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Found 3 results

  1. Sublime Text Projects Filter and open your Sublime Text (2 and 3) project files. It can be tricky getting .sublime-project files to work with File Filters, as Sublime Text doesn't register the extension as a proper filetype. This workflow solves that problem. It can easily be duplicated and adapted to other filetypes with the same problem. Note: The new version (2014-06-16) also finds files in hidden directories (with a little configuration). Installation Download the workflow from GitHub or Packal. Usage .st [<query>] — List/filter your .sublime-project files ↩ — Open result in Sublime Text ⌘+↩ — Reveal file in Finder .stconfig — Show the current settings .sthelp — View the included help file Note: You can currently only alter the settings by editing the settings.json file by hand. Hit ↩ on the Edit Configuration item to open it in your default JSON editor. Licensing, thanks All the code is released under the MIT Licence. The icons are by dmatarazzo. Changelog 2014-06-16 Add ability to search in hidden directories and other directories excluded from Spotlight's index Add ability to filter out certain results (via globbing patterns) Add ability to get your hands dirty editing the JSON config file
  2. Just updated my Open With Sublime Text 2 Workflow (that was long hidden away here) by merging in a pull request from dbingham that improved stability and handling of multiple files. The workflow works either by keyword ("subl") on your currently selected Finder items or as a file/folder action. Download: http://cl.ly/PW75 Github: https://github.com/franzheidl/alfred-workflows
  3. Hey guys! I'm pretty new to Alfred in terms of developing workflows. I have done a couple but nothing notable. The idea is I am trying to display what is in my root folder, which is where I house all the folders I use for development. Then whichever one I selected would open in Sublime Text (ST3). I thought I could get something from this recent downloads workflow because it displays the downloads folder in alfred, but I don't know ruby. If I could display the root folder like this and then whichever one I selected would open in ST3 that would be great. I also thought this Open in Sublime Text workflow would help but I don't know AppleScript either. I do have some experience with PHP however. Any help would be awesome!
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