hls playlist. This results in ffmpeg not writing the trailer for the mp4 file correctly. The file will still plays in apps like IINA or MPV with no issue. However, Quicktime player will not recognize the file. Nor will Quicklook. Solution 1: I have resorted to re-encoding these files with ffmpeg. Then Quicktime and Quicklook will have no issues playing file Solution 2: Use ffmpeg's built in streaming protocol zmq to stream to a server on localhost then play the file with ffplay. Basic command for this looks somethting like: ffmpeg -re -i input.m3u8 -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -f tee -map 0:v -map 0:a "output.mp4|[f=mpegts]zmq:tcp://" then ffplay zmq:tcp:// Caveat: Neither IINA nor MPV seem to use the zmq protocol so using this method, one is stuck with using ffplay download: http://www.packal.org/workflow/record-iina
  3. TwitchStreamer Summary Search Twitch.tv streams and watch via VLC or mpv or IINA (Streamlink (former Livestreamer) required) keywords: tw, twtop, twgames, optional: twcover` twtop: show top live streams (sorted by number of current viewers) twgames: show top live games streamed (sorted by number of current viewers) tw: search specific live channel/game twcover: download/preload game icons for better user experience browse philosophy: twtop or twgames for getting the most wanted streams on twitch.tv search philosophy: tw star finds streamer like "starman" and "starcraft"-games streams Details Check who is streaming on Twitch.tv (category gaming) and watch your favorite stream via Streamlink on VLC or mpv or IINA (no lags anymore, thanks to buffering). The main keyword is tw and the second word is the game or stream you want to watch (examples: tw voyboy or tw league of legends or also simply tw league). Alternative: Use keyword twtop to see the current TOP streams or twgames for the current TOP streamed games. Limit of streams is changable via specific workflow ($limit-variable). With enter you can open the stream via Streamlink on VLC or mpv or IINA. The streamer list is sorted by number of viewers descending. The quality of the stream is "high". If you want to change it to best (e.g.), feel free to open the existing "Terminal Command" (alfred, workflow-window) and modify the streamlink line. Optional: If you deleted your game icons/covers folder (because many of them are outdated) you should use twcover to download all the top game covers. Otherwise tw or twtop will do it, but it takes more time and downloads less covers at the same time. Screenshot: Browsing TOP STREAMS Screenshot: Browsing TOP GAME Screenshot: Searching STREAM Screenshot: Searching GAME Screenshot 5: Downloading GAME COVERS/POSTERS Screenshot 6: Watching STREAM Download Required: Alfred, Streamlink and VLC or mpv or IINA. Made/Tested in/with OSX 10.15.7, Streamlink 2.4.0, VLC 3.0.16, PHP 7.3.11, AppleScript >2.5, Twitch API (Oct. 2021) Supports OneUpdater/AlleyOop/Monkey Patch (workflow updater). DOWNLOAD HERE Issues it takes a lil time between entries because of the twitch.tv-api
  4. FlixSearch for Alfred See what's available on Netflix and where via FlixSearch.io. Download & Installation Download from GitHub releases or Packal. Double-click the FlixSearch-x.x.alfredworkflow file to install. Usage Note: You must activate one or more countries before the workflow will work. flix <query> — Search FlixSearch.io for <query>. ↩ — Open the FlixSearch.io page in your default browser. ⌘ — Show video's genres in the subtitle. ⌥ — Show countries in which video is available in subtitle. ^ — Show FlixSearch.io URL in subtitle. ⇧ — Preview FlixSearch.io webpage with Quicklook. flixconf — Show workflow update status and configuration optionsUpdate status. Show whether a newer version of the workflow is available for download. Configure countries — Activate/deactivate countries to include in/exclude from search results. Activate the countries you visit or have VPN endpoints in. View help — Open this help file in your default browser. Reset workflow — Clear workflow cache and settings. Licensing, thanks, etc. Please see the GitHub repo for details.
  5. I love watching videos (particularly youtube) in quicktime. I do this by: I use the ClickToFlash extension for Safari That lets me right click on a playing youtube video (in the HTML 5 video player) and I can (usually) click "copy video address" Open quick time Click "Open Location" (Command-L) Paste the link (the video address) Quicktime opens the video in its own window. No ads, no distractions, super quick, keep the quicktime window above other windows, etc. I'd love to have an extension that automates all of that. And then make that a universal hotkey (control-option-command-w or something) so that I can just press that hotkey on a youtube page and it opens in quicktime (and closes the youtube tab). I tried doing it with Automator too, but couldn't figure it out. Even if that were possible and then just trigger that Automator action with a hotkey would be great. Thanks!
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