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Found 4 results

  1. I don't know AppleScript myself, which is why I came here to ask for help. The workflow works like this. Keyboard shortcut > run usr/bin/osascript > play sound this is the code inside the script (I didn't write it myself, found it on apple support forums and slightly modified it): tell application "System Preferences" reveal pane id "com.apple.preference.keyboard" tell application "System Events" tell process "System Preferences" tell window "Keyboard" tell tab group 1 click radio button "Dictation" tell radio group 1 if value of radio button "On" is 0 then click radio button "On" else click radio button "Off" end if end tell end tell if sheet 1 exists then tell sheet 1 click button "Enable Dictation" repeat while sheet 1 exists end repeat end tell end if end tell end tell end tell quit -- optional end tell Now the script does successfully toggle dictation, but whenever I turn dictation back on using the workflow, the spoken keyword phrase (which is found under system preferences > accessibility > dictation > [ ] enable the dictation keyword phrase) is disabled, even though the UI shows that it is enabled. I have to turn it off and on again to get it to work. Could one of you tell me how I'd have to edit the script to make it so that dictation is turned back on with the keyword phrase still active? My guess is that if "click radio button "Off" is performed, the script should also go into "Accessibility" and switch "enable the dictation keyword phrase" off and on again. I'd really appreciate the help & think it wouldn't take very long to fix for someone who knows AppleScript. Thanks!
  2. The new debugger is an extremely welcome addition, as Alfred's previous utter silence in the face of errors was very frustrating when trying to debug errors not obviously located within the workflow itself. However, I'd love to see its scope expanded somewhat to make it a useful workflow debugger as well as an Alfred one, so it's no longer necessary to also implement logging/debugging within workflows themselves (which is busywork that distracts from the important, fun and value-adding business of creating workflow functionality). Because Alfred currently only displays the workflow output if the workflow exits improperly, it's no help debugging non-fatal errors (mistakes in logic; exceptions logged but caught; incorrect, but still well-formed XML), so workflow authors will still need to bake their own logging solution to track down and squash such errors. If Alfred always displayed workflow output to stderr, regardless of exit status, this would save workflow developers a fair bit of coding busywork and/or time hand-holding less technically-inclined users through the somewhat arcane process of digging a log file out of ~/Library or running the workflow from Terminal. Showing the received XML in the case of an XML Parse Error would also be very helpful: the row and col numbers aren't particularly helpful without it.
  3. http://imgur.com/EYuq3Ei http://imgur.com/EiQiF9T,dUo6oQz,hslqTBL,boP9zx7#3 As you can see, I have chrome installed, but when I try to launch chrome from alfred, it fails to find it. It started doing this quite suddenly a while back when it was failing to find any of the newer applications I was installing. At that time I didn't take it so seriously, and was busy, so I ignored the issue. Unfortunately, now, I fail to remember when exactly it started so I can't think of why it possibly started happening. Here are a few screenshots of my alfred settings and workflows. http://imgur.com/EiQiF9T,dUo6oQz,hslqTBL,boP9zx7#0 http://imgur.com/EiQiF9T,dUo6oQz,hslqTBL,boP9zx7#1 http://imgur.com/EiQiF9T,dUo6oQz,hslqTBL,boP9zx7#2 I tried clearing application cache and rebuilding OS X metadata, but it did not resolve the issue. In fact, after I did this, now it doesn't find any of my applications at all. I also tried clearing knowledge, but that didn't help either. It's probably got nothing to do with it but at this point I was just desperate and was pressing every single 'clear' button I could find in the settings. lol
  4. I use Spiceworks where I work to handle IT support tickets, often I want to quickly add a ticket to the system when somebody mentions a problem. I created this workflow to submit a simple ticket straight from Alfred rather than manually opening the web-interface or composing a new email. At the moment it uses an installed mail client to send the email but I'm planning proper API based integration soon. The script is configured to use Mail by default, if however (like me) you use Postbox; you will need to comment/uncomment a few lines (as documented in the script) You will also need to change the email address to your Spiceworks email Usage: ticket Ticket Summary + Ticket Description Download: http://j.mp/spicealfred Please let me have any feedback/suggestions/bugs. Martin
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