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Found 7 results

  1. I would love to see Alfred’s Web Bookmarks and Web Search features allow for alternative browser opening options. Like most people these days, I often find myself needing to switch between browsers during the day. Since Alfred’s Web Bookmarks and Web Search features are tied to the user’s default browser (or, in the case of Web Bookmarks, the browser where the bookmarks came from), I have had to create a bunch of workaround workflows. However, I’d love to go back and start using Alfred’s under the hood features again. Alfred’s Web Search, for example, makes it so much easier to see everything than in a bunch of messy workflows. There are a lot of different ways one might implement this functionality, so I thought I’d throw out a few ideas below. I’ve tried to stay within the usual confines, without calling for anything too crazy. However, @Andrew, please feel free to put me in my place if I’m way over the moon with these. As always, thanks for your consideration! Web Bookmarks In its “Open Bookmarks” dropdown, add one of the following options: “on a case-by-case basis”: This option would prompt the user to select the browser where they want to open the bookmark each time. This is probably my least favorite option, but I thought I’d go ahead and suggest it. I imagine this could work like a list filter - i.e., where it’d just show the user a list of their installed browsers, and they could select the one they liked. “call external workflow”: This option would just send the url to an external trigger defined by the user. If this option is selected, it would then have to open another dropdown where the user could select the appropriate Trigger ID, etc. This option sounds like it would give users the most control over everything. However, I imagine that it’s also the most complicated. Add a new “Modifier Key” option with (1) a dropdown that allows users to select a modifier key (e.g., command, option, control, function, shift), and (2) another dropdown that allows users to select a browser that’s installed in its system - much like Alfred’s “Open URL” action does (see screenshot below). All told, this is probably my favorite option because it seems like the least amount of work, and it feels like others options that are presently in Alfred already. If you wanted, you could also add the default options to this dropdown too (e.g., “in macOS default browser” and “in bookmark’s source browser”), or even the first two suggestions above (“on a case-by-case basis” OR “call external workflow”). As a quick aside, I would also love to see a Hotkey option added to Web Bookmarks - like below. I understand that you can make a hotkey search using your designated keyword, but I hate having other stuff in my results. Web Search In theory, all of the options from above could work here, too. For example, while it looks a little wonky, here’s a screenshot of how the the “Modifier Key” option might operate. Alternatively, I imagine some people would like to specify this within each individual custom search. I suspect this might make Alfred a little overly bloated, however.
  2. Version: Alfred 4.1 (Build 1167) I often wish I could write myself a note and place it wherever I want inside a workflow. This could be as simple as a plain, colorless text box, or something more configureable. The issue with what we have currently (the "Edit Note..." action) is that the text is fixed beneath whatever object houses it. As a result, the user is forced to write a note about a specific object, not the workflow at large.
  3. Alfred 2 making that IMDB web search a little boring? How about a shiny new workflow for IMDB search suggestions? It leverages IMDB's own suggest protocol to deliver snappy results right into Alfred. (Really, it's fast. They're using static JSON files on a CDN.) Selecting a result will take you directly to the page for the film or name you're looking for, or if there are no suggestions, you can jump to a plain IMDB search page instead. Download GitHub Repo
  4. Hello! Can Alfred search when entering something with wrong keyboard layout? For example i have Russian keyboard and can start typing "Ьшскщыщае" which is actually "Microsoft", i just forgot to change language. I would expect it to find any app named "Ьшскщыщае" first AND any app named "Microsoft" second. I know about forced keyboard but it is not exactly the same.
  5. I've managed various Facebook pages over the years (currently 3), and lately I've been wishing more and more to do some of that management via Alfred. This week I started hacking on it a bit, but I decided to work on a personal Facebook workflow first to get the feel for working with the Graph API, and then moving on to one for page management. I wanted to post about it here, just to see (a) if there was much interest in it besides for my own usage, (b) if so, what Facebooky things do you wish you could do via Alfred, either personal or page related? What's working now or will be shortly... Login to Facebook app. A regular (text) post to Timeline Link post to Timeline. Photo post to Timeline Post video to Timeline Upload photo to album Upload new video File action to upload photo to Timeline. File action to create new album with multiple photos. Other ideas I've had... List last n items I posted (posts, photos, videos) and open in browser. List my groups and open selection in browser. List my events and open selection in browser. List my friend lists and open selected list in browser. Search, narrowed by any of the above items. If anyone has ideas/suggestions about the best way to organize the different items below for easy access in a workflow, I'm all ears as well—there's a lot of options here, and I want to make sure it's as easy as possible to use quickly!
  6. I've completely rebuilt redwall_hp's original IMDB Search Suggest workflow to include more information in results, a fallback for longer search queries using a cache, and a new icon. I've also changed the keyword to i but you can easily change that to imdb or whatever you like. I hope you'll enjoy! Download .alfredworkflow GitHub
  7. Grab it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2705462/stackoverflow.alfredworkflow This is a fork of xhinking's awesome StackOverflow workflow (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1524-stackoverflow-workflow/) that shows how long ago the question was asked in human-readable format, i.e. "2 years, 3 months ago".
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